Window tinting is a marvelous product that allows us to gain a little bit more privacy, block out UV radiation or even make our vehicles look cooler. Modern consumers can buy window tint kits for their cars or for their homes that are inexpensive but are still made with quality materials. However, it isn’t always easy for the average person to decide on one tint kit over another one, after all, they all look pretty much the same. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because we’ve found ten of the best window tints available, so you can find one that will work well for you.

Best Window Tints – Reviews

10HIDBea UV-Blocking Reflective Window Film

This product is designed to be used anywhere where tinted windows are needed. It can be used in waiting room areas, in living rooms or bedrooms, or even for enclosed porches. It’s a product that’s easy to apply because it uses static-cling to ensure that it adheres to the window’s surface. This enables the consumer to apply it quicker than other types of window tints and do it without having to worry so much about bubbles developing in the film. It’s a product that blocks both UV light and heat, so it keeps fabrics from fading and helps with energy bills, too.

9Window Whirl Total Blackout Window Film

The company that makes this product stands behind it 100%, so consumers can rest assured that it’s going to fit their needs quite well. Designed to be a window tint that’s installed on bedroom windows, this product will the majority of the light that would normally come through the window. It’s so dark that it even works better than a set of blackout curtains. Another thing that can be appreciated about this product is that it’s a static-cling application, which not only makes it easier to install on the window, but also means that there’s fewer annoying bubbles to deal with.

8FilmGoo One-Way Mirror Window Tint

Anyone who’s been searching the Internet far and wide for a quality mirror tint is going to want to pay close attention to this product. That’s because it’s a window tint that’s capable of blocking out 85% of the infrared rays coming into the house, which translates into lower energy costs during the summer months. Heat control isn’t the only thing worth mentioning about this product, however. It also block out 97% of the UV rays that come through the window, and also dramatically reduces the amount of visible light that comes through the window. All of which makes this a product for the windows of any livingroom, bedroom or den.

7LEXEN 2-Ply Carbon Pre-Cut Tint Kit

Anyone who is looking for an automobile window tint kit that looks like a professional application is going to want to check out this product. That’s because it’s a product that’s custom-fit to your vehicle’s windows. Once you order this product, you let the company know the make, model, year and body type of your vehicle, and they will send you the custom window tint applications for it. This product comes in tints that range from 5% up to 50%, and each kit comes with the tint for all of the windows of the vehicle, a squeegee and detailed instructions.

6WochiTV One-Way Privacy Window Film

This window tint kit is designed according to strict standards and is some of the thickest window tint material we’ve seen yet, with a thickness of 0.15mm. This thickness helps this product not only block out lock but also provides the user with an insulating effect on the window. This product is capable of also blocking out 90% of all infrared rays, and 15% of VLT rays as well. Although it does provide good privacy during the way, the consumer should realize that at night, the effect is reversed and inside light will be able to shine through it. During the day, the outside of this film has a mirror effect.

5Gila CS78 Glare Control Smoke Film

Designed to be used on the windows of just about any home, this high-quality window tint is capable of reducing up to 80% of the glare coming through the window. It’s also capable of blocking out 98% of ultraviolet rays, and up to 46% of the total solar energy that may be coming through the window. What does that mean? That means that it will better insulate the home during the summer months. Another advantage of using this window tint is that it’s can installed by just about anyone thanks to its durable adhesive and simple design. Anyone who can cut and measure can use this product to great effect.

4Kespen On-Way Anti-UV Glass Tint

This glass tint is easy to install and provides the daytime privacy and light-block characteristics that people want out of a window tint for their bedroom. This product is capable of blocking out 91% of all solar radiation, include UV light. This is a static-cling privacy film doesn’t need glue, so it’s easier to apply than some tradition privacy films. Although it doesn’t provide privacy during the nighttime hours because of the way it’s made, it does have a nice mirrored exterior during daylight hours. Each roll of this quality product is 17.5-inches by 6.5-feet, so there’s plenty for applying to windows around the home.

3BDF NA05 Sun Control Film

Available in sizes from 12-inches by 14-feet up to 60-inches by 100-feet, there’s a roll of this privacy film for just about anyone. This window tint is extra dark so it provides excellent daytime privacy and helps to block out harmful solar radiation that can fade furniture. Its ability to block out sunlight allows it to keep rooms cooler than other types of window tint products. It’s also a product that’s easy to install as well. All the user has to do is to soak the film in a mixture of water and soap, and then they can apply it to any window they desire.

