Popcorn is a snack food with humble origins. It originated as a cheap snack that was served at circuses, carnivals and rural fairs in the U.S. but has since grown into a snack food that’s appreciated the world over. And there’s a good reason why it’s so well liked. Few foods deliver the salty, crunchy goodness that popcorn can deliver.

Unfortunately, its prevalence has led some people to believe that one type of popped corn is just as good as any other. And that’s simply not the case. There’s a big difference between different varieties, so it’s always a good idea to buy the best-popped corn available. With that in mind, we’ve found the ten best popcorn varieties available and have listed them below.

Best Popcorn – Reviews

10Franklin’s Gourmet Organic Popping Corn

Franklin Gourmet Popcorn is grown, manufactured and packaged in the U.S, and it is designed to replicate the popped corn of yesteryear. It’s made specifically to be used in popcorn machines and to pop up salty, fluffy and tasty. The ingredients that can be found on these pre-measured portion packs can be counted on just a few fingers. Listed in the ingredients are certified organic corn, coconut oil, salt, natural and artificial butter flavor and beta carotene for color. All of which simply means this product will pop up and taste the way that people expect quality popcorn to do.

9Snappy Brand White Kernels

What do you expect out of your popcorn kernels? If you’re like most people, you are looking for kernels that not only pop well but also produce a fluffy and tasty popcorn that anyone will want to eat. And that is exactly what Snappy Brand White Popcorn delivers to its fans. This healthy snack pops up into fluffy white popped corn that’s low in fat but high in flavor. Because it only contains high-quality white corn kernels, there is no added salt or butter to worry about because those aspects of the process are controlled by you. And these kernels are grown by a company that’s been producing high-quality products since 1940.

8Amish Country Old Fashioned Red Kernels

Anyone who has popped up and tried red popcorn knows why it’s often a favorite for many people. That’s because these kernels don’t have the large hulls that other types of corn varieties have, so it pops up nice and fluffy. It also has a taste that some people find superior to yellow or white corn varieties. Another thing that makes Amish Country Old Fashioned Popcorn so desired is that it’s grown, manufactured and packaged in America’s heartland, so consumers can always rest assured that they are getting a non-GMO product that’s free of gluten, tree nut or peanut allergens, dairy or lactose. It’s a completely vegan product.

7Amish Country Old Fashion Purple Kernels

It doesn’t matter how you pop up these tasty purple kernels from Amish Country Popcorn because they always pop up nice and fluffy. That’s because purple kernels are big on taste but have fewer hulls, so they create a product that’s often preferred by many popcorn aficionados. When popped, these kernels are also full of antioxidants and are grown in an old fashioned way that maintains their natural integrity. Not only are these kernels vegan, but they are also made with non-GMO corn. They are free of peanut and tree nut allergens, lactose and dairy allergens and are also gluten-free.

6Bob’s Red Mill Whole White Kernels

Bob’s Red Mill has been known for creating quality products for quite some time now. They use quality white corn kernels that are grown in the U.S and contain no added salt, oil or preservatives. This allows them to remain gluten-free, vegan, and compliant to vegetarian or Kosher Pareve standards. Each serving of this popcorn is only 100 calories, yet it’s capable of delivering up to 27-grams of whole grains. This product can be easily popped on the stove, in a popcorn machine or even in the microwave if need be. Which makes it a quality product that anyone can enjoy at any time.

5Great Northern Premium Yellow Kernels

When you look at a container of yellow popcorn, you don’t want to see a whole lot of ingredients. You especially don’t want to see a product that’s full of fat, salt, and artificial flavors and/or colors. Fortunately, with this product, the only ingredient listed on the label is high-quality premium yellow popcorn. Yes, that’s right, this product contains no added salt, fat or artificial anything. It’s just wholesome kernels that pop up nice and fluffy. And it is a popped corn that can be microwaved, cooked in a popcorn machine or cooked on the stovetop according to the user’s preferences.

4Paragon Country Harvest Bulk Yellow

Having a 12.5-pound bulk bag of yellow corn kernels to be used for popped corn might seem like overkill, but anyone who tastes this product will begin to wonder why they didn’t buy more in the first place because it’s just too good to resist. Buying popcorn in bulk also allows the user to get cost savings that they usually can’t enjoy buying popped corn a pound at a time. This product creates beautiful butterfly popcorn that is the perfect size for eating during a movie. And if a 12.5-pound size bag isn’t big enough for you, this product can also be bought in 50-pound economy bags that will keep you in popped corn for a long time to come.

3Hoosier Hill Farm Ruby Red Kernels

Ruby red kernels not only are not only beautiful, but they pop up into a fluffy sweet tasting popcorn that’s extremely tender. This makes it one of the more tastiest types of popped corn currently available. And since the kernels hold on to cyanidin and anthocyanin better than white or yellow popcorn varieties, it’s also has a higher antioxidant level and is a healthier product. This product is grown and packaged in Indiana, so consumers can rest assured that they’re getting the highest quality agricultural product they can buy. It also comes in a 4-pound tub that’s economical and has a wide mouth for easy kernel scooping.

