There’s no shortage of rust removing products available to consumers, and some of them work well and some of them work not so well. The one category of rust removers that has a higher than average chance of success, however, is rust converters. These products eliminate the rust by converting it into an inert compound that can then be primed and painted over. It’s almost like a chemical miracle.

Of course, finding the best rust converters can be a chore itself. There are dozens of different brands that all claim to have the best products for converting rust. That’s why we’ve decided to put some of these converters to the test so that we could narrow down the field to the ten best ones available. And you’ll find those on the following list.

Best Rust Converters – Reviews

10VHT SP229 Rust Convertor

VHT SP229 is a rust converter that’s different than most of the other types currently available. That’s because it’s in an aerosol can that allows it to be used much in the same way as a person would use spray paint. All the user has to do is spray it on the rust that needs to be treated, and it goes straight to work. It sprays on clear, but through its chemical reaction, it turns the rust into black metal. This then prevents further corrosion and creates a nice base coat that can be primed. This product is specially formulated to be used over metal, fiberglass, or body filler and produces a smooth surface every single time.

9Permatex 81773 Rust Treatment

If you’re looking for a product that’s capable of not only rendering old rust inert but is also capable of preventing new rust from developing, then this product from Permatex is probably one you’ll want to try out. That’s because it’s a product that’s easily brushed on or it can be placed into a spray bottle and sprayed on. Regardless of which way it’s applied, this formula goes right to work and converts rust into a durable black polymer coating that can easily be primed over. And as promised, it also prevents new rust from forming, protecting the surface in the process.

8Loctite Extend Rust Neutralizer

If the onslaught of time is causing your metal objects to develop a light layer of rust and you want to remove it, then this is the product for you. This product is designed to specifically deal with light areas of rust and to protect the surface from the development of new rust. Once it’s applied to the surface in question, it chemically converts the rust oxide into a black surface that can be primed and/or painted. It’s a product manufactured by Loctite, a company that’s been making quality household products for almost six decades now, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product.

7POR-15 Metal Prep

This is a product that can be used on any surface, including iron, aluminum or steel surfaces. When applied, this product will help the consumer remove dust from the surface of the project they’re working on so they can prime it or paint it. It’s a non-flammable and water-based formula that doesn’t require any mixing and is capable of removing rust from any surface. And because it comes in a large one-gallon container, there’s more than enough of this product to do just about any size job. All of which makes it an excellent rust remover and pre-primer for any household or automotive job.

6Rust Converter Ultra Rust-Repair

Why settle for a 12 or 16-ounce bottle of rust converter when you can get a full gallon of the product for handling large jobs? This product comes in a 1-gallon bottle that’s capable of treating up to 500 square feet of surface area, so you don’t have to keep buying smaller bottles of rust converter over and over again. Once applied to a properly prepared surface, this product is capable of converting rust into an inert coating that helps to seal out moisture and also helps to stop the advancement of rust. And that means that the consumer who uses this product can save time and money in the long run.

5Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer

Rust-Oleum is a company known for its excellent selection of paints and primers, but they also make an excellent rust converter product as well. This is a water-based product that sprays on like spray-paint and is designed to treat rusted metal surfaces. It can be used for both interior and exterior projects, dries to the touch within 40-minutes and each can is capable of covering up to 12 square feet of metal. After a curing period of approximately 24-hours, the surface can then be painted with an oil-based topcoat for added durability. All of that leaves a beautiful surface that anyone can be proud of.

4Rust Oleum Automotive Rust Reformer

This product from Rust-Oleum is specifically designed for reforming the rust on automotive projects. When sprayed on, this product immediately begins to convert rust into a flat black surface that prevents future rust development and helps to protect the surface of the metal from moisture. Since this product is contained within an easy-to-use spray can, it can be sprayed on precisely where it’s needed without worrying about overshooting the rust spots. It will then dry to a tack-free surface in under an hour and fully cure within 24-hours. Using this product, the consumer never has to worry about sanding or sandblasting rust again.

3Ospho 605 Metal Treatment

This multipurpose metal treatment can not only be used as a rust converter but can also be used for other metal preparation jobs. It can be used to clean non-ferrous and aluminum surfaces, to etch galvanized metal surfaces and to, of course, reform rust. Although this product might not be suitable for use by everyone because it does contain phosphoric acid, it does do a great job of dealing with heavily rusted parts. When properly used, it will immediately convert rust into iron phosphate, which not only stops the rust from spreading immediately but also helps to protect the surface of the metal from moisture.

