As a fighting art, knife throwing is as old as warfare, which explains why it still enjoys its fair share of popularity even to this day. Although nowhere near as widespread or practical as it once was, the art of knife throwing is still being practiced across the glove, not only by martial artists or showmen but an increasingly bigger number of enthusiasts as well. In this respect, there are many sources to learn knife throwing from, provided that you have the right equipment.

Speaking of which, throwing knives aren’t built the same way as your average kitchen knife, so you can expect them to be a bit more peculiar when it comes to their handling. They are also designed to meet different standards of balance, weight, and sharpness. For the most part, you will find that they are much lighter in weight, much better balanced, and a lot easier to store by virtue of pouches and special belts.

With that out of the way, you still have to do a fair bit of research to get a hold of a good set, mostly because the market was flooded with many sub-par models in recent years. Seeing how not many people understand the finer points of knife throwing, you cannot realistically expect people to know what features and particularities to look for when buying some. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best throwing knives money can buy.

Best Throwing Knives – Reviews

10Under Control Tactical 2017 Model

With this particular kit, you get 6 high-quality throwing knives designed with the ideal weight and size for a great throw whether practicing, competing, or doing martial arts. Their very sharp blades are part of a precision-engineered design that makes them cruise the air without resistance for greater target hitting. Like with other top-quality models, a handy sheath is included for better storage, portability, and quick access.

9True Strike TS-179-3

Appreciated by the experienced and beginners alike, these throwing knives benefit from a great performance, center-balanced blade design that makes them a top pick. They are ideal for use on throwing boards, boxes, and wood targets of any kind. The size, being not too large not too small, is proper for starters. The set comes in 2 colors to choose from—black and silver while the handles have a laser cut-out through which you can tie a ribbon for extra storage or carrying ease.

8Avias Supply A1011-6

The Avias Supply’s A1011-6 is a set of 6 throwing knives, made of quality stainless steel and boasting a 9-inch long, well-thought design for excellent throwing. The size and shape are precisely measured for an improved experience whereas their blades are among the very best in design for both professionals and novices. The set comes with a good quality nylon case with a functional Velcro closure for storage and for an added carrying ease.

7Perfect Point PAK-712-12

A whopping 12-knife set, the Perfect Point’s PAK-712 throwing knives have silver and black stainless steel blades and steel handles. Each 8-inch long, these knives are designed to deliver a great, balanced throw at all times. The set in divided into 6 silver and 6 black throwers, with each having a lanyard hole at its handle. At the same time, this set includes a black high-quality sheath for easy and safe storage along with a greater portability.

6Perfect Point TK-114-3

Made by Perfect Point, the high-performance TK-114-3 throwing knives have relatively bigger tips, offering better control over the throwing spin, speed, and accuracy. We should also point out that the heavy end renders the knives easier to throw, recommending them for novice throwers and enthusiasts. A premium-grade nylon sheath included ensures an easier portability and better options in regards to their storage.

5Smith & Wesson SWTK8CP

Designed by the popular Smith & Wesson, these throwing knives will hardly disappoint any experienced knife throwers. Coming in a set of 6, the 8-inch long design is durable, especially due to the quality stainless steel blades. The design is well balanced, providing a nice throwing experience. Moreover, the set comes with an included nylon belt sheath that you use to hold the 6 knives with ease, a sheath that also provides you with easy access.

4Perfect Point PP-028-3BK

Another model from Perfect Point, the PP-028-3BK is a set of 3 6.5-inch long, reliable throwing knives. Each features a black cord-wrapped handle and silver blade for aesthetic purposes. Their design is created for a great, well-balanced throw, which recommends the knives for experienced and newbie throwers alike. Moreover, each of these stainless steel knives boasts a bulls-eye engraved upon and handles with a great grip. As expected of a such a quality set, it also includes a handy nylon sheath for easy, safe carrying.

3Aeroblades Black Window 6 Pc Set

Nicknamed ‘Black Window’, this 5.5-inch throwing knife features a sharp tip point. Made using premium-grade stainless steel, it is a nice pick for great target throwing experience. Well-designed cutouts on the blade and handle deliver an enhanced balance and weight, making the Black Window a popular choice for speed and target precision. To tune the knife to your preferred throwing style, attach a tassel or file the holes. It also has to be said that the set comes with a handy nylon sheath for better storage and for an added carrying convenience.

2SOG Throwing Knives F041TN

The F041TN throwing knives from SOG are both fun to throw and practical in performance. They are remarkably resistant to scratching due to proprietary hard-case coat they incorporate. The design is optimized and proportionate for great balance and aerodynamics, making them wonderful throwing knives by most metrics. They also boast Paracord wrapped handles, yet they are also fit for use without. We should also point out that this is a set of 3 4.4-inch knives with an included quality nylon sheath to ensure their safe and easy carrying.

