Beauty has been one of mankind’s most enduring obsessions. And each age brings with it new ways to raise the bar by finding new ways to improve physical beauty. At the moment, skin whitening soaps are a pretty big deal. But, as with all beauty fads, especially when they are of a chemical nature, you should tread lightly when venturing into this industry.

So, it’s not just the strength of the whitening soap you need to worry about, but also whether not not it will let you enjoy its skin lightening benefits without introducing problems of its own to your skin.

But all that aside, you should still get a skin whitening soap that can help you deal with hyperpigmentation, acne scars, melasma, dark spots and so forth in an effective manner. With that in mind, here are the 10 leading skin whitening creams in the market today.

Best Skin Lightening Soap – Reviews

10H20 Natural Whitening Papaya Soap

H20 Natural Whitening Soap is a bar soap that hasn’t been on the market that long, as far as we know, so it’s still unproven in our opinion. However, we know that many people think highly of this product and attest to its ability to clean skin, brighten skin, and even out skin tone. It’s also a product that helps to moisturize the skin. Because this product uses papaya extract, a natural antibacterial, it’s capable of also correcting problems a person might have with light acne. All of these things make this a product that some people might want to consider using.

9Daggett & Ramsdell Moisturizing Lightening Soap

This lightening skin not only helps to even skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots, but also moisturizes the user’s skin in the process. It’s a product that is made with ingredients that include bearberry leaf, licorice extract, and glycerin. It’s also made with iron oxide and Diazolidinyl Urea. Unfortunately, it’s also a product that’s made with propylene glycol, which is really the only thing that we can complain about it. Even with this ingredient, however, we still feel that this product does a good job at brightening skin and it does it without causing any skin irritation.

8Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Bar Soap

When consumers first get this bar of soap, the first thing they’ll likely notice is the decorative tin that it comes in. It’s a tin that not only houses the soap but also makes it easy to give to someone as a gift. As attractive as this decorative tin is, however, the real magic is the bar of soap that can be found in it. The soap has powerful skin lightening properties, thanks to the maximum-strength formulation that features Organiclarine. This is a product that exfoliates a person’s skin and deals with acne blemishes, even as it handles hyper-pigmentation and reduces the appearance of dark spots and freckles. This is a product that’s safe for people of all skin types and does a great job of brightening the skin.

7Koji White With Glutathione Soap

This is another quality skin-brightening soap from Koji, except this formula doesn’t use Vitamin C as its main ingredient, but instead uses Kojic Acid and Glutathione. These two ingredients work together to not only brighten the user’s skin but also to nourish the skin on a cellular level. This product turns dull, lifeless skin into vibrant and supple skin when it’s used regularly. Another thing people can expect from using this product is that it’s capable of balancing out skin tone as well—helping to lessen the impact of age spots, freckles, and dark spots. And because it’s paraben and SLS-free, consumers can use it with confidence.

6Lighten Up Exfoliating Brightening Soap

This soap is designed to brighten dull skin, and it manages to do it while leaving the user with healthy glowing skin. It’s capable of doing this thanks to a proprietary blend of ingredients that lighten, exfoliate and cleanse the skin. The main ingredient in this soap is apricot and this ingredient is backed up by the hydrating ingredient glycerin. When used daily, the user will notice that this product improves the quality of their skin and easily smooths out the skin’s appearance. And it does all of this while not costing as much as some other skin-lightening soaps.

5Koji White With Vitamin C Skin-Brightening Soap

This soap is not only ideal for brightening the skin on a person’s face but can also be used on the rest of the body. It’s a bar soap that’s made with a concentration of Vitamin C and Kojic Acid, so it brightens the skin effectively and also helps to protect and repair skin that’s been damaged by the sun. This product can be used by people with a variety of different skin types, regardless of whether it’s normal or oily, smooth, or prone to acne. It’s a premium formula that’s formulated with honey, an ingredient that’s known for calming the skin and providing certain antibacterial results. It’s a soap that brightens and restores radiance at the same time.

4Papaya Brightening & Exfoliating Soap

This skin-lightening soap not only brightens the skin but also is capable of exfoliating and restoring balance back to the user’s skin. It’s capable of doing this using papaya and other fruit oils, along with Vitamin B3, and snail extract to deal with dry and tired skin. It also is formulated with ascorbic acid and aloe vera that helps to clean out pores and make the skin look lighter and brighter. It’s also the perfect exfoliator that cleans up the skin nicely and helps improve scaliness. And like the rest of the soaps on this list, it’s also a product that does an amazing job of lightening the skin.

3Dr. Woods Naturally English Rose Soap

There are a lot of reasons why a person might want to buy this soap from Dr. Woods. One, it has a pleasant smell to it and does a great job of cleaning the skin. Two, it’s made with high-quality organic ingredients, and this product is never tested on animals. Probably the best reason for purchasing this product, however, is because it works at brightening a person’s skin and correcting their skin tone. And because it’s made with Vitamin A and E, it will also hydrate their skin. It’s a soap that many people are going to want to add to their daily skincare routine.

2Fair & White Exclusive Whitenizer Exfoliation Bar Soap

The innocuous-looking bluish/purplish bar of soap is designed to address the needs of men and women of color. This product is capable of cleaning the skin’s pores, buffing away dead skin cells and smooth skin texture. It also is a great whitening soap that’s not only capable of addressing uneven skin tone, brown spots, freckles, and age spots in people of color but can also address those same issues regardless of the person’s skin color. It’s a product that can also address the problems that can come from overexposure to the sun. This product takes care of all of these problems easily.

