Given the broad and sometimes irritating nature of shaving cream, more and more men are reverting to shaving soaps nowadays and understandably so. For the most part, shaving soaps pose fewer health risks than shaving creams and they are a lot easier to store. They are also slimmer and lighter in weight, which makes them preferable to creams or lotions when it comes to traveling.

Another thing to consider is that shaving soap, for the most part, is a lot easier on the skin than shaving creams or lotions. It also helps create a much smoother lather to protect your skin against accidental cuts. That said, we should point out that shaving soaps can be divided into two main categories – hard soaps and soft soaps. Hard ones are made using sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide whereas soft soaps have a better alkali balance.

These soaps have been around for quite a while now and they are definitely making a comeback these days. Part of the reason is the lubricating nature that some creams, even the more popular ones, appear to lack. With that in mind, we should perhaps take a look at the ten best shaving soaps the market has to offer at this point so that we may better understand what to look for
when buying one.

Best Shaving Soaps – Reviews

10Gentleman Jon Sandalwood Shaving Soap

With the Gentleman Jon, you get a natural, glycerine-made high-efficiency shaving soap formulated to leave back a clean and smooth after-shave skin. Its infused sandalwood scent is refreshing and cool while thanks to its well-measured glycerine level, this soap provides a healthier, richer lather relative to other options, making your overall shaving experience comfortable, safe, and fun. Not only that but this particular soap is also a lot easier to apply than most, thanks mainly to the creamy lather it produces.

9Era Organics Premium Shaving Soap

The Era Organics Premium, a natural and organic formula, helps you enjoy a closer, irritation-free shave and makes your skin healthier in the process. It has skin nourishing and hydrating properties, primarily due to its non-toxic and sulfate-free formula, making it ideal for any skin type. Instead, it reduces inflammation, protects the skin from elements, and prevents premature aging. The olive oil based soap forms a great lather for a smooth, safe and easy razor glide. It also softens the hair follicles and exfoliates dead cells for a more youthful skin tone.

8Phoenix Gondolier Shaving Soap

This is a small batch artisan crafted shaving soap and one of the best you can ever get. It easily creates a generous and protective, cushiony and slick lather and contains pure Kokum butter that provides a great moisturizing post-shave feel. Moreover, this shaving soap has Gondolier, a greatly pleasing aroma from a balanced, rich bouquet of jasmine, cedar, rose and juniper. Afterward, it leaves your skin with a really impressive scent that will linger for hours after you shave.

7Van Der Hagen Deluxe

The Van Der Hagen Deluxe is a hypo-allergenic shaving soap containing 40% moisturizers such as Aloe Vera and Shea butter. These moisturizers soften tough follicles effectively and keep the skin well hydrated. This soap causes zero breakouts, even with back-to-back shaving. It leaves the face feeling fresh and smooth after every shave. It never dries while on the skin. At the same time, it is very easy to wash this soap away with just a little water afterward.

6Sir Hare Shaving Soap

Sir Hare’s delivers a tallow-based formula of shaving soap that forms a protective lather and also lubricates your razor for a smooth, irritation-free close shave. This soap is made of all natural ingredients, without any synthetic additives or preservatives, thus ideal for any skin type, even the sensitive ones. It also enjoys a clean and fresh Classic barbershop fragrance created from hints of Oakmoss, Cedarwood, and Bergamot.

5The Blades Grim Gold Luxury

The Blades Grim’s Gold Luxury is a reliable shaving soap that makes your shaving experience safe and cool. It benefits from a special soap formula that forms a nice, thick lather in no time, ensuring you get an excellent glide with the razor for a superior protection and admirable shaving experience with better results. It also enjoys a great fragrance made of a toasty, warm blend of Mandarin, orange peel, star anise, Venezuela Tonka, and coriander leaves.

4Men’s Soap Company Himalaya

Those of you looking for a daily smooth and close shaving experience without any skin irritations might opt for Himalaya, a highly effective soap containing ingredients of the highest quality. The soap is created to form a great thick lather, providing you proper cushioning and glide to ensure the razor won’t irritate your skin. Furthermore, its included Shea butter extract works to moisturize the skin as the soy it contains conditions and comforts the skin at the same time.

3Proraso Sensitive Skin Shaving Soap

Perfectly suitable for sensitive skin, this rich formula by Proraso is one that provides a creamy lather to ensure close yet irritation-free and zero razor burn shave. It has oatmeal and green tea extracts for calming, soothing, and protecting inflamed skin. Like its sister product, it works best when applied using a shave brush on wet skin, creating a rich, silky lather for added protection throughout the day and a more refreshing shaving experience.

2Proraso Refreshing and Toning Shaving Soap

This is a classic shaving soap by Proraso, one that offers a creamy, dense lather, preparing your skin for a nick-free and zero cuts close shave. Contained Eucalyptus extract tones and guaranteed to purify the skin while its infused menthol refreshes and soothes the skin, you will find this soap to be a lot easier on the skin than most. You are, however, advised to apply it on damp skin using a shave brush to form a rich and effective lather.

1Henry Cavendish Himalaya

This is perhaps one of the most popular shaving soap options available on the market today. For its Shea butter, the Henry Cavendish Himalaya is a skin moisturizing and revitalizing, round saving choice that provides the classic tradition of mug-and-brush shaving. It forms a creamy, rich lather for softening beards for a smooth and close shave while soothing the skin with its Soy extracts. Last but not least, we should point out that a high content of glycerin makes the soap lather very silky, mild, and luxurious.

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