A good strategy to get into Yoga easily and effortlessly is to employ a Yoga DVD to help you through. This is because hiring a real-life instructor is quite expensive whereas doing it by yourself with no help whatsoever is bound to cause you a lot of stress and physical pain.

With this in mind, we should point out that even among Yoga DVDs, some definitely stand out as better than others, which is why you want to scout the market thoroughly before buying one. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best Yoga DVDs the market has to offer at this point in time.

 Best Yoga DVDs – Reviews

10Yoga For Stress Relief

Stress is a major problem for people of all ages and their dependence on medicines and anti-depressants usually does more harm than good. Yoga is an excellent way to get rid of stress and the Yoga For Stress Relief DVD goes a long way.

It is great for both men and women and is extremely low impact which is great for regular workout sessions. The DVD encourages you to stay active through the day and relax at night to help keep stress away at all times. With over 20 easy to do yoga poses and a 30-minute meditation lecture from Dalai Lama, your stress levels will fall in a matter of days.

9Power Yoga – Total Body Workout

With the Power Yoga – Total Body Workout DVD, you can exercise your entire body without the need for expensive and heavy equipment. The poses are low impact and can be done by practically everyone. They are extremely effective and deliver impressive results in just weeks.

It is moderated by one of the biggest Yoga experts, Rodney Yee and has a total of 75-minute programs to help you target every muscle in your body. It will also help you detoxify as well as enhance your endurance long-term.

8Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners

With Rodney Yee’s Yoga For Beginners DVD, you get to appreciate the affordability of great workout exercises without the need to employ any sort of equipment. There are 2 full-length workout sessions that teach you what yoga is and how it should be properly practiced. It is ideal for beginners who wish to enter the world of yoga, without hiring expensive and professional help.

You can learn from the on-screen poses and avoid the common mistakes made by beginners. You can ease the pain of stiff joints in just 40 minutes and get 20-minute morning sessions or 15-minute evening sessions.

7Yoga For The Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Arthritis

Arthritis is an ailment most older people fear but with the Yoga For The Rest of Us: Easy Yoga For Arthritis DVD, you no longer have to be afraid to stay fit. The routines here are slow, low impact, and a lot of fun. To help arthritis patients, there are a number of sitting and standing poses that help mobility.

It also shows you how to meditate effectively to ease the pain of painful joints and bones. Peggy Cappy makes these routines exciting and fun and all the routines are divided into 7 easy to do segments. The DVD also features gentle warm-up sessions to help get the body ready and avoid injuries.

6Yoga For Beginners & Beyond

Targeting more than just stiff muscles and joints, the Yoga For Beginners & Beyond DVD is a helpful way to rid your body of stress and other psychological issues. The DVD has a total of 40 different routines that range from 15-60 minutes in duration. The exercises are divided into AM routines and PM routines.

The AM routines keep the mind and body fit for the whole day while the PM routines help keep the body and mind calm during stressful days and even helps you sleep better. Along with all this, you get a soothing lecture from Dalai Lama to help you relax.

5Prenatal Yoga DVD

Women face a lot of difficulties during their pregnancy and weight gain is just one of them. The Prenatal Yoga DVD can guide them with low impact exercises to help keep themselves fit and healthy. It also alleviates back pains and joint pains. Moderated by Shiva Rea, this DVD has helped a number of expecting mothers to stay positive during pregnancy.

The DVD includes poses and exercises for each trimester and cover everything from feet, back, legs, and more. Furthermore, this DVD helps you enhance flexibility over time which helps during labor and delivery as well.

4Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

Known as one of the most popular DVDs sold, the Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga has helped hundreds of people around the world. It is extremely effective and you will start seeing results in just 6 weeks.

You get all your instructions from Bob Harper, who is an excellent coach. The programs are 55 minutes in length and with hard work, you will get the desired results. It uses the vinyasa trio exercises – stretches, lunges, and standing poses to help strengthen the core.

3Yoga For Beginners

Learn how to live a healthy and happy life with the Yoga For Beginners DVD and enjoy 8 simple, yet effective, exercises. The yoga exercises are moderated by Barbara Benagh and she shares her experience through the videos.

The DVD contains 10 to 60 minutes of simplistic yoga poses that are not only fun to do, but also very low impact which is ideal for people with joint and bone ailments. The location the DVD was shot in, Antigua, only adds to the serenity and peacefulness of the exercises presented.

2Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices For Mid-Life

From the age of 40 to the age of 70, people often face the most difficulties in terms of joint pains, bone ailments, and other physical issues. The Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices For Mid-Life (40’s-70’s) DVD helps in a massive way. The routines are gentle, slow, and fun to do which keep any kind of stress away from the body.

It helps improve balance, posture, and flexibility with every exercise. The routine is divided into sessions – the 18-minute morning session to energize the body, a mid-day session to help stay active, and an evening session of 29-minutes to help relax the body.

1Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

The Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD is an excellent way to lose that unwanted weight quickly and efficiently. The DVD features two 30-minute workouts that will help you get your heart rate up naturally. Along with that, the DVD offers you great warming up and cooling down sessions that help your blood flow.

Most of the yoga poses are common and using a repetitive method, the body naturally burns fat quicker. Although the exercises are low impact, the results are quite exceptional by most standards.

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