For some unlucky few, total darkness is necessary in order to get some sleep. In fact estimates indicate that as many as 50% of adults don’t get enough sleep; and lack of an enabling environment could be to blame. So, many of these people could benefit from a sleep mask as it can provide the consistently dark environment needed to stay asleep for longer.

Essentially, a good sleep mask should be comfortable and well-designed to create complete darkness so that you can sleep more easily and comfortably. So, below are the best sleep masks right now.

Best Sleep Masks

10Kfine 3D Sleep Mask

As far as sleep masks go, this Kfine product is one of the best ones. Besides providing the dark environment some people need to finally get some sleep, it is imaginatively designed to do this in the most unobtrusive of ways. First of all, it is light in weight, weighing only 30 grams. It is also soft, smooth, and breathable.

And since it features a 3D shape, it is also incredibly comfortable as it will not put any undue pressure on the eyes or the nose like some alternatives do. In other words, you should feel totally relaxed after wearing this sleep mask, and fall asleep a lot more easily.

9Super Silky Super-Soft Sleep Mask

It is light as a feather; and yet very opaque. Add to that its velvet feel and you have yourself one of the best sleep masks you can buy at the moment. The makers of this sleep mask wanted a product that could do its job brilliantly.

Consequently, the mask has been constructed using the best quality materials, not only for durability, but also for a superior use experience. This mask is also designed to provide a perfect fit, which is more than can be said of many rival products. The sleep mask’s affordability is also a huge plus.

8Bucky Luxury Ultralight Comfortable Eye Sleep Mask/Blindfold

Many times, getting sleep when traveling can be a problem; mostly because there is nothing you can do about the lighting situation around you. But with this sleep mask, the excess light should no longer get in the way of you getting some good quality sleep. This mask is very light, and it can block intense light and ensure that you sleep comfortably.

The manufacturer also made sure that this mask was big enough so that it can provide a satisfying use experience to men, women, and even kids. And for those who would like some exciting fashion options as they buy this mask, it comes in a choice of about two dozen colors or patterns.

7Dream Zone – Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

For its incredibly soft texture alone, this sleep mask deserves a place in this list of premium sleep masks. The mask is made of cotton and silk, and you should feel very relaxed after wearing it.

More importantly, it can block out any light that might distract you as you sleep in bright environments. Keeping the mask clean is also easy, which is partly the reason why it should do well as both a travel and a home sleep mask.

6Brownmed IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow

Sometimes your eyes need a little more than induced darkness to let you get some sleep; and this mask caters to this need by making sure this mask doubles up as an eye pillow as well. The auxiliary feature is intended to sooth tired or puffy eyes, which should make for a more relaxing sleeping experience.

The other benefit to owing this particular sleep mask is that it is easy to care for, which is a welcome attribute considering that it has a lot more to offer than a typical sleep mask with its eye pillow feature.

5Sleep Master Sleep Mask

There is something different about this particular sleep mask, and that is part of the reason it is so popular in the market. It is fully adjustable. In fact, its design ensures that it can surrounds your head comfortably, connecting with ease to the back of your head with velcro strips.

Despite all these extras, the manufacturer has not forgotten to make the mask durable, soft, and light in weight. You should also be thrilled to learn that this mask is hypoallergenic, and very easy to wash.

4Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask

If you want a sleep mask that is optimized for travel, here is a great option to consider. The mask will block out any light standing between you and your forty winks during your travel. But more than that, the mask comes with earplugs and a storage pouch.

The earplugs should shut out the noise around you and enhance the quality of your sleep. The pouch, on the other hand, should ensure that you don’t have to wonder where to store your sleep mask after you are done.

3Luxury Patented Sleep Mask with Contoured Shape

Sleeping at home; or on a train, bus, or plane while on the go should be a whole lot easier with this sleep mask close by. The mask is comfortable and lightweight. However, the mask is also incredibly effective, and this is because it features a contoured design that ensures that no light finds its way past the mask and keeps you from enjoying good quality sleep. Because of its thoughtful design, you can even blink while wearing the mask; a luxury you cannot enjoy with some sleep masks.

2ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Other than providing the darkness you might require as part of your sleep, this mask is also capable of relaxing your eyes. The mask is made using silk, which makes it very comfortable as this material is very smooth and pampering.

Additionally, this mask is breathable, and it provides a cooling and soothing sensation that should make sleeping a lot easier. Even its straps are designed to improve comfort during wear; and that is a huge plus as well.

1Sleep Mask by Bedtime Bliss – Contoured & Comfortable

This mask is designed with contours meant to take the shape of your face. It is also light in weight, and ideal for use at home and during travel. The sleep mask is also quite comfortable, which is why it has become such a fast-selling commodity in the market.

Furthermore, because the mask is made of high quality materials, it is very durable. Finally, the mask is versatile enough to be used by women, kids, and men; and it comes with ear plugs for an even more rewarding sleeping experience.

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