Many people call the object worn on the head to keep hair dry while showering or bathing a shower cap. And they would be right! However, today beauty companies are altering people’s perception of the traditional shower cap, doing away with the dull colored, puffy, cap that looked more like part of a costume than something you would wear for practical purposes.

Still, most women, and some men, view shower caps as a necessity. If your hair is long, treated, or you simply want to keep your hair dry while showering, a shower cap will preserve your hair and block harsh chemicals like chlorine from damaging your locks. Except when washing your hair, a shower cap is essential.

But first, before purchasing your cap, do your homework to find the right shower cap for the best price that suits your needs. To save you some time, here are 10 highly rated shower caps available on Amazon that will keep your tresses dry and your hairstyle in place.

Best Shower Caps – Reviews

10Niceeshop Reusable Cap

Designed from double-layered microfiber fabrics, the Niceeshop Reusable Cap is a highly water resistant reusable shower cap. A light PVC finish provides the ultimate in water resistance while the adjustable elastic edge provides a perfect fit.

In addition, this cap is long-wearing as it resists tearing after multiple uses. This low maintenance cap can be hand or machine washed. If you are on a strict budget, this aesthetically appealing shower cap is a great choice. It may be a bit tight fitting for some wearers.

9Shower Cap – Blue Dot Pattern/Annie Blue Dot

Structured to accommodate any hairstyle, the Blue Dot Pattern or Annie Blue Dot shower cap is as comfortable as it gets. This snug fitting shower cap stays put. Designed from quality vinyl material, it also has a decent price tag.

This cap is especially ideal for larger heads, or individuals with thick and/or long hair. What’s more, your scalp will be free from irritation. Though there may be a minor issue with waterproofing, this shower cap is well-designed.

8VANORIG Shower Cap

For such a great price, the VANORIG Shower Cap keeps hair dry due to its double layered construction that easily resists water. Designed from an appealing satin material, this cap feels smooth to the touch and is comfortable to wear. What’s more, the VANORIG comes with a 15-day warranty. The loose-fitting elastic may be a minor issue but easy to adjust.

7FashionBoutique Reusable Cap

This stylishly designed brightly colored FashionBoutique shower cap is reusable, comfortable, and will not irritate your scalp. The elastic stretches easily making it a cinch to put on and off.

The strong barrier and green and cherry themed vinyl fabric helps the cap maintain its usefulness through repeated washings. The size runs a little small so take this into consideration when making your purchase.

6Betty Dain Hipster

The “Hipster” is an eco-friendly shower cap designed from a biodegradable material naturally resistant to mold and mildew. There’s no plastic smell. The cap design is large and suitable for most head sizes and hair volumes.

The strong elastic makes sure the cap stays in place while maintaining a comfortable fit. If you are concerned about your ecological footprint, this is the cap to buy. The colors may fade after a number of uses, but it doesn’t take away from this shower cap’s environmental friendly properties.

5Goody Styling Essentials

The Goody Styling Essential shower cap offers complete protection while showering or bathing. The design is comfortable and suits most head sizes. This shower cap is the perfect bath and shower accessory for travel, as it is easy to fold and pack away in even the smallest suitcase compartments.

It’s long-lasting and won’t lose its water-resistant properties. The elastic remains durable after repeated uses. The multi-colored designs are an added bonus. Sizes may run small so take this into consideration when purchasing.

4Mademoiselle Designer Shower Cap

The Mademoiselle Designer Shower Cap is constructed from a water resistant, vinyl back sateen fabric. This fashionable shower cap is stylishly designed with a drawstring closure ideal for customizing your cap.

Enhanced by a waterproof inner lining, your hair stays dry and your hairstyle will remain in place. This cap will not irritate the skin and suits most head sizes. If you want full protection for your hair when showering or bathing and look stylish too, this is the shower cap for you.

3Mademoiselle Paisley

If you are into animal prints, this is the shower cap for you! The Mademoiselle Paisley water proof cap has a rubberized edge for comfort and a flawless fit.

The design is lightweight and fine for daily use. The satin outer fabric and plastic interior makes this cap ideal for outdoor use when at the beach or pool side.

2Betty Dain Socialite

The Betty Dain Socialite shower cap is designed from a houndstooth printed fabric with a terry cloth lining and water resistant outer material. This cap is lightweight and ideal for use while sleeping.

The rim is adjustable to accommodate assorted head sizes and hair lengths and thicknesses. The elastic may stretch a bit after a lot of usage but manages to maintain a comfortable fit.

1Betty Dain Fashionista

This cute shower cap is fully-lined with PEVA material that works efficiently at protecting the hair from moisture and harsh chemicals. The quality nylon material is 100% resistant to water and mold. The elastic helm is adjustable and complemented by an elastic edge that enhances the cap’s stylish look.

The Betty Dain Fashionista is quite popular not only for its appealing design. It’s lightweight with an oversized design that fits most head sizes. The Fashionista Shower Cap is in the higher price range as far as shower caps go, but well worth it.

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