More and more people turn to manual coffee-making methods nowadays, not just for the authenticity of it but also for the seemingly enhanced taste and flavor. This is because manual brewing allows you to control every variable of the brewing process, thus giving you the opportunity to customize the brew according to your specific taste. Among these methods, pour over coffee makers stand out as some of the most popular, and understandably so considering how practical and convenient the procedure can be.

With that in mind, we should point out that pour over coffee makers can differ to some extent from one manufacturer to another, not necessarily in terms of how you use them but rather in regards to how they’re built. At the same time, some of these coffee makers are equipped with additional accessories that you can use, usually as part of a brewing kit of sorts. That said, let us take a look at the ten best pour over coffee makers the market has to offer in our quest for the very best one.

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers – Reviews

10Apace Living Pour Over Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a rich brew that can be achieved in a relatively quick fashion, then look no farther than Apace Living’s Pour Over Coffee Maker. This coffee maker features a simple glass with a permanent stainless steel micro-ground filter that’s both eco-friendly and dishwasher safe. It is also quite sturdy as far as coffee makers go, thanks mainly to its BPA-free borosilicate glass construction that makes it very durable and accommodating by most standards.

9ParkBrew Pour Over Coffee Maker

This is a rather complex brewing kit, mind you, one that involves not just the pour over filter but a sturdy coffee carafe with a capacity of no less than 24 oz. Due to the thick glass, the carafe enjoys a much stronger build and can be handled with relative ease without the risk of spillage. Not just that but the carafe also features an accurate measurement guide to save you the trouble of having to purchase a scale.

8Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Maker

With this particular coffee maker, you get a laser-cut, stainless steel micro mesh funnel strainer that enables you to unlock the full potential of every batch of pure coffee. Cleverly crafted with thick and durable Borosilicate glass, the heat-resistant, non-porous carafe will not absorb any odors or chemical residue during the brewing process, nor will it take any sort of damage from it. Furthermore, this easy-to-use coffee maker can be used by pretty much anyone with few instructions beforehand on account of its intuitive design.

7Cuisinart CPO-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer

This is a more technologically advanced pour over coffee maker, one that stands out through its many ingenious features and brewing systems. Among them, a flavor strength control feature that enables you to choose between a mild, medium, or bold brew. On a related note, the device also features a temperature control feature that puts you in full control of not only how you prepare the brew but how you serve it as well.

6Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker

A good pour over coffee maker should always give you the freedom to prepare a brew any way you see fit. This is precisely what this versatile coffee maker from Coffee Gator does, one that lets you prepare a warm, nice batch of coffee and then take it with you to go. While other brewers demand that you only use them in a fixed location, you can take this ingenious coffee maker with you anywhere you go. Furthermore, due to its metal filter, you get a much cleaner taste without the risks that BPA or paper filters pose to your general health.

5Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker

This complete pour over coffee dripper from Cafellissimo incorporates several elements into an easy-to-use drip coffee cone. Given its complexity, this coffee maker provides you with the capabilities of a much larger coffee maker with none of the hassle and discomfort. Made from quality materials, this coffee maker features a fine mesh dual stainless coffee filter that doesn’t involve any paper filters. This is because its reinforced steel mesh does the same job, all this with increased strength and durability.

4Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer

If you want to get more out of your beans, you should at least consider getting a pour over coffee maker; preferably one that you can use with ease and with minimal maintenance. These are the stand-out features of the Coffee Gator Pour-Over Brewer, a coffee maker that uses a laser-cut stainless steel filter to ensure that the flavor stays inside the carafe during and after the brewing process. In simple terms, this coffee maker enables you to drink tastier coffee, a flavor it owes not just to the filter but to the BPA-free carafe as well.

3Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Equipped with a permanent, stainless steel mesh filter, this coffee maker allows you to extract all the aromatic oils and subtle flavors from any coffee beans of your choosing, the same oils and flavors that would otherwise be absorbed by the paper filters of a regular brewer. We should also point out its carafe, one that benefits from a heat-resistant borosilicate glass construction. This ingenious construction enables it to be both functional and elegant by even the most demanding of standards.

2Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

You will not find a more practical and user-friendly pour over kettle than this exquisite piece, one that stands out for all the right reasons. Engineered in military-grade stainless steel, this kettle features a gooseneck spout for more efficient water flow. This ensures that any coffee made in a hand drip fashion enjoys all the benefits of a proper brewing. At the same time, it also benefits from a triple-layer base that enables it to work on all stove-tops and to remain rust-free in the long run.