1Perfect Point RC-179B

The Perfect Point RC-1793B tops the chart for a number of reasons. This high-quality set of 3 8-inch silver knives boasts premium steel handles and black blades. The design offers a quite balanced throw at all times and with minimal effort on your part. With a spider print on each knife, their handle ends have well-thought cut-outs through which you can tie on a ribbon for easy hanging. A quality nylon sheath is included for easy, safe carrying, a feature all good throwing knives sets should possess at this point in time.

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Throwing Knives Buyer’s Guide

Despite the fun pastime that it is, throwing knives is a serious business and safety is of the highest priority. This being said, there is no reason why the fun can’t be had when you can rely on the product you are tossing at a target. What gives a lot of experts peace of mind is that they are using a reliable product, that they can depend upon.

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. by the end of it, you will know how to find a product that works, is safe to use, and helps you to hit the middle as much as possible.

What To Look For In Throwing Knives


Although some experts will decide against using a grippy knife, anyone starting would do well to find a set of throwing knives known for their grip. This can help you to stay safe when you are learning your trade and will prevent unwanted accidents as you try to improve. A reliable grip can be good for learning techniques instead of worrying about the knife flying behind you as you draw it back.


One of the main safety mechanisms for a throwing knife is a sheath that allows you to store them safely. Often made of nylon, they should keep the blade secure and be tight enough so there is no risk of the knife slipping out.


No one wants to purchase a single throwing knife, only to have to go and collect it after every throw. The best approach is to be a pack with numerous knives. Ideally, you will want around 6 as a start although there are some high-quality knives available in smaller packs. The more time spent throwing and the less time collecting the better.

Quality Blade

Although shorter knives offer greater rotation, the ideal length for a throwing knife is somewhere between 6 to 12 inches. This has to be complemented by the correct weight to balance the weight and anything between 10 – 20 oz is a good guide. Still, anything below this can be thrown accurately with the right technique.


A common material for a throwing knife is stainless steel. This is popular because it is affordable yet strong, giving a balance between performance and price. Other popular materials include carbon steel blades and strengthed stainless steel.

Additional Features

There aren’t a lot of additional features that can be added to a small blade but things like small lanyard holes to make them easier to transport and a velcro enclosure on a sheath can go a long way.  These are simple products by design but it is possible to have them engraved to add a little personalization if that is what you want to do. This can be impressive at a competition and makes what can be a plain object a little more exciting.

Rust Resistance

This is down to the material used but it is also in the coating. A throwing knife should have a good rust resistance to ensure it lasts a long time but the likes of 420 stainless steel are popular for this reason.

Sharp Point

This is what is going to make or break the throwing knife and the success of an aim relies heavily upon the point. The blade itself can be as dull as possible to avoid injury, but the point is another story. Still, it doesn’t need to be overly sharp, with enough force from the spin and softwood to aim at, it should penetrate the target without an issue.


A matter of personal preference, there are many designs of throwing knives to choose from. Some like the curved blade shape whilst others prefer something that resembles a common knife. When throwing them at a target there is no best shape but the ordinary, thin blades are popular with the experts for a reason.

What Is The Best Material For A Throwing Knife Target?

One of the most popular targets for throwing knives is pine, but also spruce, and palm, and similar softwoods that make it easier for the knife to sink in when it hits the target.  A lot of people try to use plywood since it is cheap and easy to source but it doesn’t make for the best target, especially with larger throwing knives.

How Much Do Throwing Knives Cost?

Although it can be sensible to stay within your budget, sometimes it is a good idea to invest a little more. The problem is that opting for a smaller pack of throwing knives is counterproductive as you will end up losing time that could be spent practicing your aim. A quality set of three will cost anything between $10 – $40 for a decent set but you can save a little on this by purchasing six.

What Are The Best Throwing Knives?

After researching numerous products, we found the Perfect Point RC-179B to be the best quality available. Because it is a set of three, it may be best to purchase two packs but the blades themselves are made from high-quality stainless steel with a slick black design. There is a balanced feel to them making them well suited to throwers fo all experience levels and the included nylon sheath makes them easier and safer to store.

The spider print might not be for everyone, but we liked it and at 8 inches long, they have a comfortable length and weight to them.

Is It Illegal To Throw Knives?

Although not illegal to throw them as a hobby in a secluded and secure area, it is illegal to carry them in plain sight. The law varies depending on where you live but it is never a sensible idea to reveal that you are carrying any form of knife in the first place.

In some places, it is illegal to carry concealed throwing knives so be sure to stay on the right side of the law and check in your area before you take them to a friend’s house to practice throwing in the back yard.