There is nothing as frustrating as traveling without a travel adapter especially for those people that travel regularly. Travelling long distances or even short ones with phones, video recorders, cameras laptops and tablets needs one to be prepared with chargers and adapters at all times just in case the batteries die down. You do not need just any other charger or adapter, but the best.

To be very sure that the different chargers you use for your devices do not give you problems once you are in a place with adapters that are not compatible, then you need to go prepared. Take your own adapter along with you because in some cases, wall sockets from another country may be very different from your country’s wall socket.You can easily find quality adapters of different models from various manufacturers on the internet.

Differentiating the best chargers from fault chargers can be an overwhelming task. One thing for sure is almost all the manufacturers will tell you that their model is the best. However, having a charging point and a USB is just not enough.

Before you embark on buying travel power adapters, it is important to consider the features below;

  • The design is compact enough to carry everywhere
  • The voltage converter must be present
  • Every adapter must have a USB charging option
  • The plug adapter must be international

Best Travel Power Adapters – Reviews

10BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter is one of the best portable travel adapters in the world today. It comes as a kit complete with a power cable, three different adapters, 4 USB ports and three plugs. Any socket from the entire world is compatible with BESTEK Portable Power adapter.

It can simultaneously charge seven devices, certified safe by NRTL, and can easily change voltage from 220V to 110v but when it comes to bulkiness, it is not quite as compact as some of the others are.

9Ceptics up-5kp International Travel Adapter

Ceptics up-5kp International Travel Adapter consists of five pieces, which are compatible with outlets in most parts of the world, and is budget friendly. It also comes with its own convenient bag where you can fit in three chargers.

This is not too bad for travelers as the other two can easily fit in the luggage. All the power connection plugs you may need while you are traveling, are all on this five-piece set. The adapter is CE approved, but it does not convert voltage.

8FosPower All-In-One International

FosPower All-In-One International

FosPower FUSE International Adapter uses a special kind of lever to change sockets. Whatever kind of socket there is in any country, the lever will change to suit the user. It also has a LED built charge that can work between USB ports and AC concurrently.

It is powerful, and its charging capabilities are very fast and very efficient for iPhone, smartphones, iPad, laptops, and smartphones. The adapter comes in four different colors.

7Insten Universal Travel Charger

Insten Universal Travel Charger is a one-piece travel charger and one of the most affordable adapters in the market today. It is very user-friendly and has a design that allows anyone to use it anywhere.

The adapter also comes with its own travel bag and a LED-charging indicator. Even though Insten Universal Travel chargers has non-retractable plugs, it is still a great travel adapter.

6Kensington Travel Charger and Adapter

Kensington Travel Charger and Adapter have one of the fastest and most efficient charging capabilities due to the fact that it has 2 USB ports. It is very compact and therefore easy to travel with irrespective of anywhere you go.

5Loop Electronics Travel Adapters

The Loop Electronic Travel adapter is simple, user-friendly and contains power plugs which are retractable. On the side of the adapter, are 2 USB ports, which makes it a great travel companion since it is designed merely for charging devices with USB connections like smartphones and tablets.

It has a built-in LED indicator which is blue in color that tells you whether the adapter is charging correctly. It also has a safety shutter and a spare fuse

4MAXAH Surge Protector Travel Charger

The MAXAH Surge Protector is the most affordable travel power adapter in the market. It comes with retractable pins that are compatible with many ports from across the globe.

When there is a power surge, this adapter protects the device by cutting power with its inbuilt power surge protector.

3MOCREO Detachable Travel Charger

The MOCREO Detachable Travel Charger is very convenient, friendly to travel with and compact adapter whose top is designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage. The top part of this travel adapter works as 2 USB ports as well as a regular USB charger.

2MOCREO Universal World Charger

If you want convenience and great functionality, the MOCREO Universal World Charger is your best bet. It eases the burden of carrying extra chargers and adapters because you easily use it anywhere across the continent.

Some of the best features of this famous international charger are its two USB ports and retractable plugs. The ports can charge anything from tablets to smartphones.

1Orei M8 Plus All-in-One Travel Power Adapter

If you are one of those people that travel a lot, then you need an adapter with power plugs that you can use every time irrespective of which country you are. The Orei M8 Plus, travel power adapter, is the perfect adapter for you as it consists of very powerful and has retractable power pins. This makes it have enough space. However, use this adapter with dual voltage devices only because it does not adapt to any new voltage.

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