Finding a reliable pool vacuum head isn’t easy, not with all the sub-par models that have flooded the market if you pardon the pun. Yet a good pool vacuum head is paramount, especially if you’re the type who uses the pool throughout the summer.

A good one is supposed to eliminate debris that might otherwise clutter or clog the pool almost completely, while also preventing the growth of mold in the process. To get one that is guaranteed to do what’s supposed to at a reasonable price, check out our list of the ten best pool vacuum heads money can buy.

 Best Pool Vacuum Heads – Reviews

10Swimline HydroTools 8165

This pool vacuum head from the HydroTools Series is a high-delivery and weighted model made of quality ABS plastic, making it stain-free, damage-free, and highly durable. It is also simple to maintain and quite easy to install, features one must always look for in a pool vacuum head.

Moreover, this is an amazingly efficient pool vacuum head for either personal or professional cleaning purposes and it is regarded as among the best models available on the market today.

9Poolmaster 27402 Deluxe Air Relief

For excellently cleaning your fiberglass and vinyl liner pools, this Deluxe vacuum head by Poolmaster boasts a wide range of ingenious features. For instance, its underside and perimeter bristles are made of durable, high-quality nylon while an integrated tension spring made of stainless steel on the handle keeps the vacuum level submerged to the pool floor.

It also has two easy-adjust air relief valves for controlling the amount of suction power the vacuum creates. Furthermore, its swivel hose adapter delivers a kink-free cleaning job and it works with both 1.25 and 1.5-inch hoses.

8Milliard 14” Vacuum Head

Coming with a handle adapter that makes it compatible with typical pool extension poles and also spring-loaded locking clips for added versatility and convenience, this is a weighted pool vacuum head you can count on.

Its flexible and durable quality ABS plastic body superbly curves to your pool floor for keeping constant suction for superior cleaning. Integrated free-roll wheels ensure no scraping or scratching on your delicate pool surfaces. We should also point out that it works well with a 1.5-inch suction hose in particular.

7Swimline HydroTools 8145

Swimline’s HydroTools 8185 is another reliable, weighted pool vacuum head designed for dealing with vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools. Its triangular design is appropriate for properly cleaning pool corners while its angled brushes ensure fast debris pick-up.

This vacuum head fits standard 1.25-inch and also 1.5-inch vacuum hoses and also features a Snap-Adapt handle for ease of use and an effortless assembly.

6Poolmaster 27514 Clear-View

Designed for lasting performance, Poolmaster’s Clear-View is a great pool vacuum head for keeping your vinyl liner pools sparkling clean by removing all debris and dirt. It is made of durable ABS plastic that is anti-corrosion and its see-through body allows for precise underwater surface cleaning.

Its perimeter vinyl bumper prevents scratching while the channel-set replaceable brushes deliver excellent performance. It also works with all standard vacuum hoses and pool poles, which is very important for a pool vacuum head.

5Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Head

This Millard’s pool vacuum head is made of quality ABS plastic for performance durability and resistance to the elements. It is compatible with 1.5 and 1.25-inch vacuum hoses with the see-through body allowing easy maneuverability and precision vacuuming along pool walls and at corners.

It is weighted, thus can stay at the bottom of your pool for a thorough cleaning. It also doesn’t scratch vinyl liners in the pool thanks to side rubber bumpers, while its nylon bristles are gentle on the pool floor.

4ATIE PoolSupplyTown

This ATIE PoolSupplyTown pool vacuum head is a professional-grade model for both expert pool cleaners and home pool owners. It works with a 1.5-inch vacuum hose, while the head is weighted to maintain contact with your pool for excellent vacuuming.

Its metal handle is chrome-plated for both control and durability while its built-in urethane wheels are durable and smooth rolling so that it can be used for concrete pools as well as plaster surfaces with no issues whatsoever.

3Hayward SP1068

The Hayward SP1068 is another great pool vacuum head, one that works with almost any type of hose. Triangular in design, it features 3 brushes and 1.25-inch and 1.5—inch swivel hose ports for proper in-ground and above-the-ground pool vacuum cleaner connections.

It is also made of durable, tough thermoplastic and designed to handle any type or size of pools. Moreover, a see-through head allows you to see the bottom as you clean, a great feature to have.

2Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief

Built for performance and reliability, the Poolmaster 2700 Air Relief pool vacuum head is what you need to keep your fiberglass and vinyl liner pool sparkling clean. It has a stainless steel tension-spring handle for helping keep it submerged and also level to your pool floor. Its 2 self-adjusting valves provide control of the suction power generated while a swivel hose adapter allows for maintaining a kink-free operation. Furthermore, this head works best with a 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch vacuum hose.

1Swimline HydroTools 8110

A highly renowned and sought-after model, the Swimline’s HydroTools 8110 pool vacuum head is ideal for cleaning pools that have round corners thanks to its half-moon shape. It is a weighted 10 by 6-inch model that stays down, making it easy to clean the pool bottom.

We should also point out that it is extremely tough and durable yet very easy to assemble. Not only that but it also comes with high-performance replaceable brushes for good measure.

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