There are many uses for rechargeable batteries and the many applications they enable by virtue of their re-usability. Perhaps the greatest advantage they have over regular batteries, along with their reusable nature, is the increased efficiency when dealing with high-performance devices.

We should also point out that these batteries are a lot cheaper now than they were just a few years ago, which when combined with their guaranteed durability makes them a ‘must have’ for any household. Let us then find out what are the ten best rechargeable batteries the market has to offer.

 Best Rechargeable Batteries – Reviews

10Moonrays 47740SP NiCd AA Batteries

The Moonrays’ 47740SP are high-quality Ni-CD rechargeable AA batteries designed for solar-powered lights. The batteries provide an energy-efficient choice over conventional models for illuminating your al fresco spaces like the gardens, patios, yards, pathways, or driveways. Regardless of the purpose of your outdoor lighting—decorative, mood lighting or security lighting — these batteries are reliable in keeping the solar fixtures going for months.

9Duracell Rechargeable AA Batteries

When shopping for a quality set of rechargeable pre-charged batteries to use with your digital camera, wireless keyboard, mice or controls, this Duracell model is a worthy pick. These four batteries are of notably high-performance quality.

They feature unique and efficient coppertop design. They don’t leak or even degrade easily relative to conventional AAA battery models. Moreover, with 400 recharge cycles, these are durable cells by all standards.

8SunLabz AAA Rechargeable Batteries

These rechargeable batteries by SunLabz provide a more energy efficient, more effective and cost-effective alternative to conventional batteries. The NiMH cells are designed to endure over 1000 recharge cycles and they are superior to alkaline models in power density. Their negative electrodes utilize a hydrogen absorbing alloy, ensuring that these batteries twice or thrice greater capacity than same-sized NiCD models.

7Panasonic BK-4HCCA4BA Eneloop Pro

The Panasonic Eneloop Pro are high-capacity NiMH LSD (Low Self Discharge) rechargeable batteries that come in a pack of four. The cells provide advanced power capacity that is sufficient for running high-power draining devices effectively.

This makes these batteries perfect for devices such as DSLR flash units, tactical flashlights, remote control toys, and more. Not only that but you will find them to be much more efficient than low-end rechargeable batteries.

6Tenergy Centura AAA NiMH Batteries

With a quite low self-discharge that ensures a high power retention for long periods of time, the Tenergy Centura AAA NiMH are great rechargeable batteries designed for improved performance for high-drain applications like CD players, digital players, hand-held games, portable audio devices, PDAs, etc.

These batteries are rechargeable up to 1000 cycles, offering an economic package of power sources to rely on. They are also easily rechargeable using smart chargers, quick chargers, and universal or plug-in chargers.

5AmazonBasics 12P AAA Rechargeable Batteries

For powering high-load household and office devices like wireless mice, controllers, and keyboards, you need great performance batteries. The AmazonBasics 800mAh 12-Pack AAA rechargeable batteries are something you will find truly helpful for that matter.

Wireless mouse and controllers, for example, function particularly well with these high-quality batteries. The batteries also boast a reliable alkaline technology to make them rechargeable for many times without losing any of their efficiency.

4Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries

With these durable Energizer Recharge Universal Batteries, you get not only durability but reliability of a much higher standard than normal. Coming pre-charged, these energy efficient batteries can be recharged and used 1,000 times each. They are also designed to store charge up to a whopping 12 months, which is impressive by most standards.

All you need is to pair them with any Energizer Recharge Charger and safely power up these batteries for powering up devices like digital audio devices or any other wireless electronics.

3EBL Rechargeable AAA Batteries

The EBL AAA Batteries are intended for anyone who needs rechargeable batteries of incredibly reliable quality. They are eco-friendly AAA batteries by design, yet batteries that are built to be highly durable so as to allow up to 1,200 recharge cycles.

Thanks to their high-quality supercell innovations (lattice), they power most household/office devices well, while the low-discharge technology they integrate is guaranteed to help them maintain their output levels for extremely long periods of time.

2AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Batteries

If you need high-capacity, high-quality rechargeable batteries that really last, you should give the AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Ni-MH batteries a try. For everyday household or professional use, these pre-charged batteries provide the extra power and longer runtime you require.

They keep high-performance even at extremely low temperatures, thus great for winter and leisure activities performed in cold weather. Integrating a low self-discharge innovative feature, these batteries can really keep power for long after most rechargeable batteries have failed.

1Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA Eneloop

The BK-4MCCA4BA Eneloop is a highly popular, top performance rechargeable battery model, one that integrates Panasonic’s innovative recharge cell technology to allow up to 2,100 recharge cycles.

The battery cells are quite helpful for powering any household products such as wireless gaming devices, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, flashlights, and digital camera flash units. Last but not least, they also offer an extreme temperature efficiency, down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit to be more precise.

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