Pancake Mix is a product that’s received somewhat of a bad rap over the last couple of years. Some people have complained that they’re flavorless and don’t produce the light, fluffy pancakes everyone expects them to make. Although that may have been a problem with some box mixes in the past, that is no longer the case. This product has indeed begun to come into its own.

Nowadays, there are a variety of pancake mixes that are now designed to give the average person the flavor and consistency out of their pancakes that they want. Mixes that create light, fluffy and delicious pancakes that will make anyone’s breakfast a whole lot better. We’ve listed some of these great mixes in the following top ten list for our reader’s convenience. Peruse the list, and you’re sure to find a product that meets your expectations.

Best Pancake Mixes – Reviews

10Birch Benders Peanut Butter Protein

What makes this pancake mix by Birch Benders unique is that they contain extra protein and have a great peanut butter taste at the same time. That’s because it’s not only made with unbleached wheat flour but is also made with roasted peanut flour and cane sugar. It’s also charged up with Whey protein, which gives every 2-pancake a full 16-grams of protein. Another thing that makes it extraordinary is that they are packed with calcium and fiber as well. This mix is also BPA-free, has low cholesterol and has zero trans fats in its formulation, so it’s pretty healthy, too.

9Namaste Foods Gluten-Free Mix

Although not everyone needs or wants their pancake and waffle mix to be gluten-free, for those who do this mix is ready to give them what they want without having to sacrifice flavor. This product is not only wheat-free but is also free of dairy, corn, soy, potatoes and even nuts. It’s made from sweet brown rice flour, rice milk, arrowroot, and a few other ingredients, so users can rest assured that it’s a healthy product. And since it’s made in a dedicated facility in the U.S., there’s less of a chance of cross-contamination, unlike other mixes that may be on the market.

8Krusteaz Sweet Cream Mix

When restaurant quality results are needed, some people turn to this Krusteaz Sweet Cream Mix. It’s made with wholesome ingredients such as enriched bleach flour, malted barley flour, eggs, buttermilk, and soy flour. This product is easy to mix up and only requires water to make delicious and fluffy pancakes. And it’s this very brand of pancake and waffle mix that’s used by a number of different restaurants all over the U.S. Although this product isn’t really made with sweet cream that we could find in the ingredient’s list, it still has that sweet cream taste many people are going to enjoy.

7Snoqualmie Falls Lodge Old-Fashioned Mix

Although this product’s name may seem difficult to pronounce by some people, it’s actually named after a quaint lodge that overlooks Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State and evidently served up a pretty mean stack of pancakes. Now, this product carries on the tradition by giving consumers the ability to make old-fashioned style pancakes from the comfort of their homes. This mix is made from enriched bleached wheat flour, sugar, buttermilk and eggs to create a delicious and irresistible taste that is sure to start anyone’s morning off well. And when these pancakes are paired with real butter and syrup, they’re truly exceptional.

6Aretha Frankensteins Original Mix

This product claims to use the exact same secret family recipe that has made the pancakes served at Aretha Frankensteins Chattanooga, Tennessee restaurant so special. This secret formula is no longer truly a secret because its wholesome list of ingredients can be easily found on its bag. What can be found in this mix include enriched wheat flour, sugar, farina, sodium bicarbonate, baking powder, cornstarch, and salt. These ingredients work together to create a light, tasty and tender pancakes that are ready to be topped with butter and maple syrup. Now, thanks to this mix, just about anyone can enjoy restaurant quality pancakes.

5Simple Mills Almond Flour Mix

Just about everyone has tried a pancake mix that’s made with wheat flour, but fewer people have tried on that’s made with almond flour like Simple Mill’s Pancake Mix. Because this product is free of wheat, it is certified gluten-free but is also free of soy, corn, dairy products, and emulsifiers as well. This makes this a healthier product than other mixes and also makes it Paleo-friendly. This mix is made with simple almond flour, coconut flour, arrowroot flour and coconut sugar that come together to make some pretty tasty pancakes that are wholesome and void of all artificial ingredients.

4King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Mix

If this pancake mix makes one thing certain, it’s that a pancake lover doesn’t have to pull Excalibur from stone to enjoy a better breakfast because it’s ready to serve it up. This product is certified gluten-free and non-GMO certified so that anyone can now enjoy a big plate of pancakes for breakfast. This mix is made with whole grain brown rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, rice flour, baking powder, various vitamins and minerals, salt and Xanthan gum. When properly prepared, this mix will create light and fluffy gluten-free pancakes that are fortified with vitamins and minerals and taste great.

