Anyone with a car should know just how annoying it can be to scrape ice and snow off your car’s windshield every time you have to go for a drive during the cold season. A good way to protect your car from the snow and yourself from quite a hassle is to invest in a windshield snow cover beforehand.

With these covers, you only have to remove them from the windshield before driving off, a process that shouldn’t take more than a minute or so. Quite an advantage over the twenty minutes or so you would otherwise spend scraping ice off every single time. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best windshield snow covers the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Windshield Snow Covers – Reviews

10SUV Car Windshield Magnetic Snow Cover

Made from premium grade polyester, this large magnetic snow cover is thicker and more durable compared to older models. Thanks to the additional fabric on the sides, this windshield cover can be easily fastened to the front doors and stays in place through the toughest wind storms.

Measuring 57 inches by 74 inches in size, it is large in size and extremely durable, thus capable to easily fit most family cars, covering the complete windshield including the wipers as well. Equipped with magnets on the edges, it secures well onto the windshield and protects it from frost and snow.

9Auto Expressions 5079019 Winter Warrior Windshield Snow Cover

The Auto Expressions 5079019 Winter Warrior Windshield Snow Cover is the perfect solution to keeping your windshields free from ice and frost. Featuring special Anti-theft features it secures well to your vehicle and keeps its safe from the impact of strong winds.

Thanks to its large size, it can easily fit all vehicles including trucks, SUVs, and minivans. Made from high quality durable, waterproof nylon material, it offers long lasting performance. With this snow cover, you also receive a mesh bag for easier storage.

8IceScreen Magnetic Windshield Frost & Snow Cover

Keep the frost and snow off your windshield with the help of the latest IceScreen Magnetic Windshield Frost & Snow Cover. Equipped with powerful magnets that are easy to attach to your vehicle, it comes with pockets on each side that can be secured to each door to prevent it from getting stolen and to safeguard it from strong winds. Made from waster-resistant, scratch proof Oxford materials, this frost and snow cover is ultra durable and reliable.

7Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover

Put an end to the unnecessary hassles of scraping off ice and snow from your windshield every morning, with the new Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover. Equipped with 13 earth N52 magnets placed at the edges of the cover, it helps to keep the cover in place even through the toughest wind storms.

Featuring ties and flaps for optimum security, it can be tucked into the door of the vehicle, preventing it from getting stolen. Measuring 50 inches b 70 inches approximately, it can be utilized on any truck, SUV or large sized vehicle to keep it safeguarded from snow and frost.

6Hopkins 17529 Subzero Heavy-Duty ArcticGuard Snow and Ice Windshield Cover

Thanks to its universal size, the Hopkins 17529 Subzero Heavy-Duty ArcticGuard Snow and Ice Windshield Cover is made to fit all vehicles. Measuring 40 inches by 73 inches in height and width respectively, it is large in size and can be utilized on trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Extremely easy to install and release, it comes equipped with hooks on the interior side that fastens the cover to the car to prevent theft. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, it easily folds up and can be stored inside the car mirror pockets with ease.

5Cutequeen Trading Black Waterproof Polyester Car Snow Cover with Storage Pouch

Available in two sizes, the Cutequeen Trading Black Waterproof Polyester Car Snow Cover can easily fit almost 99% of vehicles including large cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks. Featuring 6 NdFeB powerful magnets, it helps to keep the cover secured in place even during strong gusts of wind.

It also comes equipped with robust double stitches on the flaps that easily secure inside each door to prevent it from getting stolen and to keep it from tearing or coming loose. This windshield cover is super easy to install and does not require any additional straps or flaps. You also get a storage pouch along with this durable cover.

4SnowOFF Car Windshield Snow Cover & Sun Shade Protector Kit for Cars & CRVs

The SnowOFF Car Windshield Snow Cover & Sun Shade Protector Kit is a multi-purpose product that can be used to protect your vehicle from the sun as well as from snow and frost. Available in two variable sizes, this windshield cover can easily fit all sized cars perfectly. Equipped with durable straps that attach onto the wheels of the car, it stays in place during strong winds while its suction cups and side wings keep the cover from getting stolen.

Thanks to its extra long length, it covers the wipers and looks extremely stylish. Made from waterproof materials, it keeps the car protected from all kinds of bad weather. This snow cover can also be utilized as a picnic sheet, a pet car seat cover, a tent sleeping pad or even a crawling mat for your baby.

3Apex Automotive Premium Windshield Snow Cover – Windproof Magnetic Edges

Featuring powerful magnetic edges, this windshield cover will not shift its position when it’s windy. It also comes with robust door flaps that are double stitched adding durability. The cover is large enough to cover the entire windshield as well as the wipers and is super easy to install.

