Packing cubes are inventions that have revolutionized the way that people pack for long trips. These zippered cubes not only help to condense down the traveler’s clothing to a more convenient size, but they also help them keep all of their stuff organized. This allows them to quickly and easily find out where their stuff is without having to unpack everything, which is a huge plus for anyone who spends time traveling.

These cubes have become so popular that there are now dozens of different manufacturers making them. And of course, each of these manufacturers claims that their cubes are the best ones available. This has prompted us to do our own research and see which of these cubes really are the best ones. The results of our research can be found below, so feel free to check them out and choose a cube that fits your personal style.

Best Packing Cubes – Reviews

10Vallilan Travel Luggage Cubes

This 6-piece set is designed to be able to be packed into two 28-inch suitcases. There are two large cubes which are 18.3-inches by 14.2-inches, two medium cubes which are 13-inches by 10.63-inches and two small cubes which are 11.8-inches by 7.9-inches in size. They are made from a quality blend of nylon and wool, which not only makes them durable but also makes them water resistant as well. These cubes are also equipped with durable double zippers and have top handles that make them easy to carry when they’re out of their suitcases the consumer has packed them into.

9OEE 6-Piece Luggage Packing Organizers

This 6-piece packing cubes set is designed to give the traveler plenty of options when they’re traveling. It comes with 3 cubes of different sizes, an underwear bag, a toiletry bag, and a shoe bag. The large cube is 16.1-inches by 12.6-inches, the medium cube is 13-inches by 10-inches, and the small cube is 12.5-inches by 9-inches in size. The underwear bag is approximately 11.8-inches by 7.9-inches, the toiletry bag is 10.6-inches by 6.4-inches, and the shoe bag is 13.8-inches by 10.6-inches. The cubes have a buckle design for convenience and have double ring zippers. And since these cubes come in a variety of colors, there’s a color that will match just about any consumer’s style.

8My FL 7-Piece Travel Organizers

This 7-piece set has everything needed for a person to organize their clothing for the next big trip. It features 3 different garment cubes: a 17.7×11, a 14×10 and a 10.2×8-inch cube. It also comes with a 10.6×5.7 underwear bag, an 8.3×11 shoe bag, a 10.4×13.6 laundry bag and a flat zipper bag that measures 10.8×8.8-inches. These quality cubes and bags are made from top-quality polyester, which not only makes them water-resistant but also makes them tear-resistant as well. The cubes and travel bags are also equipped with upgraded zippers which are more durable than previous zippers this company used.

7Travel Wise 5-Piece Cube System

This durable 5-piece cube system is available in a variety of different colors including pink, blue, lavender or lime green. This set comes with two large packing cubes, two medium ones and a small one. They are made using durable nylon that will hold up to frequent traveling but doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the traveler’s luggage. They have 2-way easy-to-pull zippers and an open mesh design that makes clothing identification a lot quicker than it is with other types of bags. Using this system will allow the traveler to pack their suitcases more efficiently, which allows them to carry extra stuff with them.

6Veken 6-Piece Travel Set

The cubes in this 6-piece set are manufactured using 290D nylon, a fabric that is more durable than what some inferior packing cubes are made out of. This set comes with a 17.5×12.15-inch cube, a 13.75×12.75-inch one, a 13.75×9.75-inch one, and a 11×6.75-inch one. It also comes with two bags: a 15.75×11.02-inch one and a 16.96×9.06-inch one. The cubes are made with sturdy SBS zippers, and each one has double zipper pulls which allow them to be quickly and efficiently opened when necessary. Each of the cubes will hold clothing tightly and help prevent them from becoming wrinkles during long trips.

5Bago Travel Luggage Organizers

This 4-piece packing cube set comes in one of several exciting colors. Travelers can buy this set in vibrant yellow, purple, blue, green, orange, pink or red. Each set comes with large 15.8×11.8-inch cubes and medium 13.4×8.7-inch cubes. These cubes are 4-inches deep, have durable zippers with pull cords, and have an easy-to-see-through mesh top. They’re also made out of quality rip-stop nylon that holds up extremely well to frequent use. And this set also comes with six bonus bags that can help the traveler take their organizational abilities to the next level. This is a great set for travelers looking to tame their luggage.

4Shacke Pak 4-Piece Organizing Cube Set

These 4-inch deep cubes not only are designed to help travelers wrangle their clothing on long trips, but it’s also designed to look good at the same time. These cubes are available in a number of exciting colors which include aqua teal, black, black/blue, dark grey, blue, green, purple pink or red. This set comes with a 17.5×12.75-inch extra large cube, a 13.75×12.75-inch large cube, a 13.75×9.75-inch medium cube and a small one that measures 11×6.75-inch one. Each of these quality cubes is made from a water-resistant nylon material that holds up to long trips and resists wear-and-tear quite well.

