Many professionals employ voice recorders in their line of work, although you don’t have to be a professional to use one. These devices have come quite a long way over the years as they developed into very small, lightweight, and highly portable devices. Modern voice recorders boast a wide range of ingenious functions along with their intended basic purpose, which is fair to say that it defines how good a voice recorder is overall.

Like we said, modern voice recorders have to do a lot more than simply record sounds, they have to also link to other devices that people usually own. At the same time, you also have to consider how durable the battery is, how good the quality of its recording can be expected to be, and whether it has a big enough memory to store a lot of content. Not only that but a good voice recorder should also allow you to support a fair number of audio formats.

All things considered, a good digital voice recorder can pack quite a few ingenious technologies, which usually translates in a price tag to match. In all fairness, you don’t really want a cheap voice recorder anyway, although a good one shouldn’t really cost too much either. To give you a better idea of what the market has to offer in this respect, we put together a list of the ten best voice recorders money can buy.

Best Voice Recorders – Reviews

10DGFAN Digital Voice Recorder

Perfect for recording your work, life, lectures, or even your creative ideas gets a lot easier with the DGFAN Digital Voice Recorder. We say this because it is perhaps one of the easiest to use recorders, both in regards to its controls and its portability. It has 8GB internal memory and also integrates an auto-save feature, offering longer-lasting recording. Among its other great features, we find a 360-degree surround sound capability, easy file search support, A-B repeat function, timing recording, and instant playback. It also boasts all-directional mic, auto noise cancelation and high definition voice resolution, delivering crisp clear recording even when 40-ft away.

9Olympus VN721PC

Made by the reputable brand Olympus, the VN721PC is a vastly versatile digital voice recorder perfect for recording notes, voice, reminders, and other files in the WMA format. It has unique, large LCD display and speaker, with the front panel featuring a convenient and easy use button design. Thanks to its 2GB internal memory and up to 790-hours recording time, you are good to capture lectures, notes, and other files conveniently and relatively easy.

8Aketek 12 650HR

You will certainly appreciate using the Aketek 12 Multifunctional voice recorder for many good reasons. It is a reliable digital model that delivers premium quality recording results. What’s more, this product comes in a kit that includes every vital accessory for the trade—the voice recorder, microphone, audio cable, USB cable, earphone, and the user guide. It also offers 8 GB of memory space for storing your recorded files conveniently.

7Sony ICD-UX533BLK

Boasting a 4GB internal memory space and a clean backlit display, Sony’s ICD-UX533BLK digital voice recorder does not disappoint in any way. It supports recording in AAC, MP3, WAV, and WMA formats, making it widely versatile by most metrics. With it, you can record anything from music, lectures and more with this portable unit that offers up to 1,073-hours recording time. Its rechargeable battery supports 30-hour runtime and it further integrates a USB port for direct recorder-to-computer connection, and also has a microSD card slot for good measure.

6Dictopro X100

Dictopro’s X100 is another digital voice recorder you can trust. It has 2 ultra-efficient microphones for HD recording from 40-ft away, which is impressive, to say the least. It is sturdily built and integrates a convenient color LCD screen and an automatic on-time recording feature. Its 8GB internal memory offers up to a whopping 700-hour recording capacity. It also boasts a dynamic noise reduction feature, powerful loudspeaker, and landline telephone recording support. Other highlights include an MP3 player and flash drive functionality, digital clock/alarm, multi-language support, et cetera.

5Tascam DR-05V2

Tascam DR-05V2 is a very portable digital voice recorder that records in both WAV and MP3 formats—including 24-bit/ 96 kHz high-clarity audio—directly to microSD/microSDHC cards. It has a pair of functional microphones for handling up to 125dB SPL with the responsiveness to capture to detail. Other unique features include a quick menu and Peak Reduction, all for availing an album-class recording of the highest quality.

4Zoom H4N PRO

Zoom is renowned for developing innovative technologies for improved voice recorder performance quality. Their new H4N Pro, for instance, takes the game a notch higher than most rivals can. It boasts advanced features like X/Y microphones, impressively natural-sounding preamps, as well as an ultra-low noise flow. With this unit, you are good to record anything from the Indy 500 to the flutter of a hummingbird with superior realism and high fidelity.

3Olympus VN-7200

The VN-7200 by Olympus brings together the simplicity of analog voice recorders and Olympus’ unique, reputed audio innovation. It is a great digital voice recorder model offering even 1,200-hour recording time and premium features to capture perfect recordings and efficient design elements, making it a versatile option for everything boardroom and classroom voice recording. At the same time, it benefits from a highly portable, lightweight design that makes it very easy to use.

2Zoom ZH1 H1

The Zoom ZH1 is an ultra-compact, lightweight digital voice recorder with a great performance by most standards. Its premium features include an integrated 90-degree X/Y stereo microphone input and output jack with plug-in power and dedicated volume control respectively, along with a monitoring speaker. Furthermore, this unit can record to microSD and also microSDHC cards directly up to 32GB capacity. At the same time, it also supports up to 24 bit/ 96 kHz WAV audio and various MP3 formats and runs on one AA alkaline/ NiMH rechargeable battery, offering a long 10-hour battery life.


The SONY ICD PX333 is probably the most popular digital voice recorder around and understandably so. This is a very powerful voice recording device, one that allows you to tap crisp clear voice or background sounds thanks to the incredibly high-performance technology integrated. Sony ICD PX333 also features 4 GB of internal storage memory and utilizes 2 AAA high quality, reliable batteries to work, batteries it also comes with from the get-go. Moreover, its microSD memory is expandable for greater versatility, which is definitely a feature to look for when buying a modern voice recorder.

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