Regardless of whether you need rolling papers to roll your cigarettes, cigars or special herbal blends, you are going to want to buy the best one possible. Although some people don’t give a whole lot of thought to this product when they grab a pack, the truth of the matter is that paper quality determines how well it rolls and more importantly, how well it burns.

Since inferior papers tend to burn quicker, and therefore end up just wasting tobacco, we’ve decided to research the ten best rolling papers currently available. We selected products that are not only easy to roll but ones that burn evenly. Although the smoker’s personal preferences will ultimately be the deciding factor when they choose a pack of papers, the following list is a good point for anyone to start.

Best Rolling Papers – Reviews

9Zig Zag White 1-1/4-Inch

Sold by the box, these single-wide rolling papers are designed for discriminating smokers who want a high-quality paper. In each box are 24 booklets and in each of the booklets are 32 rolling papers–giving the user 768 total papers to enjoy. Each of these papers is a traditional product that’s manufactured in France for quality. They are designed so that the paper’s flavor doesn’t interfere with the natural flavor of the tobacco or herb that’s rolled in it. And it’s also designed to give a nice and consistent burn that won’t burn from one end to the next too quickly.

8Bob Marley King-Size

Although these papers may be thicker and larger than what some people prefer, it does provide quite a spacious canvas for loading it up with tobacco or smoking herbs. They are approximately 110mm long and are considered to be King-sized. They are made out of hemp, and each pack contains approximately 33 papers. What’s really remarkable about these papers, however, is that each of them has a random picture of Bob Marley printed on them. Smokers can’t personally smoke with Bob Marley, but these papers are probably the next best thing. They also make a pretty good gift to give to friends and family.

7Zig Zag Orange and 78mm Roller

Zig Zag Orange is a brand that was extremely popular through the 1970s through the 1990s and is still used by many people to this day. Also known as Zig Zag 78, or Orangies in some locals, it’s a brand of paper that’s known for burning slower than comparable papers and also for being easy to roll. They are also known as Zig Zag No. 225. They are 78mm in size, and when properly rolled produce a nice tight cigarette. This set not only comes with three packs of Zig Zags and also comes with a rolling machine to ensure that the user rolls their cigarettes as tight as they want to roll them.

6Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25-Inch

Considered to be all-natural and 100% vegan rolling papers, Raw Unrefined Classic is ideal for anyone who wants to watch what they’re smoking. It’s manufactured using an ultra-thin paper that’s made out of organic hemp and has a natural gum used as an adhesive to seal the cigarette. This product is also completely additive-free. Each paper is 75mm by 44 mm and each pack contains 50 leaves. Since these papers are manufactured in Spain, smokers can also rest assured that they’re getting a quality made product that will always burn smoothly. These 1-1/4-inch rolling papers are often the preferred choice of discriminating smokers.

5Top Fine Gummed Cigarette Papers

Top Rolling Papers is a company that’s been manufacturing cigarette rolling papers for over a 100-years now. They are manufactured and imported from France and are distributed by Republic Tobacco. Each package contains approximately 100-leaves, which are packed nicely in Top’s easy-to-recognize yellow package. These papers are easy to draw from this pack and are easy to load and roll. When properly rolled, they produce a nice tight cigarette that burns nice and slow and doesn’t have an aftertaste like comparable brands of papers. They might not be the best, but everything considered, these rolling paper are good for anyone looking for an inexpensive paper.

4Juicy Jay’s Mixed Flavored 1-1/4-Inch Papers

This 10 item bundle contains 6 packs of flavored rolling papers in 6 tried-and-true flavors. They come with a Blueberry, Grape, Apple, Orange, Cherry, and Watermelon flavors that will impress just about anyone who smokes them. Each pack contains 32 papers each, so the smoker always has papers on hand. Also included in this set are 4 Doob Tubes, a product that looks like a vial and is both moisture and odor-proof. The colorful tubes are hermetically sealed, are manufactured in the United States and are made from a quality polycarbonate plastic that’s designed to hold up to frequent use.

3Raw Pre-Rolled Classic King Cones

Raw Classic King Cones are extremely popular nowadays, and there’s a good reason they are. That’s because these products are pre-rolled, so they are extremely easy to load and smoke. However, although it’s pre-rolled cone shape is very handy, it’s not the only reason to like these papers. They also have a few other features that smokers are going to love, particularly smokers who are looking for a more natural smoking solution. These papers are made from pure hemp that’s been grown without the use of non-natural fertilizers or pesticides. And each paper is considered to be 100% GMO, gluten-free and free of harmful additives.

