We all know that driving on snow can sometimes be dangerous. If you regularly drive on snow, you may need to purchase snow chains. Snow chains provide extra traction whenever you’re driving under snowy conditions. When you’re purchasing snow chains, it is very crucial to note that they are of different sizes.

You should buy the one that perfectly fits your tire. There are four types of snow chains you can choose from entry-level, standard, premium or alternative traction. Entry level chains are great for areas with occasional snowfall, standard are good for regular snowfall, standard offer extra traction and braking and alternative are the best choices for low profile vehicles. Below are top 10 best snow chains

Best Snow Chains for Car Tires – Reviews

10Aleko Size 120 Snow Vhain 12mm

This is a good quality snow chain that is very easy to install and remove. When you are installing this snow chain, you don’t need to move the vehicle. This chain comes with instructional booklet that makes it possible for you to perfectly fit it on the tire.

It will center itself and also tighten so that you do not have to stop midway to tighten it. This chain is lightweight and offers a smooth ride. With this chain, you will not feel the bumps. These snow chains are sold in pairs.

9Thule Konig XB-16 265

These snow chains are sold in a set of 2. They are among the most reliable and strongest chains. They are made in Italy and have proven to be great in off-road situations. These chains are among the most effective you can purchase.

They are the best chains especially for big vehicles. The dig into the snow and provide stable traction. Unlike most snow chains, these chains do not cause a bumpy ride. They are easy to install and remove. They have color coding that makes it easier for you to install the chains.

8Aleko Size 100 Snow Chain 9mm

There is no doubt that Aleko chains are effective. Most people love them because they’re unbelievably affordable and easy to install. These chains are strong and durable. They give you a great value for your money.

If you regularly drive in the snow, you will need to purchase this snow chain. These chains allow you to enjoy a smooth ride as they feature a design that does not bulge. These chains can perfectly fit in most tires from 14-16 inches.

7Konig 04335060 Snow Chain

If you have a vehicle with low profile, you may need to buy these super premium chains. They are 10mm chains that perfectly fit on the tire without rubbing on the inside of the wheel. These chains feature a diamond-shaped design that improves the coverage over the car tires.

These chains allow you to easily drive over ice or thick snow with the right amount of traction. They are easy to install and they adjust the tension as soon as you start moving. The diamond design plays a great role in ensuring a smooth ride.

6Cobra Cable 1046 Chains

Unlike most chains that can easily rust if not dried well before storage, these chains have been made using high –quality galvanized steel. This makes them resistant to rust. These snow chains are high-performance chains that offer great traction and stability.

These snow chains are very effective on low profile vehicles. These chains can fit on a number of tires. Unlike most chains, these chains have little noise and vibration they’re affordable and very durable.

5Security Chains ZT741 Super Z LT

Unlike most tire chains, these chains are compatible with electronic systems such as anti-lock braking system. These chains are easy to fit on and remove. They tighten as you drive. These chains can perfectly work on most types of tires including class S clearance light truck’s tires. They are durable and highly effective.

4Peerless 0154005 Tire Chain

These chains come in a set of 2. They are high-quality chains that give you the best service. These chains are durable and offer the best traction. They chains have been made from stronger material, and they’re very easy to install and remove.

They have the rubber tightener that makes it possible for the chains to tighten as you drive. These chains are ideal for pickups, SUVs, light trucks and saloon cars. It is advisable to follow the speed limit from the manufacturer so that the chains will not snap.

3Security Chain SZ329-Set of 2

These chains are known to offer the best traction. They are sold in a set of two. They have been made using best quality material. These chains are durable and very effective. The best thing about these chains is that they can fit in most car tires. If you drive through snow, they can be the best chains for that.

They come with an instructional booklet that helps you to install. Anyone can install these chains. You don’t have to be an expert to install them. According to the latest reviews by customers, these chains are among the best you can find on the market.

2Thule Konig CB-12 097 Chains

These chains are great for heavy duty tires for passenger truck. They feature a D-link design that makes the chain very effective in thick snow. The D-link also increases traction for a smooth forward movement.

It is very easy to install these chains. They adjust automatically and provide great traction and stability. These chains are among the best you can find on the market. They offer a decent value for your money. They can fit on most tires, these chains are worth buying.

1Security Chains SZ143 Super Z6 Snow Chains

These are very easy to install chains. You will spend less time to install them. If you have been planning to buy snow chains, these are the best we have in these reviews. As we have seen, snow chains vary in sizes and quality. These chains can fit most of the vehicles including passenger cars, SUVs, and Pick-ups.

They come in a set of 2. These chains will work well if you’re driving 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive car. These chains will also work well on anti-lock braking systems. These chains have been recommended by most snow drivers.

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