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Rat infestation is one of the most irritating experiences that you encounter in your home. Though very small, they are really bothersome and they destroy even clothes and documents. They multiply very fast. You can see them everywhere in your house.

When they get a single moment, they start destroying items in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Once you realize that rats in your house, you need to deal with them immediately. Rat traps are the traditional way of catching these types of creatures. But, these times, they are very smart. If you want to eliminate rats in your home and its premises, best rat poisons are the right option.

Best Rat Poisons – Reviews

8Motomco Tomcat

If you want a perfect rat poison for eliminating rats from your farms and homes, Motomco Tomcat is ideal for you. This all weather rat poison is capable of attracting all rats from its hiding place and eats it up. A small amount of this poison is enough for eliminating all rats in your home.

Motomco Tomcat is highly effective because of its liquid formula and you can cover a much wider area. Just a single pack is enough for controlling rats and mice from any regular-sized household.

7JT Eaton 709-PN

Two types of mouse and rat traps are available on the market. Both of them are designed for eliminating rats before they cause long term problems. The non-toxic traps that catch critters can be released anywhere. The toxic traps are designed to deal with the problem seriously. JT Eaton 709-PN is a highly effective toxic rat poison that comes with peanut butter flavor.

It is highly effective for luring various types of rats such as house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. It has a tamper-resistant sealed pail that can be opened. Thus, you can distribute the chunks in sheds, little cubbyholes, garages, etc.

6JT Eaton 904

JT Eaton 904 is an outstanding rat poison that is extremely effective and reliable. This anticoagulant poison is ideal for placing in garages or basements where rats are hiding most of the times. A pack of 72 poisons is enough for killing many rats as possible.

JT Eaton 904 contains a poisonous chemical, diphacicone, which causes the rat to bleed and die. It has a peanut butter flavor, which is extremely effective to attract rats to the bait.

5Tomcat Mouse Killer III

Tomcat Mouse Killer III is a highly effective rat poison for indoor use. This rat poison has two blocks that can kill a maximum of 6 rats at a go. The child resistant refillable station of this rat poison secures it from the kids.

Thus, you can use this rat poison safely in indoors. Tomcat Mouse Killer III is extremely effective, thus it kills rats instantly. You can use this rat poison in indoors without worrying about kids in your family.

4Tomcat All-Weather

Tomcat All-Weather is ideal for those who live in a big resident or in an isolated area. You need not go to the market frequently for purchasing rat poison because Tomcat All-Weather comes in a big bucket. Natural human grade ingredients are used in this rat poison. The 4-pound chunk bucket helps to cover a big area.

Thus, you can eliminate all the rats from your house and surroundings. Bromadiolone is the active ingredient in this rat poison, which contains 1.5 oz diphacinine, which is irresistible for the rats.

3Farnam Just One Bite

Rats are always hungry, which is why the rat poison is disguised as tasty food items. Farnam Just One Bite is the ideal product for eliminating dirty, destructive rats. You can place this rat poison anywhere in your house.

It is highly effective for killing all types of rats such as house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. It contains Bromadiolone, which kills rats in a few days. Therefore, it is perfect for avoiding bait shyness. Thus, you can use Farnam Just One Bite for many years.

2Neogen Ramik Nuggets

If you need a rat poison that works quickly and quietly, Neogen Ramik Nuggets is the best option. This rat poison is made with Brodifacoum, a very powerful poison. It comes in a 4-pound bag of bait.

Rats eat it or carry it away. It is also useful for eliminating disease-carrying pests. This all weather rodenticide is perfect for wet and damp areas. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

1Ratx Rat Bait

Ratx Rat Bait does not contain any poison. Corn gluten is the primary ingredient in this rat bait. Due to the swelling of active ingredient internally, it causes lots of inconveniences once the rats eat it. Rats and mice cannot vomit. Ratx Rat Bait also prevents them taking additional water. In such a way, this rat bait kills the rats within just one feeding. Thus, this is a safe solution for all your family members.

Ratx Rat Bait is also a wonderful option for protecting your environment. You can also prevent passing the poison through to the animals like owls and hawks after killing rats. The product is also safe for people with cats, dogs, or small children because it does not contain rodenticide. It is also nontoxic to all mammals. Ratx Rat Bait is biodegradable, so it will not cause any pollution.

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