2Elements 1-1/4-Inch Ultra Thin Rice Papers

Each pack of Elements Rolling Papers is filled with innovations, and it all starts with its box. These paper’s packaging has a magnetic closure mechanism which keeps the package closed at all time, so the paper isn’t needlessly wasted. Inside of this innovative packaging is 50 leaves which are made from rice paper that measures 76mm by 44mm in size. This rice paper is made from rice that’s been grown nourished by the sun and rain and produce a quality paper. Each of these papers is ultra-thin, so the smoker smokes more tobacco and less paper, and they all have a sugar gum adhesive instead of glue. All things considered, these papers burn slowly and produce very little ash, which makes them a pretty exceptional product.

1Raw 1-1/4-Inch Classic Pre-Rolled Cones

These easy-to-use pre-rolled cones are extremely popular because of the way they’re made. They are 1-1/4-inch cones that are easy to load, easy to roll and easy to smoke. They are made with a quality brown paper that burns smoothly, slowly and very cleanly. They produce a clean-tasting smoke and aren’t filled with the additives often found in cheap rolling papers. Although many people buy these cones because they don’t know how to roll a cigarette, there are plenty of people who do know how to roll and continue to turn to these natural, high-quality cones for their smoking needs.

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A Guide To Rolling Papers

Many people spend years rolling their cigarettes with rolling papers without giving them so much of a second thought. They’re just small pieces of paper to most people, not something worth serious condition. However, that’s simply not true. Having an understanding of these products can allow a person to buy the best rolling papers for their tobacco and their lifestyle. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide. In this guide, we’re not only going to cover rolling paper history, but we’re also going to go over what people need to consider before buying a pack of papers.

The History of Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are a product that’s been around for hundreds of years. Although people probably used various pieces of paper to smoke tobacco ever since it was first introduced to Europe from the Americas, it wasn’t until the early 18th century that a company created the first commercial rolling papers. It was a Spanish company named Pay-Pay that first began creating commercially available rolling papers in 1703.

Over the following three hundred years, a variety of different companies began making their own varieties of papers, and these papers were made from numerous types of materials. Everything from rice, hemp, pulp, and flax has been used to make papers, and numerous improvements have been made to its design over the years. For example, during the mid 19th century, Zig Zag created the interleaving method. This method interleaves one rolling paper with the one behind it, so they are easier to remove from the package.

How to Choose Rolling Papers

There are a number of things to consider when buying a pack or a tube of rolling papers, so it’s important to know what your options are before you begin. Below, we’re going to cover some of the basic things to consider before buying your next pack.

Rolling Paper Size

Generally speaking, rolling papers come in five different sizes including Single, 1-1/4-Inch, 1-1/2-Inch, Double, and King-Size. Each of these sizes affects the end product, so it’s important to choose a pack that suits your needs and your smoking style. Let’s take a closer look at each brand.

  • Single: Single Wide papers are the smallest of the papers available. When rolled, they create an ultra-tight cigarette that’s about half the diameter of a store-bought cigarette. They are approximately 68mm long and 34mm wide.
  • 1-1/4-Inch: These papers are approximately 76mm long and about 45mm wide. When they’re rolled, they approximately the size of a standard commercially manufactured cigarette. They are some of the more popular rolling papers available because of its size.
  • 1-1/2-Inch: These size rolling papers are a little larger than a 1-1/4-inch paper, but in size not in length. In length, these papers are still approximately 76mm long, but in width, they are about 60mm to 62mm in width. This size is what’s commonly used for blunts.
  • Double-Wide: These papers are approximately 76mm to 78mm long and anywhere from 63mm to 88mm in width. These papers are not as popular as some of the other sizes available and that’s because they take a tremendous amount of tobacco to fill them.
  • King: Typically, these papers are 100mm to 110mm long and about 55mm to 60mm wide. When rolled, this product can be passed around to approximately five or six friends at a time, so they’re often referred to as party papers or party rolling papers.

Flavored or Natural Rolling Papers

The last thing to consider is whether to buy natural rolling papers or ones that are flavored. Although choosing between a natural or a flavored product is mostly a personal decision, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, flavored papers tend to burn faster than other types of papers and some of the flavorings used in flavored rolling papers haven’t been fully investigated as far as their health effects go. However, they do come in a number of flavors which include grape, watermelon, and orange. Another thing to consider is some flavored papers just flavor the gum strip and not the whole paper. However, there are brands that flavor the entire paper.

Natural rolling papers are designed so that the smoker inhales fewer harmful materials caused by the combustion of the paper. Natural papers usually don’t contain additives or dyes. They may also be free of chalk and/or burn additives, although it’s best to read the package of any papers purchased to understand how it’s made.