Many men are surprised to find out there are Yoga pants for men at the beginning of their Yoga experience and understandably so. Primarily targeted at women in popular media, Yoga is, in fact, a universal, unisex practice that literally anyone of any age can get into.

As you would imagine, most Yoga apparel is designed for comfort and flexibility above all else, which is precisely how Yoga pants for men look like. To give you some pointers on what to look for if you’re ever in the market for some, we put together a list of the ten best Yoga pants for men that you might want to consider.

 Best Yoga Pants for Men – Reviews

10Manduka Men’s The Now Pants

A yoga pants model created for the modern man by Manduka, The Now Pants is both form-fitting and relaxed. Featuring a lightweight 4-way stretch knit fabric with tapered legs which you can leave down or push up above your calves, it moves effortlessly through every yoga pose you make.

Its stretchable waistband has integrated drawstring for a customizable and adjustable fit, as well as pockets featuring ventilated bags. The pants have flatlock seam build for improved comfort and reduced chafing. Furthermore, its full-length gusset ensures a broader motion range than most Yoga pants would.

9TESOON Men’s Super-Soft Pants

A multipurpose model of men’s pants that works very well for yoga, the TESOON’s model boasts a simple design which delivers maximum comfort and quiet freedom for full movement. For quality, these pants are made of premium Spandex lightweight fabric with moisture-wicking capability.

It is also smooth, very elastic and comfortable. A fitted drawstring closure system ensures a secure, custom fit. The model also comes in a variety of four colors to choose from.


Featuring a lightweight material and somewhat interesting design, these men’s Capri yoga pants from TIPTOPSTORE are especially great for summer use. This model’s design is inspired by the Capri fisherman pants and is made of pure cotton, featuring a wide waist-belt which is died around its rear. The 3/4 pants have adjustable length design, making them suitable for men of different heights.

7EU Men’s Yoga Pants

Made of 95 percent modal cotton and 5 percent quality spandex this EU Men’s Yoga Pants model comes in three color choices and several size options to choose your perfect fit from.

It features a well designed, elastic waistband that integrates an adjustable drawstring to help you get custom fit for comfort and performance convenience. The soft and silky fabric is breathable, smooth, very comfortable, and highly stretchable to allow full workout motion.

6Yoga Addict Short Pants

Another great model by YogaAddict, these men’s Yoga Short Pants are designed to keep you comfortable through your yoga session and fully confident for improved enjoyable performance.

They are made of a flexible fabric that allows full motion movement for the ultimate yoga experience and other workouts indoors and outdoors. For the gentleman who does not like loose shorts during yoga sessions, such as Hot Yoga, Bikram or Ashtanga, this is a great alternative.

5ZSHOW Men’s Yoga Pants

The ZSHOW Men’s Yoga Pants are top-grade 100% pure cotton knit model that is remarkably comfortable and stretchable with every single yoga move you make. The pants have a flexible waistband that provides a snug yet convenient fit. Two integrated slant side-pockets offer storage for your headset, cash, keys and other small essentials.

The fabric is lightweight and has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and comfortable for long. Interestingly enough, these pants are both hand-washable and machine-washable.

4HOEREV Spandex Harem Pants

This HOEREV’s pair of yoga pants is an excellent choice for men who just need a simple design model. The pants are made of high-quality spandex material, meaning a very soft and also lightweight fabric that is also quite elastic for free stretching.

It is also designed to offer great comfort, and for both indoor and outdoor workouts suitability. Besides yoga, they are appropriate for other fitness activities like dancing and working out.

3BestThaiComplex 2 Tone Pants

Yoga enthusiasts can really better their performance with these pants from the BestThaiComplex. Reminiscent of the traditional Thai fisherman pants, this yoga pants model features a thick belt and a unique design for allowing easy and full motion.

These pants are a bit lightweight and also quite comfortable since they are fully made of premium-grade cotton. Not only that but you will find them to be extremely flexible and surprisingly sturdy as well.

2YogaAddict Yoga Long Pants

These Yoga Long Pants for men by YogaAddict ensure that you remain cool and comfortable throughout the yoga session while remaining confident especially if you prefer long pants over short ones. The pair is made of flexible and strong fabric that allows full yoga poses motion and fluid stretches for optimal performance.

They fit superbly and never limit your moves in any way. If you want stylish and also comfortable long yoga pants, you simply cannot get it wrong with this particular model.

14-rth Men’s Transition Cuffed Yoga Pants

Featuring a bit unique design, the 4-rth Transition Cuffed Yoga Pant for men provides a much snugger fit yet remaining comfortable wearing. This pair of pants is shorter, which makes them an ideal pick for summer yoga sessions for allowing the skin to breathe.

They are also breathable and moisture wicking, thanks to the high-quality fabric material of select birch tree wood. Last but not least, these pants come in several sizes and colors to choose from.

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