A lot of people enjoy drinking tea and just as many people employ tea kettles for the job, by far the most efficient pots for brewing tea. Strangely enough, however, not many people understand what makes a good tea kettle and what characteristics a good one should possess. In that regard, it would perhaps be wise to point out that a good one has to heat water quickly, to resist rust, and to be easy to wash.

Having said that, a decent tea kettle should also be fairly sturdy and durable, which is precisely the feature many of the tea kettles you find on sale today seem to lack. Now, even though most people prefer the traditional pot-style kettles, you nowadays have the option to go for an electric kettle. The biggest advantage with electric versions is the capacity to shut themselves off when the water has reached boiling temperature. Either way, it usually comes down to personal preference for the most part.

Once you have figured out what type of kettle would best meet your needs, all that remains is that you find one to meet the part. Here is where it might get tricky to some extent, mostly because buying a good tea kettle isn’t exactly easy. We say this because mediocre and sub-par kettles are a dime a dozen and very widespread these days. To give you some perspective on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best tea kettles the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Tea Kettles – Reviews

10Glass Teapot Kettle with Infuser by Foodie Aid

Made from premium grade borosilicate glass, the Glass Teapot Kettle with Infuser by Foodie Aid is hand blown and made to resist quite a bit of heat. Featuring a heavy-duty stainless steel infuser that is rustproof, it can be removed easily while cleaning. This glass kettle comes with a capacity of 700ml and simply requires water and tea leaves to start the brewing process. This can either be done on a stove top or in the microwave depending on your preferences.

9Gourmia GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle

Backed up by 1,500 watts of power, the Gourmia GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle features a speed boiling technology that heats up your water in a fraction of minutes. Thanks to its easy control settings, with just a click this kettle automatically boils water to the perfect temperature. Designed with a sleek, modern stainless steel outer covering, it comes with a 360-degree base that can be rotated with ease. Unlike most others, it is cordless and comes with a robust heating element that is rust-free. With a 1.7 liter capacity, it features an auto shut off function, lid lock, protection from dry boiling, and a special spout for ease in pouring water.

8VAVA Real-Time LED Display Tea Kettle

Unlike most of its kind, the VAVA Tea Kettle comes with an LED display that shows the temperature of your water. With different settings for different types of tea, this high-quality electric kettle boils water in less than 6 minutes and keeps it warm for up to 2 hours. It also comes equipped with an automatic smart temperature control function that sets the temperature of your water according to your last usage. Made from premium grade stainless steel, this kettle is FDA approved as well as free from BPA. It also comes with a Strix technology that detects the temperature of the water and automatically shuts off the unit to prevent overheating.

7All-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

With a combination of quality and durability, the All-Clad E86199 Stainless Steel Specialty Cookware Tea Kettle is known for its high performance. Featuring a ply polished high-quality stainless steel body with a bonded robust base, this kettle can be utilized on most induction cooktops. With a stainless steel cooking surface, it helps preserve the natural flavors of the food and is non-reactive. This kettle comes with sturdy stainless steel handles that are tightly secured with rivets. Unlike most tea kettles, this one can be safely placed in the oven, refrigerator, freezer, and broiler.

6Chefman Electric Cordless Glass Tea Kettle

With the ability to heat water faster than a microwave or any stovetop, the Chefman Electric Cordless Glass Tea Kettle comes with accurate digital temperature settings to give you perfectly heated water for various beverages. Featuring LED lights that light up while the water is ready, this kettle keeps your water hot even after an hour. Equipped with a rotating base, this kettle can be moved around 360 degrees and can be ideally utilized by both left and right-handed users. It also comes with a tea infuser and a tea steeper that can be lowered or lifted up without opening the kettle while the tea is brewing.

5KitchenAid KTEN20CBDO 2.0-Quart Kettle

The KitchenAid KTEN20CBDO 2.0-Quart Kettle is a premium grade, top-quality kitchen utility that comes in an array of vibrant exciting colors. Equipped with a detachable lid and a convenient spout that can be opened with the help of its handy thumb-press lid, it features a comfortable C shaped handle with a good strong grip. It also comes with a whistle that blows when your water is ready. Designed with a trim band at the edge, it is extremely attractive and would accentuate any kitchen top.

4Aicok Electric Kettle SpeedBoil Glass Tea Kettle

Made from 100% BPA free materials, the Aicok Electric Kettle is constructed with premium grade borosilicate glass which is resistant to scratches, scuffing and super durable. Powered by 1,500 watts of sheer power, this kettle can heat up 1.7 liters of water within 5 to 6 minutes. Featuring a blue LED light that glows when the water starts to boil, this kettle automatically shuts off when the water is ready. Equipped with a heavy duty stainless steel base, it can withstand drops and outer damage. It also comes with a cool handle that is comfortable to hold at all times.

3Whistling iCool Tea Kettle

Featuring the latest iCool Thermal protection technology, the Whistling Tea Kettle by Pykal comes with a uniquely crafted handle that automatically cools down after a few seconds of heating water. Constructed with a high-quality iron layering between 2 aluminum layers and coated by premium grade stainless steel, this tea kettle is known for its quick heating and durability. With a capacity of 3 liters, it comes with 2 infusers and a loud whistle that goes off every time your water is hot and ready.

2OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle

Thanks to its high-quality stainless steel body, the OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle fights rust and is ultra-durable. Featuring a large opening at the top, it makes its filling and cleaning convenient and relatively easy. This kettle comes with a whistle alert function that notifies users when the water is hot and ready for the brewing process to start. It also features a handle that can be moved down when filling or pouring out your beverage. The handle and the spout both come with a sturdy silicon covering that is resistant to heat. Like most tea kettles, this one too is not compatible with induction cooktops but understandably so.