The flaps are loaded with weights to help with added security and convenience during installation. It also comes with inner security ties but no exterior straps that may cause tangling. The cover also comes with a handy drawstring pouch for good measure.

2Ice King Extra Large Universal Snow Cover

The Ice King Extra Large Universal Snow Cover is a multi-purpose cover that can be used during all seasons. Made from premium grade materials including polyester and polyolefin, and high-quality raw materials made from stiff chemicals, this windshield protects your car from the snow and the sun effectively.

Featuring durable, robust hooks that can be adjusted, it helps to keep the windshield protected from strong winds. Extremely easy to install, it is resistant to water and comes with a special suction cup on each side to secure it in place. Along with the cover, you also get a storage pouch for easier mobility.

1Delk FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover

Measuring 61 inches by 32 inches when fully extended, the Delk FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover is a large sized cover that fits almost all vehicles including trucks, SUVs and other large cars and vans. Thanks to its advanced FitFast technology, it fits every car perfectly, ensuring it offers optimal protection against ice, snow, and frost.

Made from water-resistant materials, it also keeps the car protected when it’s rainy outside. Also worth mentioning is that this particular cover is quite versatile and flexible, meaning that you won’t have any problems when fitting it onto your windshield.

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What Does A Windshield Snow Cover Do?

best windshield snow coverAlthough its main purpose should be self-explanatory, a quality snow cover should also protect your car from rain, strong winds, and anything that might drop onto the windshield from above when it’s parked. For this reason, some if not most of these covers are built to be highly sturdy and flexible, so as to offer a high degree of protection while being very easy to install.

Other than that, you want a windshield cover of any kind to be lightweight and easy to store, which is exactly why these covers enjoy their current popularity. Given their lightweight construction, they present the perfect solution to saving yourself the trouble of scraping off ice and snow from your car’s windshield every winter morning.

Do Windshield Snow Covers Prevent All Cold Weather Problems?

Windshield CoverAnother question people understandably ask themselves when buying a windshield snow cover is whether not it will protect their car against issues other than snowfall.

To some extent, the good ones definitely do, at least as far as frost or heavy rains go.

One thing to remember is that windshield covers do not warm up your windshield, which means that if you have a crack in the windshield, it will most likely get larger over time during the cold season, with or without the cover.

Should You Invest In A Snow Cover?

Given how inexpensive these covers are when considering the damage your car can take without them, it definitely should be seen as a long-term investment in more ways than one. Along with being quite inexpensive, snow covers are also very easy to store due to how compact they are when folded up.

Unless you want to spend twenty minutes or so clearing snow off your windshield before going out for a drive come winter, you should perhaps consider investing in a snow cover just in case.

What Makes A Good Windshield Snow Cover

best windshield snow covers

Brand – Like you would with any other product aimed at safeguarding your car, you should first consider the manufacturer before buying a snow cover of any kind. The reason behind this being that although affordable covers can meet the same standards as more expensive ones to some extent, the support and reliability they offer is usually lacking. It is also common for cheap covers to only fit a specific type of vehicle, whereas reputable brands usually manufacture flexible, versatile covers.

  Flexibility – Like we already pointed out, a good snow cover should fit multiple types of vehicles, be them small cars, SUVs, or small trucks. A good way to ensure that your desired cover will do that is to check and see if it packs a good strap system or any features that recommend it for variously sized cars. If your cover of choice has such a strap system, it will allow it to fit even large windshields despite being rather small itself.

Security – Although not that common, windshield snow covers do indeed get stolen from time to time, especially when not properly fastened onto the windshield. Not only that but improperly secured covers can also be blown away by the wind, especially during the cold season when snowstorms will pose quite a strain on your parked car. For this reason, some covers are equipped with security panels that shut in the driver’s side door for added security.

  Construction – A very important aspect to consider when buying a snow shield cover is how well it will hold up over time. When it comes to a cover’s construction, you should first check if it’s made of long-lasting materials like PVC and polyester. In fact, we should point out that polyester & PVC blends tend to be the most popular when it comes to snow covers, not only because of how flexible they are but also thanks to their guaranteed toughness when exposed to the freezing winter cold.

Size – While we did say that quality covers are usually rather flexible, you should not disregard a seemingly good cover just because it seems small. As a matter of fact, a cover that fits your windshield like a glove is in many ways better than an overly sized cover, mostly because of the reduced risk of it getting blown away. Not only that but smaller covers are also easier to store and strap onto the windshield.

  Thickness – Unlike frost guards that are designed to tightly fit your windshield in order to prevent ice from forming, windshield snow covers are mostly designed to protect against snowfall. In this regard, there is really no reason for you to go for an extra thick cover unless you also want it to also protect against ice. We should also point out that thick covers are usually harder to store, not to mention how much bigger the chance of them breaking or flaking away when exposed to the freezing cold over time.