Wearing a good pair of running socks is just as important as wearing the right shoes, especially if you’re working out. When it comes to running, the ideal pair of socks has to be comfortable, flexible, breathable, and above all, designed in a way that protects your feet against blisters. While some people do not really rate running socks as high as they should, the difference between regular socks and running socks is pretty obvious as soon as you start running.

For the most part, running socks are also quite versatile, in the sense that they can also be paired with athletic footwear when playing sports. More breathable than regular socks, with running socks you also get an improved durability long-term, no matter how intense your workouts may be. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best running socks the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Running Socks – Reviews

10Merrell Men’s Low Cut Tab Socks

Featuring one of the most innovative and comfortable fabric blend constructions out there, the Merrell’s Men’s Low-Cut Tab socks are a great choice for a more enjoyable, improved running performance. They have a simple pull-on closure and also feature advanced Nano-Glide technology and odor-management system to wick away any moisture and bacteria, keeping your feet dry, cool, and safe all through the day. The socks also feature an armband at their top for added support and specially designed mesh zoned panels for extra ventilation.

9ASICS Kayano Single Tab Socks

ASICS is a top sports gear brand and their innovative Kayano Classic running socks are designed so as to not fail an enthusiastic athlete. Providing optimal support and comfort, snug fit and convenient grip, these premium-grade socks boast a built-in arch band for that matter. Mesh side panels provide ample ventilation, while an integrated innovative NanoGlide technology delivers smooth surface-to-surface friction and good moisture management. Overall, these are seen as some of the most comfortable runn ing socks out there, not only in regards to their stationary comfort but also for the breathability they offer.

8Balega Silver Antimicrobial Socks

Uniquely and expertly crafted using top-quality fabric materials, the Balega Silver’s are no-show design, antimicrobial running socks that offer a great compression support and fit. The fiber-integrated antimicrobial silver ions help keep your feet dry and free from odor, germs, and bacteria. Their unique blend of quality knit fabric and fibers deliver maximum support while not compromising your convenience. With a shape that resembles running shoes, the Balega Silver socks are constructed to be anti-chaffing, anti-slip, and anti-blistering.

7Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks

Durable but light, the Darn Tough’s Merino Wool are high-quality running socks that boast a seamless design for enhanced performance. The design also ensures no slipping, no bunching or blistering, and allows an ideal snug fit, convenient grip. They are made of premium-grade Vermont merino wool that is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Moreover, these well-ventilated socks are treated for odor management, keeping moisture and molds away. This is bound to boost your performance when working out while protecting your feet against blisters.

6Feetures! – Elite Ultra Light Socks

With a quality design that integrates a proprietary Targeted Compression to provide incredible support and comfort, the Feetures! Elite are ultra light cushion running socks that provide a smart and convenient fit. Their anatomical design adds to their comfort while delivering protection against abrasion and blisters. Moreover, their iWick fibers deliver superior moisture management, keeping your feet dry and cool at all times, which is something one should always consider when buying running socks of any kind.

52XU Women’s Compression Performance Socks

Designed for women, the 2XU socks feature the most technically innovative performance compression technology available today. They feature zoned breathable panels to ensure optimum comfort and ventilation, which comes in handy when exercising. These gradient zoned compression seamless panels promote blood circulation and greater muscle containment, resulting in an improved performance and recovery. Even more so considering that these socks are designed primarily for women, a design that is aimed at catering to their sensibilities in a practical fashion.

4Drymax Run Hyper Thin Socks

Ranking as one of the lightest running socks in the world, this is an ultra slim, thin model that fits superbly and very conveniently. Featuring anti-microbial treatment, the socks keep your feet free from sweat, moisture, and odor. Their anti-slip wedge design ensures added convenience while meshed finish allows breathability. At the same time, a high-quality, select fabric blend makes the Drymax ideal for use in any weather condition and guaranteed not to cause any irritation.

3Thorlos Original Roll-Top Running Socks

Thorlos Original Roll-Top is a pair of running socks that boasts clinically-approved padding, specially designed, and positioned to offer optimal cushioning under the side of your foot and heel to deliver maximum blister and impact protection as well as any other pressure point resulting from sport-specific actions. We should also point out that these socks are made of great quality materials, including majorly premium Acrylic and some nylon along with spandex for good measure.

2Thirty 48 CoolMax Running Socks

Seen as one of the most popular choices for men and women alike, the Thirty 48 CoolMax running socks have a low cut, extra-cushion design for seamless comfort with any sports shoe types. The extra padding on the heel, Metatarsal, and the Achilles is designed to offer maximum protection from bruising and abrasion. At the same time, a uniquely styled tab at the heel ensures the socks do not slip during the day and also to provide a tighter fit overall. Furthermore, these socks are made of advanced CoolMax fabrics that wick away moisture, keeping the feet cool and dry at all times.

1Saucony Men’s Multi-Pack Running Socks

With the materials chosen for extra comfort and ventilation, these Saucony Men’s running socks are without a doubt, some of the best the market has to offer right now. They feature a convenient pull-on closure, making them simple to wear or remove and allowing an ideal fit. Their special moisture-management and sweat-wicking fibers keep your feet clean and fresh all day long. Moreover, the socks have air mesh vents that allow for an optimal airflow to keep the feet dry and comfortable, while the cushioned soles plus arch support system offer an ideal amount of compression for superior support in motion.

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