Although shower benches and chairs are meant to help out the elderly, handicapped or physically disabled as they take a shower, they are mostly found in health or other institutions where high concentrations of these people live. But the truth is that these benches and chairs are necessary wherever such people are found, including our homes.

They help prevent accidents and make shower time a lot easier for these people. Obviously, a few models stand out in their ability to fill this role. So, below are the 10 best shower benches and chairs for the elderly, handicapped and disabled people at the moment.

Best Shower Benches and Chairs – Reviews

10AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair with Non-Slip Seat

This AquaSense shower seat has been an ideal solution to people in need of a place to sit as they take a shower for quite some time now. Although the seat features a simple design that allows for easier placement in the shower, it is also quite effective and reliable.

The frame is made of steel, and the seat itself features holes that drain away any water that lands on it. The legs can be adjusted as well. Finally, this shower seat will also comfortably handle weights of up to 300 pounds.

9Duro-Med Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair with Cut-out Seat and Adjustable Legs

Duro-Med Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench Shower Chair with Cut-out Seat and Adjustable Legs

For anyone intent on owning a sliding shower chair, this is one of the few great options available. This chair should make shower times so much easier for people who need assistance as they wash up. In addition to the sliding feature, the seat itself features a great back support that should make its use easier on people whose backs cannot take too much strain.

Although the seat is made of plastic, it is textured in order to provide a non-slip surface. Regardless of its imposing appearance, this seat is still very lightweight. So, moving it around will not be an issue.

8Vive Shower Stool

Simplicity and comfort are some of the words that can be used to describe this great shower seat. Because of its compact design, this seat will fit into most showers. Equally important is the fact that the height of this seat can be adjusted with ease to suit every person’s unique showering needs.

The stool can comfortably accommodate weights of up to 250 pounds, and it is very stable even when placed in uneven surfaces such as inside bathtubs.

7Bambusi Shower Bench Seat

Although this shower chair stands out for many notable features, the fact that it is made of wood clearly tops the list. However, the chair is also incredibly comfortable, and it can handle the damp shower environment with remarkable resilience.

Besides the compelling aesthetics, the chair also has functional features such as a rack on which you can place your personal items.

6Drive Medical Bath Stool with Padded Rotating Seat

Despite its simplistic design, this shower seat is very comfortable, in part due to the padded seat. The stool requires some assembly after buying, but thankfully, this does not require any tools or advanced skills.

The seat height is also adjustable from a height of 16 inches to a height of 23 inches in thoughtful 1-inch increments. For greater convenience, the seat even features a removable tray. It can also handle weights of up to 450 pounds, which is commendable.

5Ez2care Adjustable Lightweight Shower Bench

Ez2care Adjustable shower bench is one of the best-selling products in this market niche. It has also been widely approved of by its buyers. Among its highlights is an ability to provide a comfortable non-slip seating surface for people who cannot handle shower times unassisted due to advanced age or limitations to their physical mobility.

The seat is adjustable, and the framework is made of heavy duty anodized aluminum that is resistant to corrosion. Therefore, this shower seat is quite sturdy, and it can support weights of up to 250 pounds without any problems. That said, the product is also very light, and therefore easy to move around.

4Better Living Products Spa Seat

This large and comfortable seat also happens to be lightweight and yet sturdy enough to handle weights of up to 265 pounds. The seat has a modern design, and no assembling will be required after purchase.

Additionally, despite being made of aluminum, which is strong and durable, the seat is also rust proof, an especially important feature since it is intended to be used in wet environments. Buyers also have a choice of buying this shower seat with a shelf included for a little additional cost.

3Vaunn Tool-Free Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair with Removable Back

For anyone with limited mobility due to age or disability, this seat will make shower time a lot easier. The chair is made with heavy-duty aluminum that can handle weights of up to 300 pounds. That is a notable advantage because most other options don’t support as much weight.

Nevertheless, the chair is also very lightweight, regardless of the heavy-duty construction. Furthermore, the chair can resist corrosion, its design is very ergonomic, and the seat even has holes to drain away any water than lands on it. With regard to versatility, this chair also scores a lot of points – the back support is removable, and the height of the legs can be adjusted as per the desires of the user.

2Carex Universal Bath Bench

The makers of this shower seat considered all the important features a shower seat should have, which is why it ranks so highly in this market category. For instance, if you are worried that the seat you buy might not fit very well in your shower, this product is a good choice as it is designed to go into most showers.

But this compactness does not compromise on other important features. The Carex Universal Bath Bench is very comfortable. It is also surprisingly sturdy, and it beats several other options in this regard by having the capacity to handle weights of up to 400 pounds. Finally, although you will have to put it together yourself, the process is painless and requires no tools.

1Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat Padded Bath and Shower Chair

For people who have physical mobility issues and in need of a comfortable shower chair, this Platinum Health product should be an obvious solution. You better have plenty of room in your shower though, as it will take up a little space due to its sliding feature.

Otherwise, because it can slid easily, it is easier to adjust and therefore very convenient to use. Other versatility options include a swivel seat. It also has comfortable armrests.

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