It doesn’t matter whether you call them exercising bands, fitness bands or by their intended name, resistance bands aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s because these product help people achieve a high fitness level and they do it without the user having to buy expensive equipment or having to play around with dangerous free weights. Which makes them a pretty nifty tool, in my opinion.

Since these products have gained an enormous amount of popularity among fitness enthusiasts, it seemed like just about everybody has decided to sell them. And that can make it difficult for some people to decide which one is the best. To ease the confusion, we’ve listed ten of the best bands for exercising.

Best Resistance Bands – Reviews

10WOD Fitters Pull Up Assistance Bands

Sold one band at a time, this product is designed to help people get the most out of their individual fitness routine. They are available in one of five different resistance levels: the blue ones offer 65 to175-pounds of resistance, the green ones 50 to 125-pounds, purple ones 40 to 80-pounds, black ones 30 to 60-pounds and red ones 10 to 35-pounds. Individuals can either purchase one of these bands to perform a particular exercise or buy all of them to equip their home gym. Either way, these bands are sure to provide the resistance needed for some great workouts.

9Viking Strong Pull Up Bands

These pull up bands are sold individually and are color-coded so that the buyer can determine their resistance level. For example, the black ones have a resistance of 30 to 60-pounds, the red ones 10 to 35-pounds, the green ones have a resistance of 50 to 125-pounds, the blue one 65 to 175-pounds and the red one are 10 to 35-pounds. They can be bought and used one at a time or can be paired together to create a custom amount of resistance. And since these bands are made to the highest quality standards, users can rest assured that they will provide them with plenty of use.

8TNT Pro Series Exercise Stretch Bands

These exercise bands are larger than most of the ones which are currently available. They are approximately 6-feet long and 6-inches wide, which makes them especially suitable for not only doing arm exercises but also legs exercises, too. They come in a set of three and each of the bands is color-coded to reveal whether they have a light, medium or heavy amount of resistance. It also comes with a door anchor which really gives the fitness fanatic a large number of options to what kind of exercises they want to perform for any particular day. Which makes this set suitable for home gyms, for Pilates use or for rehabilitation.

7WOD Nation Pull Up Bands

Although these bands do not come in sets and instead are sold individually, their high-quality construction makes them ideal for just about anyone looking to equip a home gym. This is especially true of individuals who are slowly working up to a certain fitness level and want to buy the bands as they go along. The red bands offer resistance of up to 35-pounds, the black up to 60-pounds, green up to 125-pounds and the blue up to 175-pounds. They can be used for pull-up resistance, for resistance exercises or for stretching. Each of these bands should provide the user with plenty of workouts before they wear out.

6Serious Steel Fitness Bands

Sold as single bands which make it easy for the amateur fitness enthusiast to work their way up to new fitness level, each of these bands is color-coded for easy reference. Whether you need the orange band, which only provides about 2-pounds of resistance, or you need the black band which has a resistance of up to 150-pounds, this set is sure to meet the user’s expectations. If users don’t want to buy these bands individually, they can also buy a complete set of all 6-bands. Overall, these resistance bands are designed to give the user the flexibility they need to reach their fitness goals.

5Intey Workout Band

This set of 4 resistance bands provides all of the bands that most people will need for their daily workout routine. It comes with a red band (15-35 lbs.), a black band (25 to 65 lbs.), a purple band (35 to 86 lbs.) and a green band (50 to 125 lbs.). Each of these bands is made from 100% natural latex, so they can stand up to even heavy workout routines. They also don’t wear out as quickly as some of the cheaper bands do and should provide the user with plenty of workouts. These bands are suitable for everything from casual exercise to professional workouts and rehabilitation sessions.

4321 Strong Individual Exercise Band

While most of the resistance bands which are being sold depend on the user identifying their resistance level by their color, these resistance bands have the resistance level printed right on the side of the band. That way, you never have to worry about whether you are using the right band or not. Each of these bands is individually sold so that you don’t have to purchase bands that you aren’t going to use. However, you can also buy a set of 6-bands if you need more than one band. These bands can be used for both arm and leg workouts and the bands are 41-inch loop bands.

3Bodylastics The Combat Ready Warrior Band Set

Users who don’t want to buy individual bands or components for their home gym may want to take a closer look at this set. It comes with 15-pieces of equipment suitable for a resistance exercise regimen. It comes with 6 bands which come in 3,5,8.13, 19 and 30-pounds resistances; 2 high-quality handles, 2 high-quality ankle straps, 1 door anchor, 1 small multipurpose anchor, a band barrier and a carrying bag. Using this set, the average fitness connoisseur can take their workouts to the next level and beyond. And if this size isn’t large enough, they also have 21-piece set.

2Synergee Mini-Loop Bands

It doesn’t matter if you need mini exercise bands for CrossFit, yoga, pilates or any other fitness regimen because these bands are up to the task. These bands can even be used by physical therapists to help their patients recover from torn ACLs or knee replacements. They are sold in sets of 5-bands which includes a yellow band that goes up to 20-pounds, green up to 35-pounds, blue up to 40-pounds, black up to 40-pounds and red up to 50-pounds. Each of these bands is 12-inches long and 2-inches wide and come with an exercise manual and a carrying bag.

1Upowex Bands Set

Anyone who wants to get started with resistance training but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on all of the bands may want to check out this Upowex Resistance Bands Set. It comes with everything a person needs to start their own home gym for resistance training. It comes with 5 color-coded bands: 10-pound yellow, 20-pound blue, 30-pound green, 40-pound black and 50-pound red bands, and all of the bands are approximately 48-inches in length. This set also comes with a carrying bag, a door anchor, two ankle straps, and two cushioned handles. This set is ideal for a variety of upper and lower body exercises and can be purchased at a relatively low price.

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