2Gold Medal Products Co. Mega Pop

Anyone who wants a product that’s easy to make in a popcorn machine and creates a movie theater quality product will probably want to try out these pre-measured packs by Gold Medal Products. Not only do these handy packs have the perfect amount of popcorn, coconut oil, and flavoring to be used in 8-ounce kettles, but it pops up to a nice fluffy consistency that will make you believe that you enjoy a nice bucket of popped corn at your favorite movie theater. That’s because it uses an ingredient called Flavacol that’s basically a seasoning salt with a butter flavor.

1Great Northern Premium 8-Ounce Portion Packs

It doesn’t matter if you want to keep a stockpile of movie-quality popcorn for use at home or need it for large gatherings such as county fairs, festivals or carnivals, this box contains 40 8-ounce packs. Each of these pre-measured packs contains the perfect combination of yellow corn kernels, coconut oil, and seasoned salt. This creates a cinema quality of popcorn that people simply won’t be able to keep their hands out of. Each portion is perfect for sharing with friends or family, and contains absolutely zero trans fats and is also cholesterol free. And they’re packs are moisture-proof, so they have a pretty good shelf life.

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The Ultimate Guide To Popcorn

As we suggested at the beginning of this article, popcorn is a type of food that’s ubiquitous in modern society. No matter where you look you can find all different varieties of this tasty snack food. It comes in a number of different colors from yellow to white, red to blue, there are even purple varieties. It’s also a food that can be cooked in a number of different ways—including in a popcorn machine, on the stove or in a microwave. And all of this makes it difficult to decide not only which variety is the best to pop but also which method is the best method to cook it. To answer those questions we’ve created this guide which will help our readers select and prepare their favorite popcorn varieties. Let’s begin our odyssey with a brief explanation of the different popped corn types.

Popcorn Colors Explained

Just a few decades ago, there was only one variety of popcorn that was available at most local grocery stores and that one variety was yellow. Then white popcorn began to become popular enough that stores began to carry it. But that was only the beginning of the popcorn varieties that would begin to be released. Nowadays, there’s popcorn in just about every color of the rainbow. What’s the difference between these different types? Well, let’s find out.

  • Yellow Popcorn: This type of corn pops up an off-color white and is probably the least expensive variety. It’s not as tender as white, but it is just as flavorful.
  • White Popcorn: This type of corn pops up to a bright white and has become quite popular recently. Its kernels tend to be more tender than yellow varieties, but the flavor is comparable to yellow.
  • Red Popcorn: Although its unpopped kernels are red in the beginning, it actually pops up white. It has more of an understated taste than either yellow or white, which makes it a good popcorn for topping with additional flavorings. It also has a bigger crunch than white or yellow popcorn.
  • Blue Popcorn: Despite its name, this corn pops up white. It has a sweeter taste than any other variety but still manages to retain its popcorn taste. The kernels also tend to be quite crunchy, although they do tend to be smaller on average than other varieties.
  • Purple Popcorn: Purple popcorn is somewhat unique among the popcorn varieties. It has a big bold taste and a nice crunch to it. It also pops up white, but with little purple specks on the kernels. These kernels also tend to be larger than blue popped corn varieties.

How To Pop Popcorn

There’s a number of different ways to cook popcorn, but it really boils down to three different methods. You can pop it on the stove, in the microwave or in a commercial popper. Any of these methods can be used with great success to make a nice bowl of popcorn, but we tend to favor the stove top method. That’s why we’d like to share our secret for creating the perfect stovetop popcorn.

Step One: Use An Aluminum Sauce Pan With A Lid

Yes, don’t use a big cast iron pot or Dutch oven for this procedure. Instead, use an aluminum saucepan that’s about 3-inches deep and has a lid.

Step Two: Add The Oil

Now you’ll want to add two tablespoons of your favorite oil to the pan. It doesn’t matter if the oil is olive oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil or canola oil, just use an oil that you like.

Step Three: Turn Up The Heat

With the oil added, turn up the heat to high. Once you’ve done that, add 2 kernels of your favorite popcorn to the oil. Yes, just 2 kernels—no more. When those 2 kernels have popped, remove them from the oil and then add half a cup of popcorn kernels to the oil. Remove the pan from the heat.

Step Four: Cover & Shake

Place the cover on the pan and give it a good shake. Now let them sit for precisely 1-minute. When that’s done, put the pan back on the stove and turn the heat up to high. Don’t forget to give it a shake here or there during the popping process.

Step Five: Wait & Listen

Listen to the popcorn as it cooks. When it slows down to 2 or 3 pops a second, then remove it from the heat. However, don’t uncover the pan just yet. Wait for approximately 1-minute to give any unpopped kernels a chance to pop. After the minute has elapsed, remove the lid and dump the popcorn into a bowl. It’s now ready to be salted, buttered and served.