Finding a good TV is just half the battle, as people keep finding out. You then have to figure out how to set it up in a room of your choice so that you get the best possible visibility at the correct angle. In this respect, most people prefer to mount the TV on the wall, not just for convenience but also to save up space. For this, you need a reliable tv wall mount, one that will support the weight of the TV and preferably provide you with some versatility when it comes to readjusting its position.

A good wall mount has to be sturdy and strong yet flexible enough to facilitate its repositioning depending on the user’s needs. Given how inexpensive the base models are, it isn’t much of a challenge to find one in a rush, unless you actually want a long-term solution that is. With more expensive models, you get the added benefit of a sturdier build and a faster, more convenient installation process.

Let us then find out what makes a good tv wall mount and what characteristics to look for when buying one. As we are about to find out, it isn’t necessarily the shape or design that makes a good wall mount, but the construction and its inbuilt mechanisms. That said, let’s take a look at the ten best tv wall mounts the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best TV Wall Mounts – Reviews

10Impact Mounts IM809 TV Wall Mount

Featuring sturdy verticals and a solid backplate, Impact Mounts IM809 is a lockable TV wall mount that guarantees to securely hold your TV as safely and conveniently as possible. By its design, it fits most TV set sizes and is sturdy enough to support as much as 165 lbs comfortably. At the same time, this TV wall mount includes a collection of screws and other hardware required for its installation to the wall and for setting up the TV on it as easily as possible.

9Sanus MLL11-B1 TV Wall Mount

The Sanus MLL11-B1 is a universal TV wall mount that benefits from its ultra low-profile design, placing your TV at a really short distance off the wall. This is thanks to its quick-release function which secures your TV set to the wall safely and efficiently. Sanus MLL11-B1 further boasts a post-install horizontal shift, allowing you to easily center the TV precisely up to 24 inches from between wood studs.

8WALI WL1330LM TV Wall Mount

Enjoying a complete VESA compatibility with almost any contemporary TV set out there, this is a great TV wall mount to reckon. It is designed to securely hold TV only 2 inches from the wall for an enhanced look of your ultra-thin LED TV set. We should also point out that it is extendable up to 14 inches off the wall and has a +/- 15 degrees tilt option to offer a greater viewing angle versatility. It further benefits from a whopping 180 degrees swivel function and 360 degrees rotation.

7VonHaus 05/038 TV Wall Mount

The VonHaus 05/038 is undeniably among the strongest TV wall mount models available today. Able to hold up to 88 lbs TV weight, it comfortably accommodates any 26-inch to 55-inch TV sets. It can also swivel and also tilts to a stunning standard, letting you choose between three left and right settings for viewing convenience. Moreover, it is a very simple to install TV wall mount since it includes all the needed fitting hardware.

6AmazonBasics 7853B TV Wall Mount

AmazonBasics is one brand renowned for its quality products and their 7853B TV wall mount model is no exception. It is a sturdy unit that is also very accommodating, one that offers up to 15-degree tilt to deliver an optimally convenient viewing angle, no matter your TV size. This is so since it has an articulating design which is extendable up to 19.9 inches off the wall. Its heavy-duty quality aluminum plus steel construction offers prolonged value.


ECHOGEAR’s EGLT1-BK is a sturdy, reliable TV wall mount bracket that features a low-profile design for holding TV set just 2.5 inches from the wall, yet it gives you easy access to the cables. Its 15-degree effortless tilt allows you to eliminate embarrassing glare by setting to ideal viewing angle. It is also designed to comfortably accommodate any VESA pattern and TVs of up to 70 inches with relative ease.

4Mount Factory PRO-X6 TV Wall Mount

Thanks to its innovative design, the PRO-X6 is a TV wall mount that offers a universal fit, compatibility for 42 through 70 inch TVs. It has sturdy mount options that make it hold up to 100 lbs TV weight comfortably at nearly any angle. That is achieved by a 160-degree swivel mechanism which again makes your TV to extend out off the wall or even compress flat if you need it so. Not only that but this particular mount is also a lot sturdier than most mounts in this price range, which is always something to look for when buying one.

3Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount

The Mounting Dream’s MD2380 is another quite accommodating wall mount model, one that supports TV tilting at nearly any preferred viewing angle. This ingenious mount boasts VESA 16-inch studs spacing options that help you to perfectly fit TVs of different sizes with seamless ease. It is quite a stunningly easy to install TV wall mount since it comes with all the comprehensive hardware necessary for the job, along with a surprisingly accommodating design.

2Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

A great TV wall mount should be able to accommodate various TVs comfortably and that is exactly what the Cheetah APTMM2B delivers. It is an ingenious wall mount that fits almost any TV from 20 to 80 inches wide and it also supports heavy TV weights for as long as they are not exceeding 165 lbs. Moreover, the Cheetah APTMM2B includes a simple lift-and-lock attachment integrating adjustable pull tabs. Considering its sturdy build, it is perhaps one of the most durable in this range, one that also stands out through its convenient packaging.

1VideoSecu MW380B3 TV Wall Mount

An incredibly popular model, the VideoSecu MW380B3 is one of the best TV wall mounts the market has to offer. It is as versatile as it is durable, comfortably accommodating TVs of 37 through 70 inches wide as long as they are mounting hole compatible. Interestingly enough, this TV mount can hold up to 165 lbs TVs securely at about 3 to 16 inches from the wall. At the same time, you will find this particular mount to be very easy to install, a feature all great mounts must possess. Furthermore, we should point out that this mount comes with a free HDMI cable and standard mounting screws included in the package.

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