1Chemex Classic Series Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Made from non-porous Borosilicate glass, this exquisite coffee maker is guaranteed never to absorb odors, oils, or flavors that are essential for enriching any brew. What’s interesting about this particular coffee maker is the Chemex FP-2 filters it uses, filters that are specially designed for its exact specifications. As such, this brewer delivers the purest flavor experience possible. A word or two could also be said about the brewer’s Half Circle Filters FP-2 which are among the very best according to most industry standards. Overall, it is without a doubt one of the best pour over coffee makers the market has to offer at this point in time.

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What To Look For In A Pour Over Coffee Maker

After coming to the conclusion that you could use a pour over coffee maker, all that remains is that you figure out which one to get. Easier said than done, unfortunately, because the market has been flooded with them over these past few years and they’re not all built to the same standards. Before you go any further, you will need to first understand the differences between glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal coffee makers. Afterward, you must consider the pros and cons of paper and stainless steel filters (which are more common among pour over brewers). That said, you will also need to bear in mind that pour over coffee makers differ in construction, design, and versatility.


The first thing you need to ponder when buying a coffee maker of any kind is just how much coffee you drink on a daily basis. If you are the kind of person who only drinks a cup in the morning, then perhaps it would make sense to get a compact, maneuverable coffee maker. Fortunately enough, most pour over coffee makers state the exact capacity on the packaging, thus making it easier for you to choose one that would best suit your needs. We should point out, however, that one-cup coffee makers are rather rare and that you would probably better off getting a 3-cup coffee maker instead.


The shape, size, and general design of a coffee maker should also interest you for a host of reasons. First of all, a lightweight coffee maker is not only easy to use but also easy to wash and store away. Then again, one should always consider the matter of space and tidiness when choosing kitchen appliances, especially the type of appliances that you can take out of the kitchen when needed. You also want to think about the actual design of the unit, because aesthetics aside, you don’t really want a coffee maker that’s bulky and difficult to handle. Not just for brewing reasons but as a practical component of your modern kitchen.


Another thing to consider is just how functional the coffee maker is and how adaptable it can be to new brewing methods. Bear in mind that most coffee makers can be judged according to the strength and flavor of the coffee they’re brewing. In that regard, pour over coffee makers are renowned for the intense flavor they deliver, thanks to the oils and flavor they capture, which would otherwise be lost with the removal of the filter. You also want to see whether the coffee maker you choose can be used to brew other drinks or whether you can use it to prepare coffee according to a different recipe.

Types of Pour Over Coffee Makers

Pour over coffee makers generally come in four different versions to choose from: glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal. Even though they each possess certain particularities that some people rely on to achieve their desired taste of coffee, they also come with certain issues you need to account for. Now, of course, manufacturing plays an important role when it comes to their design and build quality, but this doesn’t mean that you can expect a metal coffee maker to deliver the same flavor as a glass brewer.

  • Glass Coffee Makers – With glass coffee makers, you get three major benefits. First of all, glass is chemically inert and will not distort the flavor of your brew in any way. It is also rather good at insulating heat, thus allowing you to keep blooming grounds at a proper brewing temperature at all times. Another interesting property of glass coffee makers is that they provide perfect visibility at all times, giving you the change to intervene if something goes wrong with the brew.
  • Ceramic Coffee Makers – Although not as popular as glass coffee makers, ceramic versions do exist and they mostly provide the same benefits as their glass counterparts. Not just that but they are also thicker and heavier, which is precisely what some people look for when brewing certain type of beans. Bear in mind, however, that ceramic carafes tend to stain easier, meaning that they usually have higher maintenance costs.
  • Plastic Coffee Makers – For the most part, plastic coffee makers are somewhat similar to ceramic and glass brewers, with the added notion that plastic models are generally lighter in weight. They are also a lot easier to carry and store on account of their lightweight build, even though they do pose certain limitations. That said, you must realize that plastic coffee makers can release hazardous chemicals into your coffee if the heat is high enough to melt the plastic.
  • Metal Coffee Makers – It needs to be said that metal coffee makers are witnessing a somewhat drop in popularity nowadays and understandably so. These brewers often impart a metallic flavor if the temperature gets warm enough and aren’t known to insulate all that well. Even so, it is often that only the filter is made of metal and the carafe is either glass or ceramic. Not to say that metal coffee makers aren’t still easily available, although they aren’t as widespread as they once were.


The filter of a pour-over coffee maker is by far the most important component as it dictates how flavorful the brew will be. While traditional coffee makers often employ paper filters, many pour over models use stainless steel versions that are a lot more practical and easy to use. Even though paper filters are cheaper and easier to store, they often absorb some of the essential coffee oils that give coffee its flavor. With stainless steel filters, on the other hand, you experience a higher initial cost but benefit long-term from the indisputable quality of the filtering they offer.