Most people don’t even realize they don’t have tweezers on hand until the very moment they need some for whatever urgent reason. Similar to nail clippers and scissors, you should consider tweezers to be a long-term investment more than anything else. Considering how inexpensive tweezers are, you really shouldn’t have any difficulties buying a good one because you’re not really saving all that much if you buy a cheaper version.

Designed to be sturdy, practical, and very easy to use, most tweezers can be handled roughly the same way. The good ones, however, stand out by being slightly tougher and easier to operate, not to mention how easier they are to store. Even so, considering the fact that you aren’t supposed to break the bank when buying tweezers of any kind, you might as well get yourself a high-end model that you can depend on.

To help you in that regard, we put together a list of the best tweezers the market has to offer, models that stand out from the sheer variety available for all the right reasons. These tweezers are highly practical, easy to use, and sturdy enough to last you for decades if needed. Let us then find out what are the ten best tweezers money can buy and what features to look for when buying some.

Best Tweezers – Reviews

10Rubis Switzerland Two Tip Pointed/Slanted Tweezer

The first thing you notice about these tweezers is their high-quality stainless steel construction, one that guarantees their long-lasting durability. Equipped with a slanted tip for all-purpose hair removal, you will find these tweezers to be very practical and easy to operate. Furthermore, their pointed tip can be used for fine hair and selective tweezing alike, which is great when considering the versatile nature of tweezers in general. Then again, these are the exact characteristics you should consider when buying tweezers of any kind.

9Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezers

With these particular tweezers, you benefit from an ingenious design that involves perfectly aligned tips for an increased accuracy. These tweezers also have impressively strong grips that make them very easy to use, even when you have sweaty hands for whatever reason. We should also point out that their ingenious design makes them extremely easy to operate in regards to small hairs that might otherwise prove painful to remove with old-style tweezers.

8Beadalon Curved Tweezers

Inexpensive, practical, and surprisingly sturdy given their design, the Beadalon Curved Tweezers stand out as some of the very best out there. Thanks to their super-fine points, these tweezers provide you with an increased standard of control and reliability. At the same time, they add quite a bit of control to the whole hair-removing process, thanks mainly to their design that also recommends these tweezers for knotting purposes.

7Tweezerman Pointed Slant Tweezer

This particular piece of equipment involves a stand and point tweezer in a single, versatile tool. As such, it features aligned hand filed tips that offer a greater accuracy than most tweezers, along with a rounded curling pad for a more intense curl. Not only that but this ingenious tool also enjoys an impressively sturdy construction, which is perhaps why it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. This construction guarantees that you will be able to use them for extended periods of time without any risks of them losing their tension.

6Got Glamour Micro Slant Tweezer

Slanted with a Micro tip for added maneuverability, these tweezers offer much better control overall, making them perfect for tedious or particularly difficult procedures. They also benefit from a hand-sharpened tip to deliver a higher precision standard. This way, it will make the removal of any ingrown hairs a less painful process by quite some margin. For this purpose, these tweezers were made using high-grade stainless steel of the highest quality.

5ApeX Original Round Tip Precision Tweezers

Aimed primarily at men, these tweezers can easily be used by pretty much anyone for any period of time without any discomfort. They owe their maneuverability to an ingenious design that employs a slightly longer handle along with a flexible yet reliable tweezing mechanism. Interestingly enough, they also come with a leather travel sheath that makes storing and carrying them much easier long-term. This recommends them for anyone who travels a lot or for anyone who wishes to give them as a gift.

4Regine Switzerland Splinter Tweezers

Intended for a more medical purpose, these accurate tweezers employ an extremely sharp tip to provide you with the accuracy you require when removing splinters of any kind. Built in a thorough process that involves no less than 40 finishing steps, these tweezers stand out as some of the most ergonomic and reliable. With them, you get the capacity to safely remove ingrown hairs, splinters, glass, thorns, or pretty much anything else that might be bothering you with an almost surgical precision.

3Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer

Equipped with perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips for the most advanced pulling power possible, these tweezers are considered some of the most practical out there. The reason why they enjoy such a popularity is due to the slanted tips that make them perfect for your grooming needs. Durable and very easy to store, these tweezers also stand out with their 25-degree angled tips which are intended to provide you with the accuracy to remove each individual hair with perfect precision.

2Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers

Like the name suggests, these surgical tweezers are primarily designed to be used for removing foreign objects from deep within the skin. Despite that, you can still employ them for grooming purposes, thanks mainly to their versatile and highly maneuverable design. Speaking of which, these tweezers enjoy such a versatile yet ergonomic construction that they can be used to remove splinters up to three times smaller than what most tweezers can remove. It has to be said that they owe their reliability to an ingenious design that involves high-grade stainless steel and hand filed, calibrated tips of an impressive sharpness.

1TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer

These are more or less the perfect tweezers, both in regards to their design and maneuverability. In this respect, they benefit from a perfectly calibrated tension for added control, a tension that guarantees an increased standard of accuracy when removing small objects or stubborn ingrown hairs. Equipped with accurately aligned slanted tips, they aren’t just practical but also very easy to clean. Benefitting from an almost surgical-grade precision, you will find these tweezers to be a lot more versatile than your average model, which is impressive considering how inexpensive they are.

