Finding a good purple shampoo isn’t necessarily hard given the sheer variety the market has to offer, yet it proves a quite tedious task for the exact same reason. Like always when dealing with cosmetics, one has to pay close attention to the manufacturer and to the ingredients.

Afterward, a quick look at customer reviews should provide all the necessary information needed to make an educated purchase. Even so, what works for some people might not have the same results for others, thus the need to take the time and figure out what shampoo works best for you through trial and error. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best purple shampoos the market has to offer for you to look at.

Best Purple Shampoos – Reviews

10Marc Daniels Purple Shampoo

Formulated without sulfates and parabens, this purple shampoo from Marc Daniels is a vegan-friendly option that pro-vitamin B5 for making hair stronger and restoring brittle, dry hair to a healthier state, leaving it with a notable luster and shine.

For its deep hydrating properties, it keeps the hair looking great for much longer than most shampoos. Furthermore, it comes with a sister conditioner that improves the scalp health and also offers natural antioxidants for already damaged hair.

9Beauty With a Twist Purple Shampoo

Beauty With a Twist has this enriched purple shampoo created for effective toning down of the annoying brassiness on tinted or bleached hair and also neutralizing yellow tones in gray or silver hair.

It is a unique type of shampoo that bursts into a rich lather, cleansing the hair as it corrects its color. It also makes the hair soft and more manageable with shining highlights. A fair and balanced blend of integrated natural proteins add volume and gloss to the hair as well, a property only great shampoos tend to possess.

8Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

A purple shampoo and also condition in a single package, the Joico helps keep up to 89% of your hair color against fading for 8 weeks straight, even if washed frequently. It is made of top-quality selected ingredients effective in eliminating brassy tones on gray or blonde hair.

At the same time, it leaves your hair feeling stronger and clean without the risk of causing dandruff or damaging the scalp in any way. We should also point out that the shampoo and the conditioner both have a great smell that is surely admirable, to say the least.

7Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo

If you have any color problems with your platinum, blonde, highlighted, or gray hair, then perhaps the Fudge Clean Violet Shampoo might be able to handle them for you. This particular shampoo gets rid of any brassy tones, unwanted yellows, and also removes any dirt and oil that may find its way into your hair.

It also has to be said that the Fudge is made with organic proteins for protecting your hair against thermal damage and repairing the already inflicted damage. It also hydrates the hair and leaves a sweet vanilla smell on thanks to its hints of apples and pears.

6B Uniq Silver Purple Shampoo

If you need a more powerful purple shampoo for combating the embarrassing shades of yellow and brassy tones, the B-Unique’s Silver might just deliver the desired results. Its formula features very powerful violet pigments for helping effectively tone down undesired yellow shades, created for safe use on platinum, blonde, highlighted and gray hairs.

It naturally filters out hair damaging UV rays and keeps the hair smooth and shiny. For an extra shine, it integrates Vitamin B5 and being free of paraben and sulfates, it is completely safe. As such, it leaves the hair with a richer, nicer-looking blonde color shade.

5Jhirmack Silver Plus Ageless Shampoo

Another good quality purple shampoo, the Jhirmack Silver Plus gets rid of those brassy notes in bleached and platinum blondes but also corrects grey and silver hair wonderfully. It neutralizes the undesired yellow highlights common in silver hair and also leaves the hair softly textured and smelling pretty nice.

Its formula has tea extracts and folic acid, helping keep even the aging hair looking quite cool. It further integrates antioxidants for maintaining soft and shiny hair and macadamia nut oil plus COQ10 for an improved natural hair flexibility.

4BlondeMoment Purple Shampoo

The BlondeMoment’s is a special formula purple shampoo created for blonde hair as well as grey hair with proven results for virtually any related shade. Its formula has natural balancing extracts plus Mica for great hair cleansing, depositing color and stopping hair fading through repeated use.

It is a toning shampoo at its core, one mostly used for effective neutralizing and toning of brassiness and yellows. Interestingly enough, this shampoo is completely safe for chemically treated or dyed hair.

3TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Shampoo

This shampoo gently cleanses blonde hair, at the same time refreshing and also conditioning the hair without any potential side-effects. Its purple toning pigment neutralizes the brassy tones and enhances cool tones, leaving the hair not only looking healthy but smelling quite nice as well.

Featuring Polyquaternium 10, it prevents and controls static, frizz, and flyaway, while improving vibrancy and shine. At the same time, you will find the TIGI Dumb Blonde to be more than able to leave the hair smooth, soft, and manageable after each wash.

2Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

Also highly popular among the top purple shampoos is the Fanola’s No Yellow. This exquisite shampoo is imbued with effective violet pigments for toning down undesired yellow hues or brassy notes on light, streaked blonde and also gray hair. It is also great for ash blondes, delivering great results in hair color balancing.

The Fanola No Yellow is actually a powerful toner which calls for careful use, showing results faster than most other shampoos in its category.

1Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Shampoo

Leading in popularity among the best purple shampoos, the Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Original is created for those with silver or blonde hair and are fed up with dull yellow shades or brassy notes in the hair. Given its unique formula, it improves real blonde hair color, enhancing the hair’s natural beauty.

At the same time, it refreshes faded highlights on ash-colored and highlighted hairs, leaving the hair shiny and with a nice scent. Due to its formula being free of sulfates, this is a 100% safe product to use for people with sensitive hair.

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A Guide To Using Purple Shampoo

Hopefully, our reviews have resulted in many of our readers buying the best purple shampoo that’s available. A shampoo that will help them reduce the brassiness in their hair and restore it to its former glory. And that’s very possible if the person using the shampoo uses it correctly.

To help people use this product in the best way possible, we’ve decided to write this guide on the subject. In this guide, all of our readers will learn the tips and tricks that they need to use purple shampoo properly. So let’s not dawdle any longer and instead jump right into the thick of things.

Before We Start, Let’s Talk About Hair Color Shades

Before we begin this guide on properly using purple shampoo, we would like to state how important it is for people with platinum, grey, or silver hair to purchase the right purple shampoo for their needs. While blondes can generally use a lighter purple shampoo, individuals with silver or platinum hair should use a darker purple color—shades that might even teeter on the edge of indigo or blue. Those shades work for the platinum, gray, and silver shades and the shades that are violet or bright purple shouldn’t be used by people with pale shades of hair. On the other hand, blondes should feel free to pick a brighter purple shampoo because those will work best for their hair.

How To Use Purple Shampoo

Okay, now it’s time to talk about how to use purple shampoo for the best results. Although many people might be tempted to use this type of shampoo just like ordinary shampoo, it does need a little more finesse than other types of shampoo products.

Step One: Wet Your Hair With Warm Water

The first step to using the product properly is to thoroughly wet your hair with warm water. The temperature of the water will help expand the hair’s shafts and that will allow the purple shampoo to take a better hold on the hair.

Step Two: Work It From Root To Tip

The next step is to work the purple shampoo into your hair starting from the root and then working towards the tip. Make sure to massage the purple shampoo gently into your hair, lathering it as you work your way across all of your hair. If your hair has problem areas, then be sure to focus special attention on those areas to make sure that you deal with the brassy portions of your hair properly.

If the shampoo is only being used on highlights, then don’t worry about applying the product over the entirety of your hair. That’s because purple shampoo doesn’t have an effect on dark hair—only on lighter shades of hair. There’s no sense wasting extra product on the areas of your hair that don’t need it.

Step Three: Give It Time To Work

In order for this shampoo to be able to do its job, it needs to sit on the hair for a little bit. How long? That depends on the product, but generally anywhere from 2-3 minutes is sufficient for people dealing with light brassiness. Some brands might require their shampoo to sit longer, however, so always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

On the other hand, if your hair has a great deal of discoloration, then you might have to leave it on longer. Color-treated or significantly discolored hair might need a little bit longer to deal with brassiness. In those instances, a person will usually benefit from leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. Once again, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never leave the purple shampoo on your hair longer than 15-minutes if you have blonde hair. That’s because leaving it on longer than that can ruin the blonde and leave the hair with a lilac tint.

People who have silver or platinum hair might want to leave the purple shampoo on their hair for longer than 15-minutes—especially if they have extremely brassy hair. Keeping the shampoo on silver or platinum hair for approximately 30-minutes can remove the warm tones from the hair entirely.

Step Four: Don’t Forget To Condition

Once you have washed and rinsed your hair, you should make sure that you properly moisturize your hair. Use a quality conditioner—a purple conditioner if you so desire—and use it according to the label’s directions. Just remember that if you use a purple conditioner with a purple shampoo, then that can end up leading to an ashy hair tone.

Purple Shampoo Usage Tips

Before we conclude this guide, we would like to give our faithful readers some additional tips that will help them use purple shampoo effectively to properly maintain their hair tone. Let’s take a quick look at these tips:

  • If you notice your purple shampoo imparts a lilac tone in your hair, it might need to be diluted to a 2:1 ratio.
  • Use purple shampoo once a week to maintain a proper hair tone.
  • Make sure to deep condition your hair every few months while using purple shampoo.