We truly live in a digital world in more ways than one, and yet we still employ traditional writing equipment like pencils and pens. No matter how far technology may have come, we still have a place for pencils in society, an almost irreplaceable function that doesn’t show signs of being replaced by a digital rival anytime soon. With pencils being used by millions of people on a daily basis, you can imagine that the need for pencil sharpeners is equally great.

With pencil sharpeners, you want a practical device that you can employ at a moment’s notice, a tool that will perform its task quickly and efficiently. Although traditional pencil sharpeners are still the most widespread globally, people in developed countries have since switched to mechanic and electric versions. These sharpeners are much more efficient and a lot easier to use, which is precisely what you want when you’re in the middle of writing something and the tip of your pencil breaks off.

It has to be said that even though there aren’t too many ‘bad’ pencil sharpeners in the true sense of the word by virtue of their simplistic nature, some are definitely better than others when it comes to their reliability and ease of use. It is for this reason that you should perhaps take the time and learn about the characteristics that best describe a good pencil sharpener and what to look for when buying one for yourself. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best pencil sharpeners the market has to offer for you to look at.

Best Pencil Sharpeners – Reviews

10AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener

Equipped with a durable helical steel blade, this device can sharpen 4,000 pencils in a row without any issues whatsoever. It does so with 3 pencil nib options to choose from: blunt, medium, or sharp. The versatile nature of this sharpener enables you to sharpen different pencils in different ways depending on your needs for each one. From a technological standpoint, this sharpener is powered by four AA batteries, a USB cable, or through an AC adapter.

9Bostitch Multi-Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener

Even though electric sharpeners are in high demand these days, manual sharpeners have an appeal of their own. Such is the case with this particular sharpener, one that features a 2-in-1 base that allows for a temporary or permanent mounting depending on the vacuum base or the screws you employ. Boasting an inbuilt heavy-duty steel cutter in a die-cast holder, it delivers a lasting cutter performance, like no other in this price range.

8Staedtler Double-Hole Tub Pencil Sharpener

Another simplistic yet highly efficient pencil sharpener, the Staedtler 512 001 ST stands out as one of the most inexpensive sharpeners on the market today. This double-hole tub pencil sharpener is designed to be practical and easy to use. As such, it doesn’t feature too many additional functions other than the basics. We refer here to the capacity to sharpen regular graphite pencils and colored pencils alike.

7LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener

This high-end pencil sharpener from Linkyo features an automatic smart sensor to ensure that the sharpening is performed up to the highest possible standard. To be more precise, this device uses a helical steel cutter for the task, one that produces safe and perfectly rounded points. It also benefits from an auto jam release design and an extra large reservoir that can hold up to 100 shavings.

6TripWorthy Electric Pencil Sharpener

With this versatile pencil sharpener, you can process colored and soft lead pencils at the same time. From a technological standpoint, this ingenious sharpener can sharpen pencils to a perfect point, a standard that manual sharpeners simply cannot replicate. Compact and easy to use, this sharpener is made from high-quality materials and powered by batteries. Perfect for people working in almost any job that involves pencils, this sharpener enjoys quite the popularity these days and understandably so.

5Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener

This relatively basic pencil sharpener meets the demands of traditionalists who prefer old-style sharpeners to newer, electric-powered versions. Equipped with two different blades made from high-quality sharpened steel, this sharpener can process regular or Prismacolor pencils to an almost perfect point. What’s interesting is that it features a translucent black body that allows you to see precisely when the sharpener is full and needs to be cleaned.

4STAEDTLER Premium Quality Pencil Sharpener

Another popular option from Staedtler, the 511 63BK features a secure screw-on lid to prevent accidental openings. It also comes in a variety of assorted colors to choose from, a design that makes them perfect for giving away as gifts. It also has to be said that each particular sharpener is compact and very portable, which makes them ideal for a pencil case and workstation in almost any working environment.

3OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener

Thanks to a premium stainless steel helical blade, this razor-sharp pencil sharpener will sharpen pencils to a much finer point than most others with similar features. At the same time, this sharpener enjoys a very ergonomic design with an easy-to-grip body and a secure shavings reservoir. Furthermore, it also benefits from a safe auto-stop blade operation that enables you to sharpen virtually any pencil with the knowledge that the blade will stop automatically when the process is complete.

2X-ACTO Ranger 55 Manual Pencil Sharpener

This wall mount manual pencil sharpener from X-Acto features dual helical cutters designed to sharpen pencils with a remarkable precision. Like the name suggests, this tool can be mounted on the wall, desk, or almost any table with the included screws it comes equipped with. Not only that but it also features an adjustable insert interface that can accommodate no less than eight pencil sizes. Given its manual operation, this sharpener is impressively easy to use.

1X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

Don’t let the name fool you, this versatile pencil sharpener can be used in virtually any environment where pencils are prevalent. Thanks to its durable construction, this particular sharpener can withstand a fair amount of abuse before showing any signs of damage. Equipped with a heavy-duty yet quiet electric motor and a helical steel cutter, it will produce safe, rounded pencil points of the highest standard. Last but not least, we should also point out that its quiet electric motor delivers the most potent sharpening possible, which may explain why it currently enjoys such a tremendous popularity among students everywhere.

