Safety razor blades are enjoying an uptick in popularity nowadays because more and more modern men have discovered the joy of shaving with a safety razor. They’ve discovered that these razors handle better and deliver a closer shave than just about any other type of razor. They may require a little bit of extra care, but they deliver a shave that can’t be replicated with any other shaving instrument, as many shavers are now beginning to realize.

Of course, there are a few things to consider when buying a razor. The user has to realize that a safety razor is only as good as the blades which are used in it. There’s a big difference between the different brands of razors. To prove that point, we’ve included our picks for the top ten safety razor blades below, so that everyone can find a blade that suits their shaving style.

Best Safety Razor Blades – Reviews

10Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

These blades are manufactured using stainless steel that’s been sourced from Sweden, and each one of them is hardened and then deposited with platinum-tungsten, ceramic and a polymer that’s designed to optimize the shaving life of the blade. The special blade treatment also ensures that the blades not only last longer but that their edges stay sharper longer. This ensures that they deliver a smoother blade for a longer period of time. All of which just means that a 100-count of these blades should last most men at least 3-months and maybe as long as 6-months, depending on how often they replace their blades.

9Personna Double Edge Razor Blades

These double-edged razor blades are made from high-quality stainless steel and are coated with a special glide treatment that ensures that the blades are approximately 25% sharper than some of its competitors. In this 100-pack of blades, each of the blades is individually wrapped, so it’s safe and easy to remove each of the blades from the carton. These blades will also fit in most of the safety razors currently available except for a select few specialty models. They are so sharp and smooth, some people may wonder why they even bothered to use disposable razors or electric ones in the first place.

8Merkur Double Edge Blades

This 10-pack contains blades which are all individually wrapped in wax-paper to preserve their quality until it’s time to use them. They are manufactured in Germany from some of the highest-quality stainless steel possible and have a platinum coating that ensures they stay sharp and smooth for as long as possible. They are designed to fit into just about any conventional safety razor and deliver a reliably comfortable shave each and every time. Although they’re a tad more expensive than other convention double-sided razor blades, they do deliver a pretty high level of quality.

7Dorco ST300 Platinum Blades

These double-sided blades are imported from Korea and are designed to give the user a shave that they won’t soon forget. And considering this product’s construction, it might just deliver on its lofty goals. This product is made from high-quality stainless steel and is given a Platinum PTFE coating that allows the blade to last as long as possible and also deliver an incredibly smooth shave. Used with a conventional safety razor and a good shaving cream, these blades are capable of providing a nice, smooth shave and do it without irritating the skin. And since they’re available in 100, 200 or 500 count packs, they’re sure to last the shaver a long time.

6Crystal Stainless Steel Platinum Blades

Also known as Israeli Personnas, these super sharp blades are manufactured in Israel using only the highest quality materials. They are constructed using high-quality stainless steel for durability and are platinum coated to ensure that they deliver a sharp and smooth shave each and every time they’re used. These razors fit quite well in Parker, Gillette and Merkur safety razors and are often the choice of many barbers. They are not only durable, sharp and well made, but they’re also very economical as well and are less expensive than some of the name-brand razors currently available either online or in stores.

5Shark Super Chrome Blades

Packaged in tucks which contain 5-blades each, this 100-blade pack of safety razor blades contains enough blades for hundreds of shaves. Each of the blades is made with what Shark calls Super Chrome, which is a stainless-steel and polymer combination that’s designed to make the blades smooth and allow them to last as long as possible. These blades are ideal for use in a variety of safety razors including Parker, Gem, Gillette, and Merkur brands. In fact, except for some of the specially designed models, they will fit in just about any standard safety razor and provide the shaver with premium results.

4Astra Platinum Razor Blades

These double-edged blades are designed to fit any safety razor that’s designed to use such blades. They are manufactured in Russia and are all packed in wax paper for convenience and to ensure the blade stay “fresher” longer. Each of the blades in this pack is designed to provide several shaves, so a 100-pack of blades will last the shave hundreds upon hundreds of shaves. These blades are designed to provide the shaver with a professional shave and are also designed to resist dulling and rusting. All of which allows these blades to deliver a quality shave for a long time.

3Feather Hi-Stainless Blades

These stainless steel blades are manufactured in Japan, where they’re specially made to provide the sharpest, smoothest shave possible. Each razor is made with high-quality stainless steel and is platinum coated for both durability and to maintain the edge on the blades. Each package contains 100-blades, which gives the shaver at least 300-shaves before they have to purchase more blades. Depending on how often a person shaves, this means that a pack of these blades can last approximately 10-months before it has to be replaced with another package of blades. Which makes these blades an economical choice for just about any shaver.

