If your kitchen is in need of a reliable spice grinder, you should know that finding a good one isn’t as easy as many would think. This is because of the big number of sub-par grinders out there, models that not only fail to grind the spices properly but models who also tend to break down a lot.

While you may, of course, buy already ground spices like many out there, we should point out that freshly ground spices are a lot more flavorful and tasty. So if you’re in the market for a spice grinder, check out our list of the ten best spice grinders the market has to offer.

 Best Spice Grinders – Reviews

10Metrical Poetry Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

Uniquely designed with extra sharp blades, the Metrical Poetry Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder can grind herbs, medicinal weed, tobacco and more, perfectly. Thanks to its 53 sharp cutting teeth you can easily shred all kinds of herbs and spices to a smooth consistency.

The special stainless steel mesh helps to catch the finest grains, whilst the magnetic lid ensures there is no spilling or messy created. This two in one grinder can be utilized for larger herbs for culinary dishes as well as for smaller herbs and spices. This grinder also comes with a handy scraping tool that helps with the cleaning and maintenance.

9Aicok Electric Coffee/Spice Grinder

Aicok Electric CoffeeSpice Grinder


Known for its high performance and durability, the Aicok Electric Grinder is a top grade 250-watt grinding device that is designed with the most powerful motor, built to grind beans and spices, uniformly, giving you the best flavor and depth.

Featuring a detachable stainless steel grinding cup, you can transfer the ingredients as well as clean the bowl with ease. Specially crafted with a sleek and compact design and construction, this grinder does not make any noise and stays stable and still while being utilized.

8KRUPS F2037051 Coffee and Spice Grinder (Electric)

Powered by a heavy duty 200-watt motor, the KRUPS F2037051 Coffee, and Spice Grinder is an electric grinding tool that can quickly grind herbs, spices, and coffee in seconds. With the ability to grind up to 3 ounces of coffee at once, this kitchen tool can also be utilized to grind grains and nuts.

Designed with an oval-shaped structure, premium grade stainless steel blades and a sturdy body, this device measures six inches by three 1/6th inches by three 5/9th inches respectively.

7Bazaar Anatolia (Turkish) Grinder

Designed to grind all kinds of spices including salt, pepper, mustard, coriander, sumac, cardamom, cumin and rice, the Bazaar Anatolia Grinder is a heavy duty Turkish grinding tool that looks extremely attractive.

This grinding tool can be utilized directly over your food or via the bowl that comes with the device. Made from top grade cast iron, the body and blades are available in an assortment of 6 different colors. The complete body and mechanism of this device are constructed from premium grade iron with no plastic parts.

6Cuisinart SG-10 Spice-and-Nut Grinder

The Cuisinart SG-10 is a premium grade electric spice and nut grinding tool that is equipped with top quality stainless steel blades. Featuring a robust motor, this device can be easily controlled by simply pushing the lid to turn it on and switch it off.

Designed with a durable bowl that can hold up to 90 grams, this device comes with added space to store the ground spices in its lid. It also features special rubber feet, ensuring it stays sturdy and stable on any kitchen countertop. The bowl and lid can be safely washed in the dishwasher and is easy to maintain.

5WSG30 Waring Commercial Electric Grinder

Equipped with a powerful motor that runs at approximately 19,000 rpm, the WSG30 Waring Commercial Electric Grinder is a heavy duty spice shredding tool that is known for its high performance. This device features a brushed outer housing made from high-quality stainless steel and comes with an interlocking lid for added safety while in use.

To make it easier, it also includes a pulse actuation function to allow users to choose the level of consistency of each grind. Designed with high-quality stainless steel blades, you can grind cinnamon sticks, peppercorns, nutmeg, and more in a matter of seconds.

4KitchenAid BCG211OB Grinder (Coffee and Spice)

The KitchenAid BCG211OB Grinder is a heavy duty one-touch grinding device that is known for its optimum durability and functionality. Featuring a clear top lid, it is designed and constructed with strong, ultra sharp stainless steel blades that can grind whole coffee beans in seconds.

This device also comes with a stainless steel 4-ounce bowl with measurement indications on the side to help you with the exact amount of coffee you would like to make. Furthermore, this bowl can be detached, making it easier to pour out the ground coffee.

3Golden Bell Spice & Herb Grinder

Uniquely crafted and designed with a premium quality, robust zinc alloy construction, the Golden Bell Spice & Herb Grinder comes equipped with 4 parts and 3 chambers. Thanks to its special mesh screen, the finest pollen grains are filtered to give you the smoothest consistency. The lid is magnetized to ensure there is no spillage during grinding, while the thin Poly-O ring helps in gaining a better consistency with minimal friction.

2Secura Electric Grinder (Coffee & Spice)

Featuring two detachable, robust stainless steel bowls, a grinding bowl, and a chopping bowl, the Secura Electric Grinder is specially designed to grind spices and whole coffee beans and chop all kinds of nuts and vegetables.

Equipped with an inbuilt overheat protection mechanism, this device automatically extends its motor lifespan by monitoring the amount of heat utilized while grinding. We should also point out that this grinder comes with heavy duty stainless steels blades and a sturdy stainless steel body that adds to the durability and reliability of the device.

1Quiseen Electric One-Touch Grinder (Spice and Coffee)

Featuring a single touch mechanism, the Quiseen Electric One-Touch Grinder is a convenient, high speed, efficient grinding kitchen tool that boasts a modern, compact outlook. Equipped with heavy-duty, high-quality stainless steel blades, it comes with a grinding bowl that has 70 grams of storage capacity, which can prepare approximately 7 cups of coffee.

This grinder can be used for grinding herbs, coffee beans, grains, spices and all kinds of nuts. With a specially designed rubber base that provides stability, it features a transparent lid, making to easy check on the consistency as well as an inbuilt storage space for the power cord.

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