Do you have a phone or tablet with a quickly-draining battery? This can be unfortunate, especially when you are traveling or when you are elsewhere away from home or office. Changing the phone can be an option, but it is an expensive one. Ideally, you should get yourself a good, long-lasting power bank.

When choosing a power bank, you should consider such functions as the capacity, durability, slots, or size. You can also choose one with a fast/smart charging technology, but it’s not a must. That said, here is a look at some of the best power banks out in the market.

Best Power Banks – Reviews

10Xnuoyo 20000mAh Power Bank

Xnuoyo 20000mAh Power Bank

This is one excellent power bank that can be reliable enough if you have a phone with a quick-draining battery. It is made of aluminum alloy, meaning that it will stand strong enough in harsh conditions.

The powerful 20000mAh capacity lets you charge your phone fully a few times. Another thing worth mentioning is that the power bank recharges quickly. When fully charged, this little beast can charge your phone up to seven times.

9G.Chen 30000mAh Portable Power Bank

If you are a looking for a power bank that can charge up to three devices without losing power, the G.Chen 30000mAh is the right choice for you. It is also the best choice if you are on a long trip. This power bank can easily charge three devices at once without draining power quickly.

It comes with three USB ports to use with different devices simultaneously. It has an LED flashlight that you can use when in the woods or during a blackout. However, some people have raised complaints about its slow charging.

8Vinsic 20000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank

This power bank is one of the slimmest on the market, which makes it a top choice for many people. You can easily slide it in your pocket and carry it as a phone. It has a high capacity and features 2 USB ports to deliver fast charging to two devices at once. The power bank comes with short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-discharged, as well as overcharged protection to your phone.

You can also know the remaining capacity through the figure LED indicator. Unfortunately, the power bank only comes with a USB charger, but you can use your regular phone charger to recharge it.

7AIBOCN 10000mAh Power Bank

Many people prefer having an exquisite power bank that is portable and reliable enough, which is why Aibocn qualifies as one of the best. This power bank comes with an anti-fingerprint design to maintain its sleekness even if you touch it too many times. The two USB ports let you charge your phones simultaneously.

It features a safety protection against overcharging, over-voltage, over current, short circuit, and over-discharging. The inbuilt flashlight can be handy in times of emergency or if you are in the woods.

6Jackery 3350mAh Mini Premium Power Bank

This small power bank has a lower capacity of only 3350mAh. Regardless of that, it is reliable enough, and it’s also considered the smallest power bank on the market. You would love the smart charging technology of this power bank.

Typically, it will automatically power off after there is no load detected in 30 seconds. Unfortunately, it doesn’t auto-start. You can carry this power bank in your small pocket and enjoy a fast charge with your phone.

5Bonai 20000mAh Stripe Portable Power Bank

This power bank comes with a unique stripe design that gives it an elegant look. It has a 20000mAh capacity that lets you charge your iPhone up to five times. It is a great choice to carry if you are going on a long outdoor trip. The power bank also features safety features to protect your phone and tablets from short-circuiting and overcharging.

It comes with an inbuilt LED flashlight that can be useful in times of a blackout or when you are out camping. It has two USB ports to let you charge two phones at once. You may be needed to be careful when handling it since the plastic casing feels cheap.

4RAVPower 16750mAh Power Bank

This is one power bank that comes with a 16750mAh capacity to charge your phone a couple of times. It has been designed for easy accessibility. You operate it with just one single of a button.

A single push of the button will show the battery status, and press it twice to turn on the flashlight. It doesn’t feature the Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, which means that it will take around nine hours to recharge. However, it can charge your phone a few times once it is fully charged.

3KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank

This power bank comes with a glossy varnish, which gives it an appealing style. There are also four LEDs to let you know the battery status and when to recharge. It uses the 5V adapter that facilitates quick charging.

The power bank has an intelligent power manage IC that will protect your phone from short-circuiting or overcharge. It has a long-lasting power that can be reliable if you are on a long outdoor trip.

2Anker Astro E1 6700mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank

This is one of the power banks that come with a compact size, and a long-lasting power. Even though it only has a 6700mAh capacity, it can still charge your phone a few times. It is super-stylish, and it is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. However, it takes around 5 hours to recharge. The PowerIQ technology lets it detect your device for a fast charge.

1Anker PowerCore + Mini 3350mAh Power Bank

This power bank comes with a lipstick-size, and it is small enough to carry wherever you go. It also features the PowerIQ technology and a fast charging technology to recharge rapidly and charge your phone quickly too. The aluminum body makes it strong enough in harsh conditions.

It takes just about 3 hours to recharge. The stylishness of this device makes it a must-have if you value the elegance of a power bank. You can even carry it in your hand without any discomfort. As small as it looks, this power bank can easily charge an iPhone 6 or Galaxy 6.

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