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The Ultimate Guide To Pencil Sharpeners

Even though some people consider pencils to be old-school technology, the truth of the matter is that their important even in this digital age. A lot of people regularly depend on pencils to do their jobs or for ordinary everyday tasks. Architects, cartoonists, writers, and other professionals all depend on pencils to do their jobs at some point during the day.

And many people also use pencils for making grocery lists, playing tabletop RPG games, and for a wide variety of other uses. And if a person uses a pencil regularly, then they’re going to want to buy the best pencil sharpener available to keep it in good working condition.

That is why we’ve created this guide. In this guide, not only will our readers learn how to buy the best pencil sharpener for their needs, but will also learn how to use that sharpener effectively so that their pencil is always sharp and isn’t prone to breaking. Sound good? Well, if it does, then continue reading because we are going to put a fine point on this subject matter right away.

Choosing A Great Pencil Sharpener

Before we begin, we should probably state that no pencil sharpener is going to be right for everyone. Different people are going to want to get different things out of their pencil sharpeners. Therefore, it’s difficult to write a guide that suggests the perfect pencil sharpener. With that being said, however, we can provide a suggestion of some of the things the consumer might want to consider before they buy a new sharpener. Below are some of the points that some consumers may want to think about while they’re shopping for a new sharpener for themselves or their favorite pencil wielder.

The Sharpener’s Size

One of the most important considerations for the consumer to make is the size of the pencil sharpener that they need. Pencil sharpeners come in a multitude of sizes–ranging from small pocket models up to the desk and wall-mounted models. Smaller models are more suited to sharpening pencils occasionally or for sharpening pencils on the go, but larger models are designed to handle large pencil-sharpening jobs and are more suited for classrooms and groups of people.

Decide On How It’s Powered

The next thing to consider is how the consumer needs the sharpener to be powered. Most sharpeners are powered by one of three different methods and those include manual operation, corded operation, and battery operation. Manually operated models can be used virtually anywhere, but the consumer does have to put in a little bit of effort to use them. Battery-powered models also have the benefit of being able to be used anywhere, but they require their batteries to be changed from time to time. Corded sharpeners are the most powerful, but where they can be used is limited, which is why usually why only desk or wall-mounted units are corded.

Does It Accommodate The Right Pencil Size?

Although most pencil sharpeners are designed in a way that allows them to accommodate the greatest variety of pencils possible, the consumer shouldn’t make the mistake that that’s always the case. Some sharpeners are only designed for colored pencils and/or number two pencils, and there are other specialty pencil sharpeners available. Therefore, the consumer should take the time to make sure that the pencil sharpener they’re considering buying will work with the pencils that they plan on using. That will prevent the consumer from becoming disappointed when they receive their new sharpener.

What Size Reservoir Does It Have?

Another thing for the pencil aficionado to consider is what size reservoir they need their sharpener to have. The reservoir is where the wood shavings are deposited while the pencil is sharpened, so it’s size determines how often the sharpener is going to need to be emptied. That generally means that a person buys one with a large reservoir, but the downside of using a large reservoir is that it makes it harder to pack into a bag or in the case of handheld models, makes it difficult to slip into a pocket. So consumers should buy the largest reservoir size for their needs that doesn’t impact how they carry it from one location to another.

Blade Versus Helical System Cutters

As a general rule, there are only two types of cutting systems incorporated into modern pencil sharpeners: blade cutters and helical system cutters. Each of these two different types has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a closer look at them so that we can see exactly how they differ.

Blade Cutters

Blade sharpeners are the type that most people are familiar with. With these sharpeners, the consumer pushes the pencil into a conical chamber and then gives it a bit of a twist. This causes the pencil’s end to make contact with the blade, a blade that stays stationary during the cutting process. The blade then basically acts as a paring knife that pares the wood away from the lead to sharpen the pencil’s end. The advantage of this type of sharpeners is that they can be implemented on small devices, which is why small handheld sharpeners use this technology. The downside of this technology is that it tends to under-sharpen the pencil, which can lead to a dull point.

Helical Cutters

These are the type of cutters that are often found on many crank desk or wall-mounted sharpeners. In these devices, the pencil is placed in the sharpener and it’s the blades the move and not the pencil. Because the cylinder is mounted on a cog, it can rotate around the pencil, as the pencil remains in place. These cutters are generally safer to use than blade cutters, because the blade isn’t partially exposed, and they tend to create a nice fine point on most pencils. They’re also usually easier to use by children.

Other Features To Consider

The above points will give the consumer everything they need to make an informed decision and to buy the best pencil sharpener for their purposes, but some people may want to consider a few other features. Therefore, we’ve included the following “extra” features that turn good sharpeners into even better ones.

  • Flyaway cutter systems
  • Auto-stop features
  • Adjustable pencil sizes
  • Quiet electric motor

Tips On Using Pencil Sharpeners

To end this article, we would like to give the consumer a few tips that will make using their new pencil sharpener a lot easier and will ensure that they don’t end up using it improperly. Let’s take a quick look at some of these tips before we go.

  • Read the sharpener’s instructions
  • Make sure the sharpener is properly mounted and/or setup
  • Empty the sharpener’s reservoir regularly
  • Change the sharpener’s blades according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Never allow children to use a sharpener unattended
  • Don’t use the sharpener for anything other than sharpening pencils
  • Sharpen only the pencil sizes the sharpener is designed to sharpen