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A Guide To Using & Buying Tweezers

Although many people use tweezers on a daily or weekly basis, most of the times they don’t give them much thought at all. They’re a tool that’s used and then thrown into a drawer or onto a counter until it’s needed again. Which is kind of a shame, because these tools are some of the oldest and most effective tools ever made.

These tools are so useful, that we challenge the human race to go one month without using one of these tools. However, If that challenge was a genuine one, we doubt that most people could even last a week without access to a pair of tweezers. It would be nothing but chaos out there if they did—nothing but unplucked eyebrows, stray whiskers, and ingrown hair. That would be the definition of a nightmare.

We think that tweezers are so valuable that we wanted to write a guide that was dedicated just to them. And that guide is the one you’re currently reading. So anyone interested in finding out all about tweezers, or are looking to buy the best tweezers available, are going to want to read this guide. Having said that, let’s get started.

A Brief History Of Tweezers

For anyone interested in how long tweezers have been around, then this section of this guide is for them. According to historians, tweezers can be traced back to predynastic Egypt,  as there are numerous drawings of Egyptian craftsmen using these devices. Tweezers have also been found in other parts of the world, with them being in India for over 3,000 years. In these places, tweezers were used much like they’re used for today. They were used for removing lice from the body, and for pulling ingrown or stray hairs.

How To Buy A Pair Of Tweezers

Tweezers might look like simple tools, but they’re a little more complex than they look. As some people may know, there are a variety of different tweezers for different jobs. There are specialized tweezers for moving stamps or coins, wafer tweezers for touching semiconductive materials used to make transistors, and for medical use. And of course, some tweezers are for cosmetic use, for soldering, for scientific use and watchmaking tweezers. In this section, we’re going to talk about consumer tweezers—a subcategory that includes the following types of tweezers: flat-tip, slant-tip, claw-grip, wide-grip, and pointed tweezers. Let’s examine each of these and see where each of these types of tweezers excel.


These tweezers are designed for moving objects around and apply certain appliances. For example, they are often used for jewelry work by jewelers or by stamp collectors to move stamps. They’re also ideal for applying false nails and/or eyelashes. Unfortunately, they aren’t so good for pulling stray hairs, so if the consumer needs that done, then they may want to look elsewhere.


Slant-tip tweezers are good for both moving and applying appliances to the eyelashes or nails, but they’re also suitable for pulling stray or ingrown hairs. They’re also quite helpful for shaping eyebrows, as well.


Claw-grip tweezers are suitable for removing stray and/or ingrown hairs, and for plucking sensitive or intimate parts of the body.


Wide-grip tweezers are capable of doing the same type of tweezing as slant-tip or straight-tip tweezers, but they’re designed for people who might have issues grasping items in their hands.


These types of tweezers are great for pulling out splinters or ingrown hairs. However, the consumer does have to be careful when using them.

How To Use Tweezers Properly

The next thing that we want to cover in this guide is how to use tweezers properly. Although millions upon millions of people are familiar with tweezers and use them, it’s shocking just how many people use them incorrectly. And if any person who’s reading this is thinking to themselves that they didn’t know there were a wrong way and a right way to use tweezers, then it’s probably them using them in the wrong way. Having said that, below are some tips that people can follow to ensure that they’re using their tweezers properly.

Pull The Skin Tight & Tweeze Parallel To The Hair

When tweezing, it’s a good idea to pull the skin tight to isolate the hair follicles and then tweeze parallel to the direction of the hair growth. For example, if a person is tweezing their right eyebrows, then they should tweeze to the right.

Make Quick Pulls

This step is what most people get right. When pulling stray hairs, don’t be tentative about the process. Instead, get in there and pluck the hair quickly.

Additional Tweezing Tips

See? It isn’t that difficult to properly use tweezers, but there are even more things that a person can do to make the process even simpler. Although the following tips are indeed voluntary, some people will find that they make the process of tweezing go a lot smoother.

  • Ice the area where the hair is being pulled to minimize pain.
  • Ice also works well to reduce pain while pulling splinters.
  • Always make sure to use the proper tweezers for the job.
  • Baby Ora Gel is a good way to minimize hair plucking pain as well.
  • Hairs are easier to pluck after showering.
  • If showering before plucking isn’t possible, a warm compress applied to the area before plucking will also make the hairs easier to pluck.

Proper Tweezers Maintenance

The final thing we would like to add to this guide on tweezers is a section on proper tweezing maintenance. As we said earlier, far too many people use their tweezers and simply toss them into a drawer or medicine cabinet until they need them again. Although this might be the most convenient way to deal with these tools after using them, it’s certainly not the most hygienic way to deal with them. And hygiene is extremely important when using tweezers. After all, bacteria can build up on tweezers the way they can any other cosmetic tool, so it’s important to properly take care of them. Below are some tips for doing just that.

Clean Them After Use

Once the tweezers have been used, they should be rinsed under hot water, dried and then cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. The user can use a cotton ball to apply the alcohol and to remove any built-up bacteria or stuck-on skin cells.

Make Sure They’re Properly Stores

Once they’re completely dried, they should be either placed in a tweezer case or in a container with their tips facing upwards. Avoid storing them in areas with excess moisture such as a bathroom.

Sharpen Them

The last way to keep the tweezers in good shape is to occasionally sharpen them. How do you sharpen tweezers? All you have to do is rub their edges on an Emory board a couple of times each side.