While it may seem to the untrained eye that all skateboards look more or less the same, there are many small tweaks that skateboarders use to personalize their boards. When we say ‘personalize’, we don’t just mean aesthetics-wise, although that is also a common change skateboard riders tend to make upon purchasing a new board. We also refer to the size, shape, and overall design of the board, which may vary depending on the type of board and the rider’s preferences.

Now, you should know that skateboards come in different shapes and sizes and they each offer a slightly different experience. There are skateboards for street and park use, bowl and pipe trick boards, cruisers, and longboards. Although they may seem to all share the same design from afar, the subtle differences in design and weight are enough to shape your riding experience one way or the other.

It is becoming more and more popular these days for people to build their own boards, so as long as you know what type of skateboard you want, you should have no real difficulties getting a hold of the components you require. In this respect, let us point out that the sheer variety available can be quite overwhelming, especially for longboards and cruisers. So in an effort to help you find one that best suits your needs, we put together a list of the ten best skateboard decks the market has to offer.

Best Skateboard Decks – Reviews

10Moose Blank 8.25 Deck

Designed to offer style, comfort, and the best possible performance while skateboarding, the Moose Blank 8.25″ Skateboard Deck stands out for all the right reasons. The design on the deck is clean and quite stylish, along with a useful grip on the surface that allows you to ride safely. It is made from strong and durable Maple ply and is used by both amateurs and professionals alike. It is also one of the lightest decks available in this price range, a feature you should always consider when buying a skateboard deck.

9Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck

With the Blank Skateboard Deck from Bamboo Skateboards, you get both style and functionality in a single deck. It is a skateboard deck that is designed by professionals and is used by professionals as well, one that comes in many different sizes for you to choose from. Interestingly enough, this particular deck comes with a warranty which is a rarity in the industry. The materials used in making the deck are of the highest quality and with over 35 years of experience, the company is known to deliver only the best skateboard decks possible.

8Sector 9 Tiffany Deck

The Tiffany Deck from Sector 9 is quite an extraordinary skateboard deck in regards to both its looks and performance. The deck features a drop pocket for the front foot and a “Double You” design for the rear foot. This Scoot Smith pro model deck is quite secure and provides the kind of responsiveness you require while riding. It is also made from 9 ply maple that is cold pressed for added durability, thus providing a sturdiness few other decks can provide.

7Moose Blank Natural Skateboard Deck

With a standard size of 8.25”, the Moose Blank Natural Skateboard Deck delivers an unmatched performance for hardcore skateboarders as well as novice skateboarders. It known for being used by professionals and amateurs alike, which means that it delivers an excellent performance long-term, both in regards to its flexibility and durability. The deck comes with pre-drilled holes so that you install your wheels quickly and it offers 100% authentic designs and materials support for the best experience possible.

6Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

The Moose Old School Skateboard Deck delivers a truly old school skateboarding experience. The deck is quite large with its measurements set at 10” x 33”. The natural color option lets you express yourself freely with a graphic design of your choice. The deck comes with Perfect Shrink Wrap to keep the deck strong and water resistant. The deck also has the holes pre-drilled for a faster assembly. You also get 5 colors to choose from with each deck having a black grip tape on its surface. This should enable you to build your ideal skateboard in terms of not only durability and reliability but aesthetics-wise as well.

5Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

This particular blank deck looks and performs extremely well in almost all conditions and surfaces. The deck is made from strong plywood that offers you both durability and flexibility while riding as well. Available in 7.75 and 7.25-inch sizes, it is perfect for kids as well as adults. We should also point out that the designs and customizations it supports make it quite unique, which is great considering that it comes in a number of color options to choose from.

4Moose Blank Skateboard Decks 5-Piece Set

Blank skateboard decks are a common sight these days and the Moose Set of 5 Blank Skateboard Decks (Assorted Colors) is a sure winner in this category. You get 5 different color options to choose from including white, green, red, blue, and natural (wood). The lack of graphic designs means you can design the decks in your own personal way and add your style to it. We should also point out that the decks come with pre-drilled holes so you don’t have to drill them yourself.

3Guluman FORESTONE Blank/Natural Skateboard Decks

The Forestone Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Natural) 8.0 inch-Deep Concave skateboard deck is one of the best looking decks available. Its blank design lets you express your creativity as freely as you like. It is made from 100% Canadian Maple ply and has a deep concave shape to help you have greater control. The deck offers a superior performance, is made from high-quality environmental friendly materials and is extremely affordable by most standards. Even if it wasn’t, you don’t really want to be cheap when putting together a reliable skateboard, because although you may find cheaper components if you go looking, you are bound to get precisely what you pay for.

2Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

Powell-Peralta is one of the biggest names in skateboard decks and the Flight Deck stands out for all the right reasons. It is designed by professional skateboarders and is often used by them as well. It is also used by beginners as it is perfect for learning. It also has to be said that these decks are made in the US and deliver maximum quality performance-wise. It also comes with an extended warranty which is an added benefit. With over 35 years of experience, the company delivers some of the best quality decks on the market, which may explain their current popularity.

1Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks

This is without any shred of doubt, one of the most popular skateboard decks available on the market, a deck that is unique for a number of reasons. For starters, you get a specialized grip tape that can be attached to the surface of the board to improve its adherence and aesthetics. The designs are also quite unique, which is impressive considering the deck’s affordable price tag. We should also point out that this particular deck is made from 6-Ply Bamboo and maple wood which offers an outstanding long-term durability. All things considered, it is perhaps one of the best skateboard decks the market has to offer at this point in time.

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Skateboard Decks Buying Guide

It is a whole lot easier to build your own skateboard these days than it was just a decade ago, mainly because of the sheer variety of components available and the numerous manufacturers that have entered the market over these past few years. Although it isn’t exactly rocket science, you still need a fair bit of craftsmanship and patience to successfully build your own skateboard. This all starts with getting a hold of a reliable skateboard deck, the most essential component of any reliable skateboard.

Types of Skateboard Decks

Before you get into the actual building process, you must first figure out which type of skateboard you want to build and how it suits your riding style. Considering the fact that each particular deck has its own particularities when it comes to weight and flexibility, you want to put some serious thought into this. If, however, you aren’t 100% sure of what style best meets your needs, then perhaps you should educate yourself on what characteristics best describe the most popular type of skateboards.

  • Street & Park Decks – These boards are mostly designed for street skating and performing tricks on the street or at the park. For this reason, they have to be able to overcome ramps, stairs, rails, and boxes without the risk of breaking down and causing the rider any harm. This is precisely why these particular boards are narrower, lighter, and equipped with a double-sided kicktail to allow you the freedom to ride in both directions.
  • Bowl & Pipe Decks – If you are the type to skate in bowls or pools of sorts, then you should opt for a skateboard with a wider deck. You want a wider deck along with a low concave for an increased stability. At the same time, you also want a relatively flat surface underneath your feet for greater control of the board. That said, if you are a fan of Vert skateboarding, then you should definitely use a deck that is both reasonably wide and concave.
  • Cruiser Decks – For the most part, cruising skateboards employ a wider deck with only a single kicktail. This is intended to facilitate your easy cruising while providing you with the maneuverability and versatility that only larger decks can. In this respect, cruiser skateboards have to be between 28 and 46 inches in size, which is the standard for many of the popular cruising skateboards the market has to offer.
  • Longboard Decks – Like the name suggests, these decks are intended for longboards and thus, for long-distance cruising. Unlike cruiser decks that have the purpose of giving you a fair bit of mobility as you ride, longboards are solely designed for long-distance comfort. As such, they have a slightly reduced mobility in motion, yet they do make up in comfort what they most seem to lack in flexibility. On a related note, we should point out that longboards have a symmetrical shape and that they all have a relatively low center of gravity.

The Width Factor

Many people find out the hard way that building your own skateboard isn’t as easy as they previously thought. The main reason behind this is the reduced mobility a self-made skateboard delivers, an unfortunate side effect of not employing the right deck. We mostly refer here to the size of the deck, which can vary in size from 7.75 inches to more than 8.5 inches depending on the style and build of the board.

  • 7.75″ to 8.25″ Decks – These particular decks are perfect for street and park skateboarding, as they are a tad bigger than most skateboards for kids. It is for this reason that these decks are perfect for people with small feet or for those who are either short in height or light in weight. Given their small profile, these decks are perfect for performing tricks on account of being easier to flip.
  • 8.25″ to 8.5″ Decks – Perfect for park and mini ramp sessions, these decks are quite comfortable to ride yet small enough to enable you to perform various tricks without the risks of the board sliding from underneath your feet. In this regard, it is perhaps the most versatile option, mostly because of its high adaptability. In other words, if you are an all-around skater then this is the type of deck you need for a flexible yet reliable board.
  • 8.5″+ Decks – It has to be said that decks larger than 8.5 inches should only be used for cruising or half pipe sessions. Due to its size, such a deck offers a relatively balanced platform for your feet, a design that recommends them for mini-ramp, halfpipe, and riding bowl skateboarding. Given their increase in stability when compared to smaller decks, they are also decent enough for cruising at a steady pace. Not only that but these decks are also quite accommodating for people with large shoes or who are somewhat taller than average.