3Lunds Swedish Pancake Mix

Although this Swedish pancake mix is only made with simple ingredients, it’s capable of producing not only light and airy pancakes but also delicious waffles and even crepes. The ingredients which can be found in this mix include nothing but wheat flour, malted barley flour, whey powder, sugar, baking powder, and salt. And those simple ingredients are the only ones found in this product. This allows the pancakes made with it to be very tasty and to cook up perfectly every single time. These pancakes can be topped with anything the consumer wants including butter, maple syrup, jams, but are just as tasty eaten all by themselves.

2Kodiak Cakes Protein Power Cakes Mix

Regardless of whether this mix is used to make flapjacks or is used to make waffles, it mixes up quickly with only the addition of milk and an egg and creates a product that’s light, airy and very tasty. Because this product uses wholesome ingredients, it’s not only all-natural but is also Kosher and certified non-GMO. It’s made with a combination of oat and whole wheat flours that not only make it taste great but also imparts up to 14-grams of protein per serving. What’s really exceptional about this product is that it can not only be used to make waffles and pancakes but can also be used in any recipe as an alternative to using white flour.

1Pamela’s Products Pancake & Baking Mix

We may not know who Pamela is or whether or not she’s a real person, but we do know that her pancake mix is a pretty good product. It’s made with brown rice flour, cultured buttermilk, white rice flour, natural almond meal, tapioca starch, potato starch, baking powder and soda, sea salt and Xanthan gum. All of these ingredients come together to create a mix that can be used by anyone to make great pancakes and waffles. Pancakes made with this product cook up light and fluffy, and have a nice taste to them that seems unique to this brand. And since it’s gluten-free, consumers with wheat allergies can use it with confidence.

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Top Pancake Mix Hacks

Before we begin with this guide, we would first like to state that we’re big fans of pancakes. In fact, if we could have pancakes for every meal, then we probably would. And we think some of the mixes being made today are also pretty good. There are a number of great companies making mixes that create incredible batter for making pancakes. However, since some people are never happy with these mixes being merely great, we decided to list some hacks which will make the next level pancakes that will blow friends and family away. So, let’s get started and find out how to make truly exceptional pancakes.

Make Fluffier Pancakes

There’s one trick that will help any batter create fluffy pancakes—regardless of whether it’s a homemade batter or a store bought one made from a mix. The trick is to mix your egg whites and yolks separately and add them to the mix at different times. This will create cloud-like pancakes that will impress just about anyone. Just keep one thing in mind when choosing one of the following options, however. Just be sure not to use all of them in one mix, or you’re going to end up ruining your pancakes and not making them fluffier at all.

Separate Egg Whites & Yolks

All that has to be done is to separate the egg white from the egg yolk and place them in separate bowls. Combine the yolks with just a little bit of buttermilk and add them to the batter as normal. Then add the egg whites at the end. This will give the pancake the structural integrity it needs to achieve fluffy new heights. Trust us, it really does work and has been a secret long guarded by professional chefs.

Add Ricotta Cheese To Batter

If you’d prefer not to have to separate your pancake batter’s egg yolks and whites, there is another way to make pancakes fluffier. You can make them fluffier by adding a little bit of ricotta cheese to make them fluffier. It doesn’t work as well as the egg separation trick, but it does do a pretty good job.

Add Seltzer Water To The Batter

And there’s one more trick still for making pancakes, and that’s by adding a little bit of seltzer water to them. Seltzer water will add the extra lift pancakes need to rise up nice and fluffy.

Make Better Tasting Pancakes

Maybe you’re happy with how fluffy your pancakes are and instead want to make them a little tastier. If that’s the case, then pay attention to the following tips. These tips will allow anyone to make pancakes that taste so great they’ll fly off of the plate.

Add Sugar To Sugarless Mixes

There are some mixes which don’t contain any sugar in them and that leaves the pancakes tasting flat. The reason that some manufacturers do this is that they believe the necessary sugar will come from the user’s liberal application of pancake syrup to the pancakes when they’re on the plate. Adding a little bit of sugar to the mix will allow the pancakes to taste as good as the syrup and they won’t taste like you’re eating maple-flavored sponges.

Use Buttermilk Instead of Water or Regular Milk

Using buttermilk in a pancake batter really does take it up to the next level, so if your mix says to use water, then you may want to try using buttermilk instead. It will add a depth of flavor that can’t be replicated with water or even regular milk. If buttermilk isn’t available, regular whole milk is better than water but not quite as good as buttermilk.

Try Different Ingredient Additions

Pancake mixes are more adaptable than people think. Usually, different products can be added to them to create special types of pancakes. For example, some people like to leave out eggs and instead add bananas to their pancakes to give them a tasty flavor and to make them healthier. Below are some other ingredients which can be added to pancake mixes to take them to the next level.

  • Hot Cocoa Mix
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Applesauce
  • Greek Style Yogurt
  • Flax Seed
  • Orange Juice
  • Raisins
  • Eggnog
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly or Jams
  • Pineapple
  • Espresso Powder
  • Oatmeal