2Vikings Blade Swedish Steel Blades

Designed to be used with Vikings Razors, these blades are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a razor blade that’s suitable for sensitive skin. These blades are not useful for people with coarse hair who needs aggressive blades but are perfect for people with finer hair who want a blade that won’t tear up their face. It’s also ideal for people who have never used a safety razor before and want to try out a gentler blade before they move on to a more aggressive blade. Each one of these blades is manufactured in the United States using Swedish 13C26 steel and is double wrapped for added safety and convenience.

17 O-Clock Sharp-Edge Blades

These stainless steel blades are manufactured by Gillette, a company which has long been known for delivering high-quality disposable razors. With the release of these razors, they are proving that they are also pretty good for making blades for safety razors. These blades are designed to be exceptionally sharp and are some of the sharpest razors currently available anywhere. Their sharpness isn’t the only great feature about these blades, however. They also provide a smooth shave, and each one of the blades is suitable for several shaves before it has to be replaced with a new one. And this means that these blades are ideal for anyone looking for a really close shave.

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Safety Razor Blade Care Guide

Finding the best safety razor blade and using it properly is only the beginning of most people’s shaving odyssey. Once the proper blade has been bought and properly used, the shaver then has to make sure they take proper care of it. If they don’t, then their blade can end up harboring nasty bacteria which can cause ingrown hairs, or it can begin to rust. And neither of these two things are good. That’s why we’ve included the following care tips for your safety razor blade.

Remove & Rinse

It’s important that the razor blade is removed from the razor after each use. Although there are some people who merely rinse their blade, and then loosen their safety razor so the blade can get air to dry, the proper way is to remove it from the safety razor and then give everything a nice rinse before drying it and then moving it to its storage location.

Store In a Dry Location

Another important thing to consider is where to store the blade. In our opinion, the shaver should not only avoid leaving the blade in the razor, but they should also avoid leaving it in the bathroom. Leaving the blade in a moist environment can lead to the blade rusting. Although chrome and platinum blades are less likely to rust in a wet environment like a bathroom, the truth of the matter is that just about any razor will rust in a moist environment. Therefore, it’s important to store the blade in a dry environment such as a sock drawer.

Clean The Blade Regularly 

The razor blade needs to be cleaned regularly in order for it to do its job properly. This means cleaning the blade every single time it’s used. It also means keeping the safety razor clean and not just the blade. In order to clean the razor blade, make sure you soak it in isopropyl alcohol for approximately 60-seconds after it’s been rinsed, then pat dry it with a towel.

Clean The Razor Itself

The razor head itself doesn’t have to be cleaned on a daily basis, but it does need to be rinsed daily and cleaned at least once a week. The razor head is easily cleaned by rinsing it with hot water for 20-seconds and then soaking it in a solution of isopropyl alcohol for approximately 90-seconds. If further cleaning is necessary, then a toothbrush and a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar can be used.

Every once in a while, the whole safety razor is going to have to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. That’s because even with regular rinsing and sanitizing, there is still going to be some soap and hair buildup on parts of the safety razor. Some men place the disassembled pieces of the safety razor in a pot of water and then bring it to a boil. They will then boil the parts for approximately 30-minutes to remove any hidden gunk that may be hiding in the razor.

Change The Blade Regularly

Most people who use a safety razor end up replacing the blades approximately after 5 to 7-uses. Of course, since different people shave at different rates, then this means that for some people the blade is hanging around for a while and for other people, it’s discarded every week. Some people only have to shave once a week, so their blade ends up lasting over a month, and other people have to shave every day, so their blade has to be tossed every week.

Don’t Try to Sharpen Them

Although we understand that people want to make their blades last as long as possible, it’s really not advisable for people to sharpen their blades at home to extend their service life. And there are two reasons why it’s not advisable to sharpen your blades. For one thing, blades are so inexpensive it’s really just going to cost you more in labor to sharpen the blade than what the blade is really worth. Another reason is that proper sharpening of these blades really can’t be done without buying a special machine for the job.

To find out just how uneconomical sharpening a blade really is, all you have to do is figure out how much you make in an hour and then figure that it will take about 15-minutes to TRY and sharpen a double-edged razor blade. If you then compare this labor cost against the actual replacement cost of the blade, then you’ll quickly realize that buying a new blade is actually cheaper than trying to sharpen an old one.

Another reason to not sharpen an old double edge safety razor is that it can’t correctly be done with a strop. If you attempted to sharpen it with a strop, then you’d end up with blades that either had rounded off edges or you would end up with a blade that was dull on one end and sharp on the other. Therefore, it’s best to just buy a new blade and avoid trying to sharpen an old one.