1Mr. Coffee Flintshire Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

Crafted and designed with premium quality stainless steel, the Mr. Coffee 91407.02 Flintshire Whistling Tea Kettle offers a long-lasting life. Equipped with a whistle alert feature, it notifies the user when the water is hot and ready. This heavy duty kettle also comes with a sturdy handle along with a spout cover that can be flipped up for easy pouring. With a storage capacity of 1.75 quarts, this tea kettle should be hand washed to extend its already impressive durability. Overall, it is perhaps one of the sturdiest and most reliable tea kettles the market has to offer.

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A Practical Guide To Tea Kettles

Tea kettles are great tools for any household to own. They’re not only good for making tea—as their name would suggest—but they can also be used for heating water for other household purposes. And many of use would use them for making soup, crafting a cup of hot chocolate or for some other cooking related activity. All the consumer has to do is to buy the best tea kettle possible.

Finding the best kettle isn’t always easy for a lot of consumers, however. That’s because there are several brands and models of these kettles to sort through, and that’s even after a person has decided whether they want an electric or stovetop kettle. To make it easier for our readers to find the type of tea kettle that might serve their home well, we decided to write this guide to help everyone who reads this decide on one for their home.

The History Of Tea Kettles

Tea kettles are tools that have been used for thousands of years. From 3500 to 2,000 BC, bronze tea kettles were used in Mesopotamia and later, porcelain would be used for teapots in China. A little bit later, soldiers and nomads in Europe would use pots very similar to teapots to make soups with scraps of meat, barley, rye, and wheat. Eventually, it was discovered that if certain grains were fermented in these teapots, then a type of weak malt beer could be created. During the 19th century, copper pots would become the fashion of the day, and they were used by people in both Europe and the United States.

In 1891, the first electric tea kettle would be developed by the Carpenter Electric Company. And for the next 100+ years, a variety of different tea kettles would be introduced—some of them that work extremely well and some that don’t work quite as well. Today, most consumers have a choice between pretty standard stovetop kettles and electric kettles. Let’s examine some of the features these kettles have and how consumers can choose from between them.

Tea Pots Or Tea Kettles?

Before we go any further, it’s probably a good idea to clarify the difference between teapots and tea kettles. Although they’re both used for boiling water, they do it in very different manners. Teapots are designed to be placed on either gas, electric or propane stoves and tea kettles are designed to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Sure, a lot of teapots refer to themselves as kettles, which can be confusing, they’re actually in fact teapots. Having said that, we’ve listed a couple of teapots with our kettles.

A frequently asked question is whether stovetop teapots or electric tea kettles are better, and that’s a question that’s best answered by the person who uses it. Each of these models has its pros and cons, so it’s up to the consumer to determine which one is best for them. And maybe there are even circumstances where a household may have both a teapot and a kettle. Let’s take a moment to look at each model’s pros and cons.

Tea Pots


  • Lasts a long time
  • Heats water steadily every time


  • Doesn’t heat water very quickly
  • Some models may be susceptible to rust
  • Must be attended while being used

Tea Kettles


  • Heats water quickly
  • Is very reliable
  • Some have auto-shutoff features


  • Requires access to an outlet
  • The electrics can burn out over time with some models

Features To Look For In Tea Kettles

Now that we’ve differentiated the difference between pots and kettles, it’s time to turn our attention to the features that can be found on the best tea kettles. Although the following list is mainly for tea kettles, because there’s little difference between the two, some of the features we list below will also pertain to teapots as well.

Speed Of Heating

One of the first things to consider on any tea kettle is how quickly it’s capable of heating water. As a general rule, consumers are going to want to find an electric tea kettle that’s capable of heating water in 4-minutes or less. If the kettle takes longer than that, then the consumer would be better off to just skip it and find another electric tea kettle or to shop for a stovetop teapot.

Variety of Heating Options

Another plus for any tea kettle to have is a variety of tea kettles. After all, different types of teas types taste better when brewed at different temperatures. White and green teas taste better when they’re brewed between 170 to 185-degrees Fahrenheit, and black and herbal teas are best brewed at temperatures between 208 to 212 degrees. Oolong teas, on the other hand, are a different type of tea altogether and it does best when it’s brewed between 180 and 190-degrees Fahrenheit exactly. As can be seen, anyone who intends on brewing a lot of different teas, or at least wants the option of brewing a lot of different teas, is probably going to want to choose an electric tea kettle with heating options.

Capacity Size Of The Kettle

Another thing to think about when choosing a tea kettle is the capacity of the kettle. Tea kettles come in a variety of different capacities, so consumers should choose one that fits their needs. Do they need one that only makes a couple of cups, or do they need a larger one that’s suitable for entertaining? All of this is up to the preferences of the consumer, however, there is one thing the consumer should keep in mind. Kettles with larger capacities usually have a larger footprint, which means that it takes up more counter space. So as it can be seen, capacity size and how much counter space it uses go hand in hand.

An Auto Shutoff Feature

An auto-shutoff feature allows the electric kettle to turn itself off after it has reached its temperature. This not only prevents the kettle from scorching the tea but also helps prevent the kettle from becoming a fire hazard. Of course, not all consumers will opt for an auto-shutoff feature, so if it’s not important to them, then the consumer can feel to purchase a model that doesn’t have one.

Other Features To Consider

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s talk about some of the other features that consumers might find useful on their kettle. Keeping the following features in mind will allow consumers to come ever closer to buying the best tea kettle available for their household and their needs. Let’s take a brief look at them.

  • Base Cord Storage
  • Detachable Cord
  • Keep Warm Feature
  • Visible Water Gauge