Among cooling devices of all shapes and sizes, tower fans hold a privileged spot as some of the most effective and easy to use. These fans offer a great way to control a room’s temperature without doing any drastic changes to your house, like remodeling or installing air conditioning units. These fans are easy to set up, easy to use, and even easier to store when you’re done using them. This is precisely why they enjoy their current popularity and why they become increasingly popular still.

Depending on their construction, tower fans can be operated via a standard panel or a remote control. Although most people need a basic tower fan for their interior cooling needs, there are some who prefer the commodity of having a remote control on hand whenever they need it. Tech-wise, there aren’t many differences between a standard tower fan and a remote-controlled one, even though basic models are a lot cheaper overall.

Having said that, we should perhaps point out that not all tower fans are created equal, not unless you expect mediocrity as a bare minimum. We say this because a good tower fan may end up costing you a lot more than some people are prepared to spend. To avoid that, you might want to learn about what makes a good tower fan and what to look for when buying one. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best tower fans money can buy.

Best Tower Fans – Reviews

10Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

For anyone looking for a reliable tower fan that generates more than only moving air, the Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan will definitely suffice. It is an ideal model for distributing heat evenly around your room for as long as 12 hours, using a maximum of only 1,500 watts to completely heat any space. It also comes with a good performance remote control for adjusting the temperature settings, the timer, as well as turning the device on or off from a distance. The unit’s exterior is made of furniture-grade wood finished with an elegant dark stain that blends almost any room’s décor.

9Pelonis Oscillating LED Display Tower Fan

The Pelonis tower fan boasts an outstanding design packed with numerous great operating features for reliable performance and versatility. It has three speed modes for customizing the air flow to your needs. At the same time, its LED display and a multi-user remote control make it very easy to use in the bedroom or in office. The design is space-efficient and portable thanks to a handy handle that is bound to also make the fan easier to store.

8Lasko T48310 Xtra Air

Made by Lasko, the T48310 Xtra Air Performance is a great tower fan featuring an integrated fresh air ionizer to help create a crisp-clean interior space. It is a slim and space-savvy solution for spreading fresh and clean air throughout your room quietly and fast. It also integrates an electronic 7-hour programmable timer, three silent speeds, and a wide oscillation angle. We should also point out that it comes with a high-response, multi-functional remote control.

7Arctic-Pro 2103 Digital

Offering a wide-reaching air circulation, the Arctic-Pro 2103 is quite a tall tower fan by most standards. Its modern design is optimized to suit most home spaces without taking much space. It is innovatively designed to produce more cool air while emitting a lot less noise disturbance. Oscillating at 80 degrees, it circulates the air throughout any room at home or in office evenly. It also includes a functional remote control for an even easier operation.

6Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower Air

The Vornado 184 Whole-Room Tower Air Circulator Fan provides a more reliable way to ensure fresh, cool air is circulated throughout your room with its V-Flow Circulation technology. Its four speed settings can be selected using simple push-button controls, allowing you to customize the airflow to your preference. This unit also comes with a remote control for an added user convenience. Furthermore, the fan integrates a 1, 2, 4, or even 5–hour timer to help you run the fan in a power-efficient way.

5Seville Classics EHF10127 UltraSlimline

The Seville Classics EHF10127 UltraSlimline is a highly dependable oscillating tower fan with a stylish design ideal for office or bedroom use. This elegant model is packed with 4 ultra-quiet and responsive speed settings—high, medium, low, and eco—which will certainly keep your room’s atmosphere feeling comfortably cool through hot, humid days and nights. Also worth mentioning is that the fan can be easily regulated using an LCD remote control and a programmable timer feature.

4Holmes HT38R-U Tower Fan

With the Holmes HT38R-U, you are sure to stay cool indoors while saving an awful lot of space. It is a great oscillating tower fan that offers whole-room air cooling of the highest standard. For this purpose, it enjoys a space-savvy elegant design and effectively offers cool, refreshing relief from the humid hot interior. It also runs quietly, and it boasts a multi-directional rotation feature that guarantees cool air to a quite wide space. An easy use control panel and full-function remote control help you to conveniently manage the fan speed. Moreover, the fan features an adjustable timer that you can use to program the fan runtime up to 8 hours.

3Honeywell HYF290B Quietset

The Honeywell’s HYF290 Quietset is another reliable tower fan with remote control. Featuring a slim modern design, it is a powerful but quiet-running whole room fan whose QuietSet technology helps you to customize the sound and cooling power options easily for home/office use convenience. The fan features 8 various levels to choose from depending on your personal preferences. Not only that but it also comes with a high-response remote control for adjusting the fan settings from a distance, adding to its already decent user convenience.

2Lasko 1646 Tower Fan

This oscillating tower fan model by the famous Lasko features a fully adjustable height design, making it one of the most space efficient as well as versatile options available on the market today. It has a tilt-back feature and delivers a remarkably wide area oscillation, cooling big room in short time with its three conveniently remote controlled, quiet speeds and also an auto-off timer for added power efficiency. It also comes with a proprietary fused safety plug for good measure.

1Lasko 2554 Wind Curve

A very popular tower fan by most metrics, the Lasko’s 2554 Wind Curve is a top-performance yet space-efficient tower fan designed to offer high-reaching, widespread air circulation in a quiet operation. It even features a Fresh Air Ionizer feature for combating indoor air pollution by producing millions of negative ions for trapping pollens, dust, pollen and other fine contaminants, making it great for people with asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems and offering fresh, clean air. Last but not least, an included multi-function remote helps you operate the fan from a distance with no issues whatsoever.

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