2HIDBea One-Way Privacy UV-Blocking Film

This vinyl window tint product not only gives your windows a nice mirrored look during the day but also provides your home with daytime privacy. That means that you can leave the curtains open during the day to see the outside world and do it without everyone being able to see into your home. This product also provides UV-block and has heat-insulating properties. These two characteristics allow it to keep furniture from fading due to daylight exposure and helps to lower cooling costs. And because this product doesn’t use glues, it’s easy and safe for anyone to apply.

1Velimax Static-Cling Total-Blacout Window Tint

Anyone who wants complete room darkening but doesn’t want to have to use blackout curtains to do it might want to try out this window tint. That’s because this product is capable of blocking out 99% of all daylight, leaving the room nice and dark, even during daytime hours. It also blocks out glare and UV-light, which helps prevent furniture fading and lowers cooling costs. And because it’s applied without using any glue or other adhesives, it can be taken down in one room and put up in another room quite easily. All of these features simply means that this is the best window tint product currently available.

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A Guide To Window Tint

Regardless of whether you’re looking for tint for your automobile or your home, you’re going to want to purchase the best window tint possible. Unfortunately, far too many don’t know what exactly that entails. They simply don’t know what feature to look for in a window tint or which ones they should avoid. To help our readers answer those questions, we’ve decided to write this guide on window tint. In the following sections, all of our readers will be able to find out everything they need to know to buy the best window tint for their needs.

The Benefits Of Window Tint

Before we get started with the features that you should look for when searching for window tint, it might be beneficial if you take a few moments and find out why you may need window tint. Below are some of the reasons that you may need window tint either for home or automotive use.

UV Protection

Although not all window tints provide protection from ultraviolet light, the ones that do are really beneficial. The UV light can not only cause skin cancer, but it can also find fabrics over time. So if you’re looking to keep your sofa or car seats looking as good as new, then you may want to buy window tint that offers a bit of UV protection.

Shade From Light

This is specifically aimed at people who need to install window tint on the windows in their home, but it can apply to automotive window tint as well. Perhaps you have a window facing the east and you don’t want the glare from the rising sun coming into your home. Perhaps the sun rises before you get up, so you need window tint to keep that happening. And maybe you want to eliminate some of the road glare or protect a child from the ravaging sun as you drive. All of these are valid reasons to install tint on your windows.


Another reason to add window tint to your home or car is to obtain a level of privacy. These tints make it hard for people to see through the windows, so you don’t have to feel like your under a microscope as you’re going about your day.

The Cool Factor

The last reason to buy window tint, especially automobile tint, is because it just has a cool look to it. Most of us at some point in time and have seen a car go by with tinted windows and thought to ourselves how cool it looked. Well, now you can give your car windows that same appeal.

The Different Types Of Window Tints

Now that we have a firm understanding of why we need window tint for both our home and our vehicles, it’s time to talk about the two main types of window tinting available to consumers. Although there is a spray-on window tint as well, we decided not to put it on the following list because that’s a product better left to the professionals. The below two types of products are the ones suitable for DIY use.

Metallic Tints: Metallic tints have a mirrored edge to them and do a good job of reflecting heat or UV radiation.

Dyed Polyester: This is the most common type of window tint available—for both automotive and home window use. They’re inexpensive and provide privacy to the person inside the car or home.

What To Consider Before Buying Window Tint

What we want to talk about in this article are some of the things that you should think about when purchasing tint for your car’s windows or your home’s windows. Although the following tips aren’t an exhaustive list of what to consider when purchasing a new window tint, it is a good start for most people.

Legal Considerations

The first thing anyone should consider before buying any type of window tint for their car is the legality of using it. Some U.S States are very friendly towards some types of window tints and some other States are strict about how dark the tint can be or how it can be used. So, you need to find out whether a particular type of tint is suitable in your area before you buy it.

Pre-Cut Or Rolled Tint?

Window tint comes in basically two different styles: Pre-Cut or Rolled. Pre-cut is easy to install because all of the measuring and cutting associated with window tint has been done for you, but if you accidentally mess up your installation, then there are no spare pieces that you can use to fix it. With Rolled Tint, there’s plenty of tints to use, even if you make a mistake or two, but you need to do all of the measurings and cutting yourself. As you can see, each type has its pros and cons, so choose the one that you feel is best for your project.

Other Things To Consider

Here are a couple more things to consider before buying new tint:

  • Tint Percentage
  • Metallic Or Non-Metallic Tints
  • UV Blocking Capabilities