We all know how important it is to always use the right gear when playing sports, and we’re not just talking footwear here. That said, it is footwear that professional athletes pay closer attention to, especially in a game like soccer where a good pair of shoes can make all the difference in the world. The modern game has come a long way since the days of balls tied up with strings and so did the gear that soccer players use.

A good pair of soccer cleats, should above all provide good protection at all times, no matter how intense the match gets. Second of all, good soccer cleats should also provide you stability and flexibility, so that you can change direction quickly when running at full pace. If possible, they should also be relatively comfortable to wear, considering the fact that you probably will not wear them for more than a couple of hours at a time.

All things considered, you have to understand that soccer cleats can differ quite a bit from one model to another, which is bound to affect your performance over time. To ensure that you get the soccer cleats that best suit your playing style, you should first figure out what makes a good pair of soccer cleats and what characteristics to look for when buying some. To give you some pointers on that matter, we put together a list of the ten best soccer cleats on the market for you to look at.

Best Soccer Cleats – Reviews

10NIKE Women’s Tiempo Legacy FG

The Tiempo Legacy by Nike is among the more reputed soccer cleats for women. These shoes are made of relatively softer PU leather which improves comfort and flexibility significantly, much more so than most soccer cleats in this price range. Perforated at the sides, a waterproof leather upper and unique Dri-FIT fabric interior ensures that your foot stays perfectly dry at all times. At the same time, the forefoot surface is textured for greater control, while durable plastic cleats make this shoe great for firm ground and short grass courts.

9PUMA Men’s Evospeed 4 H2H FG

PUMA has been and still is one of the leading brands in the sports gear industry and their Evospeed 4 H2H FG is a very popular high-performance and reliably supportive soccer cleat for men. With its impressive modern, innovative design, this shoe offers a comfortable fit and has durable plastic studs, all to ensure you experience better soccer performance. It also has a soft inner lining for added comfort.

8Walstar Men’s Copa Stadium Blue

The Walstar Copa is a men’s lightweight yet high-performance soccer cleat. It has good quality synthetic upper that delivers optimum support and ventilation. At the same time, Walstar Copa boasts a great TPU outsole with bladed heel for reliable traction and top and free on-court speed. Contouring perfectly to your foot, its die-cut footbed offers a non-slip, comfortable fit. Furthermore, a cleverly designed triangular forefoot offers added support and protection when you run at full pace, which is definitely something to look for in a pair of soccer cleats.

7PUMA Men’s Evospeed Star IV

Also by PUMA, the Evospeed Star IV does not disappoint in regards to comfort and stability in motion. This ingenious shoe features a sleek design, one that recommends these shoes to anyone who is looking to not only maintain their level but to also improve it over time. Crafted for men, its minimalistic upper design boasts high-quality monolayer Micro Tec Suede that is lightweight yet abrasion-resistant. We should also point out that this soccer cleat model further features a premium rubber, low-profile outsole, providing great traction and stability.

6Under Armour Women’s CF Force FG

Under Armour’s CF Force 2.0 Firm Ground is a women’s soccer cleat created to provide a lightweight performance like no other. With the benefit of extra padding, this shoe provides a high standard of comfort and support throughout the match, helping you remain at your peak prowess to the end of the game. The upper is made of lightweight but durable synthetic materials, also flexible for a perfect fit, while a die-cut sock liner offers a cushioning of the highest quality for comfort and better support. It also has to be said that it features a TPU outsole with a bladed cleat heel ensure proper traction while forefoot conical studs ensure safety while you change direction at full speed.

5PUMA Men’s Adreno Firm Ground

This is a low-maintenance and very durable soccer cleat with a classical design, delivering a good blend of performance and style. The upper is crafted using flexible but durable synthetic materials while the outsole has molded studs proper for solid natural courts, making the Adreno Firm Ground the perfect pair for the stunning performance you dream of. A good fit for the young and budding stars, this is a flexible, comfortable soccer cleat of the highest standard.

4Diadora Soccer Men’s Brasil Classic MD

The Diadora Brasil Classic MD is another top performance pair of soccer cleats, one that stands out through its flexibility and adherence. It is an intermediate level player shoe with a design optimized for improved performance. Genuine, durable leather is used to make the shoe’s upper and it further features a soft-cushioned heel, soft-padded insole, and an anti-stretch lining. Such features ensure its comfortable wear and also prevent impact injuries of a wide variety. The shoe also has a high traction sole, a feature only top-notch soccer cleats have.

3adidas Performance Men’s F5 Firm-Ground

A quite reliable soccer cleat brought to you by the famous Adidas brand, the Performance F5 makes men players proud of what they do. As well as durable, its design is really striking, made to allow you achieve full speed thanks to a slimmed down figure and premium-grade rubber outsole. Moreover, its lightweight synthetic upper is durable, and for inspiration, the shoe has a new-look 3-stripes branding that everyone can recognize at a glance. Overall, these are also some of the most comfortable soccer cleats out there.

2PUMA Men’s evoPOWER 4

The evoPOWER 4 for men by PUMA boasts a superior design optimized for soccer players’ comfort and support. It is a lightweight model ideal for accurate and powerful strikes. A padded insole and ankle collar provide a finer fit and extra support while an asymmetrical lacing front finish adds to its fitting convenience and provides a better striking surface, while lightweight TPU-injected outsole integrates a bladed stud pattern for reliable traction and for a greater on-court maneuverability. All in all, they are some of the most lightweight yet reliable soccer cleats in this price range.

1adidas Performance Messi 10.3 J

Named in honor of the Argentine soccer legend, Lionel Messi, Adidas Performance Messi 10.3 J is a wonderful soccer cleats shoe whose design is optimized for young soccer enthusiasts. Its high-quality, well-crafted and durable synthetic upper ensures an ideal fit and comfort, a feature one should also look for in a pair of soccer cleats. For purposes of inspiring junior players, a Messi custom logo and similar graphics are emblazoned on it. An inner sole with soft padding offers extra comfort and support while the outsole has well-set stud plan for performing speedy yet safe, deft turns. We should also point out that the Messi 10.3 J also benefits from a truly comfortable and impressively flexible design, one that recommends it as one of the very best.

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