Shaving is the one routine that all man agree has to be as pleasant as possible, even if that implies the use of high-grade equipment. In this respect, a good razor is sure to save you an awful lot of pain and distress long-term, presuming of course that the rest of your equipment is already up to par. In the world of razor blades, safety razors hold a distinguished place as top-notch, reliable, and easy to use.

It is for this reason that they’re so popular, to begin with, and also the reason why there are so many of them on the market these days. To help you find the one that best fits your needs, we put together a list of the ten best safety razors money can buy.

 Best Safety Razors – Reviews

10Lord Premium L6

Making an appearance among the best safety razors in the world, the Lord L6 is a premium 3-piece design that unscrews seamlessly and allows for an easy blade replacement. This blade is designed to deliver a very gentle shave with zero irritation and razor burns.

Its longer handle makes it ideal for all users, even those who have bigger hands. At the same time, its aluminum handle offers easy and stable grip while the chrome-plated head is not only remarkably aesthetic but highly functional as well.

9Dorco Prime Starter Set

Anyone who desires a pinpoint classic shave by a double-edge razor can go Dorco Prime Starter Set with full confidence. Featuring premium-grade Dorco’s signature blades of stainless steel, this safety razor is forged to offer a modern shaving in a classical fashion, making it a worthy tribute to past shaving experience while introducing contemporary advances in the industry. Its micro precision double edge setting ensures the closest but also smoothest of shaves for all beard or skin types, which may explain the razor’s huge popularity.

8Merkur 198 Slant Bar

Made by Merkur, the 198 Slant Bar is a highly reliable safety razor whose 2-piece double-edge design is not only durable but also simple to use and clean. The slant bar design is more aggressive to keep the blade securely in position while it gives the razor a performance akin to that of a straight razor. As such, this razor delivers the closest possible shave yet without irritating the skin in any way.

7VIKINGS BLADE the Godfather

The Godfather safety razor by VIKINGS BLADE is truly a great model by most standards, one with a traditional razor head design that delivers a heavy-duty classic experience during those tough beards shaving moments. Thanks to an integrated unique micro-comb mechanism, you get zero resistance and cuts during the shaving process.

Construction-wise, this razor is a durable and well-balanced model, handcrafted using a quality mix of select zinc alloys and coated with glossy chrome. It also comes with a travel carry case and a spare pack of top-grade blades.

6WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle

The WEISHI Nostalgic is a long-handle design safety razor and among the most technologically innovative models available today. It incorporates a superior performance shave technology that ensures nothing short of a quality, classic shaving experience. This razor has micro positioned edges that deliver a smooth, close shave no matter the beard or skin type. Made of stain and rust-resistant stainless steel, WEISHI Nostalgic remains pristine and optimally functional.

5Merkur MK34C Classic

Nicknamed the ‘Heavy Duty’, the Merkur MK34C Classic is a 2-piece safety razor that is quite popular with many wet shavers. Using universal double-edge blades, it offers a very close yet irritation-free shaving experience.

Its 2-piece design ensures easy blade loading and stable operation while its classic closed comb and straight bar-head offer a great deal of precision and safety. It also comes in three different handle options and finishes for you to choose from, a versatility one should always look for in a safety razor.

4Feather 800-1B Double Edge Shaving Razor

The Feather’s 800-1B is a superior performance double-edge safety razor with an efficient and convenient butterfly opening blade head system. This razor is expertly designed to ensure a superior grip an easy handling.

It is made of top-grade materials such as stainless steel and hardened plastic for added durability. At the same time, its innovative butterfly blade loading system is very practical and also easy to clean, which is great considering that it works with any modern double-edge razor blade.

3Parker 99R – Long Handle Heavyweight

The Parker 99R is a top-performance, high-rated safety razor that boasts numerous features that will certainly up your shaving experience remarkably. With it, you enjoy using its functional butterfly open system and the well-balanced brass frame.

Another highlight is its weight; we say this because it is a heavy model by most metrics, making it ideal for shaving even the toughest beards effectively and effortlessly. You then enjoy a smooth, close, comfortable, and safe shave with minimal risks of cuts and irritation.

2VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain

The popular VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain is a great safety razor, one that takes you through the ancient wet shaving art with style, convenience, and precision. It is made of premium-grade and durable Swedish-based materials with an extra coating of shiny, elegant chrome.

Objectively, this is a heavier and more balanced safety razor relative to other models out there, making it easy to control and guaranteed to deliver a great shave. Furthermore, its head design allows a simple 5-second blade replacement, a great feature to have at your disposal.

1Edwin Jagger DE8

Edwin Jagger DE8 is a great double-edge safety razor, a razor that ranks among the most popular options money can buy. This razor integrates the latest innovation precision-made proprietary blade head, providing great convenience for wet shavers who need an accurate and close shave with excellent results.

At the same time, its classic closed comb head is professionally designed to cap a highly polished, chrome-plated brass handle. Overall, this is a well-balanced razor that delivers a perfectly close shave without the risk of causing nicks or cuts.

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