2Gempler’s Eco-Friendly RCQ Rust Converter

This all-in-one rust converter is manufactured in the U.S and is designed to take care of rusted problem areas quickly and efficiently. One it’s applied to a rusted surface, it immediately subjects the iron oxide to a chemical conversion that changes it into an inert protective barrier. This protective layer not only stops the rust from spreading, but it also protects the surface of the metal from moisture. Very little prep is required to use this product effectively, and it comes in a 1-quart bottle that covers an area up to 125 square feet in size.

1Corroseal Water-Based Rust Coverter & Primer

The one thing that makes this the best rust converter of the many other brands available is that it simplifies the consumer’s life. This product not only converts rust to an inert state, but it also primes and paints it as well. Each gallon is capable of treating up to 250 square feet of metal, and it can be used for a variety of applications including general household use, industrial use, automotive use, or marine use. It’s a great product that’s capable of restoring just about any metal surface, except for galvanized or newly blasted steel, to its former glory.

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A Guide To Rust Converters

Rust converters are great products that do an amazing job of getting rid of rust. They are more effective at rust removal than just about any other product on the market, and they get the job done quickly. Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of people who turn to these products when they need to rust. And that’s probably because not everyone understands what these products do or how they work. That’s why we’ve decided to clear the air a bit, and not only talk about how these products work but also talk about the best way to use them. Before we can dig into that subject, however, we first have to have a quick discussion on rust, so let’s get to that right now.

What Is Rust?

Just about everyone knows what rust is, or at least, they believe they know what it is. If you ask the average person to describe rust, they’ll probably tell you that it’s that reddish stuff that forms on metal. And that’s a pretty good description of rust. However, if you ask them what the chemical process behind rust is, then most people have no clue, so we’re going to define it right now. Rust is composed of iron oxide, a by-product that’s formed by the reaction of oxygen and iron in the presence of moisture. Rust will continue to spread across iron surfaces until its entire mass is consumed and turned into red oxide dust.

Although the patinas that often develop on copper products offer a bit of protection to the metal itself, rust doesn’t offer any such benefit to iron. Given enough time, it will consume an entire surface of the iron or iron alloys (such as steel) that it develops on. Therefore, it must be removed quickly to protect the metal from further degradation.

How Do Rust Converters Work?

Now that we fully understand the nature of rust, it’s time to turn our attention to rust converters. There are probably fewer people who understand how these products work than there are people who don’t understand how rust works. Some people might even say that it’s too complicated to grasp, but that’s not the case. And we’re going to prove it right here by giving all of our readers a brief explanation of how rust converters work.

Rust converters work by turning iron oxide into iron tannate. Iron tannate is a stable, dark-colored material that prevents further corrosion of the metal layer. A lot of rust converters also add some form of polymer to their formulation that acts as a primer and helps to completely seal the black layer formed by the chemical reaction. This creates a surface that won’t rust further and is safe to prime and paint over.

Using Rust Converters For The Best Results

Okay, now that we know the basics behind how rust converters work, it’s time to talk about how to use them properly to get the best results. Although these products do an amazing job at what they do, you can help them work as well as possible by following some best practices. Below are some of the steps that will ensure you achieve the best results possible.

Read The Product’s Instructions

As is the case with any chemical product you use, it’s important to thoroughly read the instructions and follow them to the letter. This includes all of the safety precautions listed on the label. If you fail to read or follow the product’s instructions and safety warnings, then you are just asking for trouble. The directions are what always take precedence over any other general information that’s available about this product.

Prepare The Surface

It’s very important to prepare the surface of the metal being treated according to the product’s label. This usually involves scraping off loose dust and making sure there’s no residual dirt hanging around on the surface. preparing the surface of the metal will ensure that the rust converter can do its job properly.

Apply The Product Properly

Using a brush or roller, make sure that you apply the rust converter evenly over the surface being treated. Although each rust converter brand is different, most of them will be dry to the touch within 20-45 minutes and will cure in about 24-hours. You must wait until the product completely cures before applying a second coating. This will ensure proper rust conversion. If you’re going to be applying an oil-based topcoat, it’s important to wait for approximately 48-hours before applying it. And yes, that’s 48-hours after the initial curing period. It should also be noted that if the instructions on your rust converter state something different than what we’ve just described, then the directions take precedence.