Buying toilet paper might not seem like a big purchase decision, until you realize just how much product variety exists in this industry. Some brands provide softer toilet paper, while others do a better job when it comes to making toilet paper that is easier to rip off the roll. And then others make toilet paper that will break down in water a lot more easily, which is good for your drainage system.

Performance aside, there are other issues to consider such as value for money. In other words, some toilet are just too pricey. There are also toilet paper brands working hard to ensure that their products are made in an environmentally sustainable manner, which is a huge plus if you are an environmentalist. And because of product differences with regard to all these factors, toilet paper brands occupy different positions in this market. Here are the 10 best toilet paper brands today.

Best Toilet Paper Brands – Reviews

10Green Forest Premium 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue

Toilet paper is an important everyday commodity, and it’s only fair that we should take into consideration the impact its manufacture has on the environment. This particular toilet paper is made from recycled products only.

In fact, chlorine is not even used to bleach the paper. Nevertheless, the paper is still very effective. It will also not strain your drainage system as it decomposes very easily.

9Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

This may be a fancy 2-ply tissue paper, but its real strength lies in its ability to dissolve fast when put in water. Therefore, if clogs are a real concern for you, this toilet paper is without a doubt one of the best options you have at your disposal. It is therefore ideal for RVs and marine drainage systems.

8Boardwalk Bathroom Tissue

This is a standard roll of toilet paper with 500 tissue sheets. The brand is very affordable, but the product has a premium look and feel due to its embossed texture. The paper is also made of recycled materials, which is why it has also attained EPA standards regarding such products.

7Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

This is another great toilet paper brand that proves that using sustainable manufacturing processes does not result in sub-par products. The tissue is made with 100% recycled products, and its manufacture does not involve the use of chroline. However, the toilet paper is very comfortable and soft, making it ideal for most user’s needs.

The paper is also hypoallergenic. That is partly because the paper does not contain any dyes or fragrances, which often introduce potentially dangerous compounds into toilet papers.

6Georgia-Pacific Envision Embossed

This is a toilet paper for people who are concerned about the environment. The product is made without chlorine, and water and energy efficiency is seriously observed during its manufacture. However, the paper is still of great quality and very fairly priced, which explains why this brand is among the best in this industry.

5Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Sometimes, only a specially strong toilet paper will get the job at hand done properly; such as this Charmin roll. The paper is designed to have a washcloth-like texture. Other than that, it is extra long so that it lasts longer. Clogged toilets should also be less of a problem when using this toilet paper.

But despite its strong construction, the paper disintegrates very easily when it comes into contact with water. The paper is also friendly to septic tanks. And finally, it is very affordable -you can even subscribe regular deliveries to get added cost-saving benefits.

4Angel Soft Toilet Paper

This brand stands out for providing toilet papers that feature a potent blend of softness and strength. The company makes its papers with the intention of eliminating the need for you to buy an ultra-soft and and an ultra-strong roll of toilet paper separately. Instead, you can get all the features these product variants have to offer in a single roll of toilet paper, which should make it obvious why Angel Soft is a top brand in this industry. The company’s products are also very affordable; and considering their quality, buyers get an unassailable value for money proposition.

3Scott Toilet Paper

First of all, this toilet paper has 1,000 sheets of tissue. For that reason, this toilet paper brand is perfect for people who want more value for money. The large number of sheets also means less replacements than normal, which is another desirable upside among users.

The paper will also break down four times more easily than regular toilet paper, which means you will deal with less clogs when using this particular toilet paper. In addition to all these benefits, the toilet paper is also of very high quality.

2Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

If your toilet paper tastes border on the luxurious, this brand has an amazing product for you. With this particular product, you will get a paper with pampering raised ripples. The paper looks good too; and because it is very soft, it is appropriate even for people with sensitive skin.

Still, the paper is strong enough to offer a satisfactory use experience even to people who need a strong toilet paper. The toilet paper is also thick and very absorbent, which means it will be very friendly to your drainage system.

1Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Quilted Northern has been making toilet paper for several decades. It’s not surprising, therefore, that they know a thing or two about making world-class toilet paper. With their belief that the best bathroom experiences are those you can’t remember, the brand focuses on making toilet paper that is easy to use, strong, and also fast dissolving.

In fact, to make sure that you deal with the chore of changing your toilet paper less often, the brand also makes rolls with four times as many sheets for greater durability. With so many benefits to offer its users, it should be pretty apparent why this toilet paper brand has become a universal industry favorite.

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Toilet Paper Brand Guide

An essential part of everyone’s home, your toilet paper brand of choice can say a lot about the people living in a property. They are certainly not all made the same as low-quality brands can mean you miss out on the convenience of using a better product.

Not everyone knows what to look for in a toilet paper brand which is why we have created the following guide to shed some light on the ins and outs of some of the most famous companies and see what they are capable of.

What To Look For In A Toilet Paper Brand


A quilted toilet paper can make the product a lot softer which is great for homes with young children and sensitive skin. They come in a variety of patterns that can look pleasant.


Because you need a toilet paper that absorbs liquid without tearing, it should be absorbent without affecting its performance. This comes with being a little thicker or just giving you that extra bit of quality that others do not.


This is where the bigger packs come in handy. You might be able to save half the amount of buying a 4 pack of a low-quality brand but what many people don’t consider is the fact that these run out fast and you have to repeatedly buy them time and again. Not only do the better brands last longer, the bigger the pack size, the better the value. Some companies run a lot of offers, giving you 2 extra rolls if you can find it.

Sheets Per Roll

To make sure you aren’t changing an empty roll every day, choose a toilet paper brand that gives you more sheets per roll. This means they will last longer and you won’t be wondering why no one has changed the empty for a while.

Sensitive Skin

Anyone who suffers from sensitive skin will tell you how difficult it can be to find a toilet paper brand that agrees with them. Some companies go the extra mile to make their product fine for all skin types. Try a product that uses the likes of Aloe Vera or Vitamin E in their toilet paper which can soothe aches and soften the area.


This should be a given when it comes to toilet paper but some are better at it than others. If you live in an area where the flush isn’t particularly strong then to prevent your toilet from clogging, find a toilet paper that is easy to flush. How easily it breaks down will be key to this.


How strong a toilet paper is will make or break its reputation and if it tears easily, you will probably want to switch to a different brand. When using it in the bathroom, it can save on mess and give you a smoother experience.

How Is Toilet Paper Bleached?

This should be a key factor in your decision as some brands are better than others when it comes to bleaching. Some are bleached with chloride gas which is a pollutant you should avoid. Instead, go for something that is bleached by an oxygen-based agent if you can which will be better for you and the environment.

Toilet Paper Brand: 1-ply vs 2-ply

You might find the toilet paper you use feels rough and low-quality. The problem being is that a lot of budget brands use a 1-ply method and they tear easily and don’t last as long. The original toilet paper brands only used 1-ply but since then, companies have come a long way. As you might assume, 2-ply means it has two layers of paper.

However, some products only use 1-ply, but their toilet paper is of a high enough quality to be considered better than a lot of 2-ply brands. It’s all about the materials used and the thickness of the paper.

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Brands

A lot of the time, you will find a toilet paper brand that says their product is made from 100% recycled materials. This is great and for the environmentally conscious, it is an important thing to consider. Keep in mind that this might increase the price.


There are many factors to consider when looking for the best toilet paper brand and your circumstances will be a big influence on who you go for. Anyone on a budget should consider how a quality toilet paper will last long so even if the initial outlay is greater, the savings can be better in the long run.