1Palmer’s Skin-Success Complexion Soap Bar

Anyone looking for the absolute best skin lightening soap only needs to look as far as this complexion bar from Palmer’s Skin Success. This product is designed to even tone and brighten skin and do it without some of the harsher chemicals used by other products. That makes it gentler on the skin and doesn’t create any side-effects that the user has to deal with while using it.

This product is made with ingredients such as Vitamin C, licorice, and soy. It also contains citronella, limonene, and linalool. These ingredients are easy to tolerate and can be used every day. This allows people to brighten their skin quickly and efficiently and with confidence.

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As with many beauty products, there’s a bit of controversy over the use of skin lightening soaps. Some people feel that they are a wonderful tool for a person to have in their arsenal of beauty products and does what it’s supposed to do quite effectively. Other people raise concerns about the use of these products. In reality, both of these groups of people are right.

There have been lightening products that were made with dangerous chemicals or with agents that can cause skin problems. But there are also a ton of products which not only lighten the skin but do a great job of doing it.

The trick is to buy only the best lightening soaps available, which you can find in the above list. Another way to ensure that you buy the best products is by knowing how these products work and how to use them so they provide the results expected. Something which we’re going to help you with in this article.

How Does Skin Lightening Soap Work?

results of using skin whitening soap

Lightening soaps work by a number of different mechanisms. There are ones which use high-quality ingredients to exfoliate the top layer of dead skins, to remove impurities from the skin and to reveal the healthier and nice looking skin that’s been concealed all of this time. Other soaps may use chemical ingredients which are especially harsh. That’s why it’s vitally important to choose a soap that uses natural ingredients.

You should avoid lightening soaps that use mercury or hydroquinone. These two ingredients are not only harmful to the skin but also can be toxic at certain levels. Instead, try to choose soaps that use all-natural ingredients.

Some of the more popular ingredients that are used in these soaps include key vitamins, arbutin papaya enzymes, arbutin and Kojic acids. As a side note, Kojic acids also have significant antifungal properties. This allows them to not only lighten skin but also deal with fungal problems that may contribute to an uneven skin tone, and in some cases, may help with acne problems.

It should be noted that these soaps lighten skin and doesn’t whiten the skin. What’s the difference? The difference is that whitening products bleach out the skin and lightening products work to remedy the underlying problems that cause skin darkening.

It also means that it takes longer for skin lightening products to work. However, they are better for the skin and don’t have many of the harsh chemicals that whitening soaps often have.

Getting the Best Results

Since most of the best skin lightening soaps use Kojic acids, we’re going to give you some advice on getting the most out of these products. Kojic acids are sourced from Japan. They come from a mushroom that’s usually used when making rice wines such as Sake. These acids have a number of advantages which make them extremely effective for skin lightening.

Kojic acids not only reduce blackheads and exfoliate the skin, but they also help to reduce melanin in the skin. This allows this compound to correct a variety of conditions including dark spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation. Now that you’ve learned what this ingredient does let’s talk about how to use soaps which contain this ingredient, so you can get the best results possible.

Look for soaps with Kojic Acid & Papaya: An extremely effective combination of ingredients are soaps which contain both Kojic Acid and Papaya. These two ingredients work together to help correct skin tone.

Avoid Soap With Certain Ingredients: If you have known allergies to a particular ingredient in a skin lightening soap, then you should avoid buying it.

Read Product Instructions: Always be sure to read the instructions and precautions that are listed on the soap. Many of the problems that people have with lightening soaps can be avoided by using the product properly.

Check for Reactions: When using this type of soap for the first time, you are going to want to make sure that you aren’t allergic to it. You can do this by applying a small amount of it to the back of your hand first and then waiting 15-minutes. If there’s no reaction, then you can apply some to a small corner of your face and then wait 15-minutes for a reaction.

If there isn’t one, then you’re probably not allergic to the soap and can use it. However, if you develop an allergy to it, or have any allergic reaction whatsoever, then discontinue using the product.

Use Exfoliating Gloves: To get the most out of your soap, you are going to want to apply it with exfoliating gloves or at least, an exfoliating sponge. This will help the product remove dead skin cells faster.

Mix with Water: Don’t try to just put straight skin lightening on your face. Instead, you should make sure that you use it in conjunction with water. That will enable you to get good results without being overly harsh on the skin.

Rinse With Cold Water: Once you’ve cleaned your face, be sure that you do a cold water rinse. Cold water will close the pores back up and will make your skin look and feel tighter.

Dry With a Towel: Once you’ve completed your regimen and rinsed your face, you are going to want to pat dry your face with a clean towel.

Moisturize: If you’re not using a soap with coconut oil, then you are probably going to want to make sure that you moisturize your face when you’ve finished drying it.

Give it Time: Lightening soap isn’t going to work overnight. It’s probably going to take 8 to 16-weeks before you begin seeing results. These products work over the long term so don’t expect instant results.

One Final Thought

Hopefully, we’ve shed some light on skin lightening soaps and have given you some tips that will not only help you buy the best products available but also use them to your advantage.

These soaps are capable of helping people with their skin tone problems, if only they take a few moments to learn about the product and use it in a way that’s beneficial. At the very least, it’s a useful tool to have in any beauty regimen.