Just because disposable baby bottles are not meant to last for long, it does not mean they don’t have many expectations to live up to. Basically, these bottles need to be strong, light, and able to go well with things like bottle warms. Their design is also important so that babies don’t notice that they are not sucking on a real nipple.

And then you have to worry about the bottle being made with unsafe contaminants, some of which are linked to terrifying illnesses such as cancer. No parent would want their child to be exposed to such health risks, even if for a little while.

That is why choosing the right disposable baby bottles is so important. Therefore, here is a list of the 8 best disposable baby bottles in the market at the moment.

Choosing the Disposable Baby Bottles – Reviews

7Medela Breastmilk Collection and Storage Bottles 8 oz.

If you need something to transport, store, collect and feed your baby, this pack of baby bottles will do the trick. The bottles are very light, but also quite sturdy. You also don’t have to worry about the bottles having dangerous contaminants.

These bottles are free from chemicals such as bisphenol-A. The bottles are also amply sized, which should make them more convenient if you want to avoid the hustle of having to use several smaller bottles. Due to their great quality, these bottles will also not splinter or crack when dropped.

6Steribottle BPA-Free 0-3 Months Baby Bottles Medium Flow, Clear

This bottle is ready to use out of the box because it is properly sterilized before packaging. The manufacturing process used on this bottle is quite effective and safe. For this reason, you can trust this bottle to provide a BPA-free and yet premium feeding experience to your baby, despite the fact that the bottle should be thrown away after first use.

The bottle is also free from phthalate, and it is recyclable in addition to the fact that it is completely disposable. These bottles are recommended for babies of between 0 to 3 months.

5Playtex Baby Nurser Baby Bottle with Drop-Ins Disposable Liners

Playtex has pursued a design path that has made it a favorite in the baby bottle business. With this bottle, you can expect the baby to experience the same suck, swallow, and breathing patterns as when he/she is actually breastfeeding.

This is because the bottles have a liner that collapses as the milk volume decreases, which means the baby will also not end up swallowing air that can cause colic. For this reason, this is an amazing bottle to have if you want your baby to have an easy time switching from the breast to the bottle.

4Nuby Non-Drip 3-Stage Wide Neck Bottle to Cup, 8 Oz

This bottle can be used by babies of all ages. Another innovative aspect of this particular feeding bottle is that it has a non-drip nipple feature. And to ensure the baby truly enjoys the feeding experience, the bottle also has teething nubs that massage and stimulate a baby’s gums.

You also have the option of choosing among six different colors. And like all good baby bottles, this particular model does not have any BPA in it, which makes it safe for your baby.

3Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle, BPA-Fre – Gift Set

This purchase will give you a set of 5 bottles – three 6 oz bottles and two 9 oz bottles. Other reasons to go with this particular set of disposable baby bottles from Playtex is that you will get slow and fast flow nipples. They have also thoughtfully included extra bottle caps, additional vent disks, as well as angled bottle supports that can help prevent ear infections.

In addition to having a design that keeps the babies from swallowing too much gas, which can cause colic, the bottle also has a silicon vent that is able to boost flow rate and makes drinking much easier for the baby.

2Sterribottle Ready to Use Disposable Baby Bottles

Whether on the road with your baby or at home, this disposable baby bottle is a great thing to have around. As a disposable bottle, it is safe to use right out of the box because it is sterilized beforehand. Additionally, it is free from dangerous chemicals like BPA and phthalate.

Unlike the other Sterribottle model on the list, this particular bottle is intended for babies aged 3 months and older. Therefore, if your baby is already used to those bottles, he/she should have an easier time making the change to this model when that time comes.

1Playtex Baby Nurser Drop-Ins Baby Bottle Disposable Liners 8 Ounce, 100 Count

This disposable baby bottle is one of the best in the market at the time. It promotes a more natural feeding experience as it allows the baby to breath naturally just like when feeding from the mother’s breast.

Because of this, the baby does not ingest as much gas. This natural feeding pattern is the main reason the bottle is so popular among people who are willing to invest a little more effort into choosing the right disposable baby bottle.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Disposable Baby Bottle Brand

Not so long ago, having a baby meant you had to live without the modern conveniences and comforts that are available to many people. To make a testing yet beautiful time easier, it is good to know which is the best disposable baby bottle brand, and learning about the product will help you find it.

A lot of the convenience of a disposable baby bottle centers around travel. The ability to be able to use one and dispose of it safely can save you time, and ensure you can give your little one the attention they need. To help you find a quality disposable baby bottle brand, the following guide should help.

What To Look For In A Disposable Baby Bottle


This should be a given as you cannot underestimate the importance of sterilization and baby bottles. If the product arrives ready to be used, it can save you time on preparing the bottle and allows you to feed your baby without delay.


A lot of disposable baby bottle brands will sell their products in multi-packs which offers great value. As with many baby products, it is often a case of the more you get, the greater the savings.


Just because they are disposable, doesn’t mean they should feel cheap or let you down when you need to use one at the park. The better products will have a bit of weight to them still without being too heavy to carry a few in your diaper bag or under the stroller. Also, consider the fact that they are likely to contain warm milk so must be built to keep their shape.

Recyclable Materials

Because they are disposable, a lot of conscious brands have made their disposable baby bottles to be environmentally friendly and recyclable. Most of the time they can be thrown into your usual plastic recycling but read more on the specific product beforehand.


Because a lot of convenience plastic is made with BPA you might think this is a concern. Of course, it is always best to check with the product you have in mind to make sure you bottle feed your baby, most brands will be mindful of this. Since BPA can be harmful, it shouldn’t be something you compromise on.

Volume Markers

To give your baby the right amount of milk, you need to see how much you’re filling it. Most brands don’t leave it to guesswork and you will find clear markers indicating how much is going into each feed.


This will depend on the nipples included. The faster the flow, the more it will be designed for older babies so take into account the age of your little one before buying.


Don’t expect every disposable baby bottle brand to include these with every purchase but you can find some that come with lids. These make it possible for you to pre-mix formula which increases the convenience.


Because every baby has a unique appetite, you can find baby bottles that give you more than others. The convenience of having up to 250 ml should be enough for most tiny tummies.

Disposable Baby Bottle Brand: Liners

These add a level of convenience as they collapse safely inside the bottle to make sure no air can get into their small tummy. It is important to make sure the materials in the liner are safe and BPA-free as it comes into contact with the milk.

It recreates the feeding process of breastfeeding and makes breathing more natural so the chances of your young baby getting colic are reduced. The liners themselves are disposable and allow the feeding process to be even more convenient.

When To Use A Disposable Baby Bottle

It’s all about making life easier for the parent so when you are on the go or know you are heading out for a longer period, it can save you from trying to find hot water to sterilize the bottle in.

Whether you are at a play date in the park or going to a friend’s house, a disposable baby bottle can fit easily in your diaper bag and will often stack inside one another to make carrying multiple bottles easy. This is great because regular baby bottles take up so much room in a bag.


A disposable baby bottle brand needs to give you the convenience in a safe and effective manner. Most of the bigger companies in baby bottles have a disposable product on the market so if you are loyal to certain brands, you might be able to find a bottle based on this.

No matter which one you go for, they are great in an emergency, or just when you need to make feeding easier once in a while.