3Yamiu 7-Piece Travel Organizer Set

This 7-piece set actually only comes with 4 packing cubes, but it does come with a few extra accessories which are quite handy for travelers. Included in this set are two TSA-approved toiletry bags and a shoe bag. Each of the travel cubes that comes with this set are approximately 4-inches deep, and are made from a lightweight water-resistant fabric. This set comes with 2 small cubes measuring 11×7.5-inches, a medium 13.5×9-inch cube, and a large 17.5×12.5-inch one. The shoe bag is 17-inches by 9-inches and there is a small and a medium toiletry bag for the traveler’s convenience. These cube sets are available in a number of colors including black, blue, grey, pink, purple or wine red.

2eBags Medium 3-Piece Travel Cubes Set

Available in a number of exciting colors, these cubes are not only capable of organizing the traveler’s stuff but are also capable of doing it with a little bit of style. These 3-piece sets are available in yellow, tangerine, aquamarine, eggplant, grasshopper, peony, raspberry, titanium or even classic black. The cubes are all in the medium size and are approximately 13.75-inches by 9.75-inches and are 3-inches deep. They are manufactured according to exacting standards and have quality zippers with pull cords that are easy to zip and unzip. Other features include mesh tops for contents identification and top handles to carry them around.

1Bagail 6-Piece Travel Set

This 6-piece set contains bags in 3-different sizes. There are 2 large 17.5×13.5-inch cubes, 2 medium 13.7×9.8-inch ones, and 2 small 13.7×5-inch cubes. They are manufactured using a high-quality fabric that allows them to hold up to constant traveling and are made with finished interior seams that hold up very well under stress. These sets also come in a variety of colors which make them stylish as well as practical. They can be purchased in pink, black, blue, lime green, fuchsia, purple, yellow or teal. They can even be purchased with geometrical designs or dots on them, so there’s a set for just about anyone’s personality.

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A Complete Guide To Packing Cubes

Having examined some of the best models currently available, it’s time to do a serious dive into why packing cubes are a great purchase for just about anyone and how you can find the best models for you. If you take the time to take a close look at these travel organizers, then you’ll quickly see that they’re not only ideal for travelers but are ideal for anyone who is looking to organize their stuff a little bit better.

The Benefits Of Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are amazing, and there’s no way around that fact. These zippered bags allow travelers to condense a pile of clothes down into something manageable and easy to carry. This allows the traveler to feel like they have some control over their items and also allows them to travel with confidence. There are so many benefits with using these cubes we’ve decided to list some of the major benefits below.

  • Organize Clothing: Yes, these cubes do a really good job of organizing your clothing. By separating your clothes into different categories and packing those items into individual packing cubes, you can really organize your clothing. For example, shirts can be packed in one cube, and pants can be packed into another cube. These individual cubes can then be inserted into luggage, so if you ever need to find them, they’re easily accessible.
  • Compresses Your Clothing: A big advantage that these cubes have is they allow the traveler to really compress their stuff down to a more manageable size. Clothes can be folded tightly and then squeezed into individual packing cubes. These cubes can then be inserted into luggage, Tetris-style, and compressed down even further. This allows the traveler to expand the amount of clothing they can take with them without having to increase the pieces of luggage they have to carry.
  • Make Repacking Easier: When you have your clothing separated into different cubes, then it’s really easy to repack everything if you do have to unpack your luggage. One of the big problems travelers often have is that once they pull out one article of clothing, then they have to figure out how to put everything back so that it fits. With packing cubes, however, this is no longer a concern because you can merely place the cubes back into the luggage as they were originally packed.
  • Organize More Than Just Clothing: Although the main benefit of these cubes come when clothing is packed into them, they can be used for other purposes. For example, if you carry a lot of tech gear such as laptops, computer cables, etc., then you can use these cubes to keep these items separated from the rest of your luggage. You can also use them to hold cosmetics, too.
  • Helps Minimize Wrinkles: One of the biggest causes of wrinkles is clothing sliding around on top of each other and creating static electricity. However, this can be avoided by simply tightly rolling your clothing into bundles and then squeezing these bundles into your packing cubes. This will keep them from sliding around and will help to minimize some of the wrinkles that may occur during travel.
  • Keep Items Organized At Home: Although consumers often think of traveling when they think of packing cubes, the truth of the matter is that they can also be used around the house. They can be used to store items that aren’t frequently used or can be used to store clothing. You can pack your clothes into these packing cubes and then push them underneath your bed. This extends a person’s ability to store more clothing without having to spend money on buying another dresser of a bigger chest-of-drawers.

Things To Consider When Buying Packing Cubes

Now that we’ve learned what can be done with packing cubes, it’s time to think about some of the features you may need your new packing cubes to have. Since these cubes come in a variety of different styles, it’s important to keep in mind your needs and compare them against the features found on the cubes. Here are a few things to consider when buying the best packing cubes.

  • The sizes that you may need
  • The durability of the materials used to make the cubes
  • Whether they have single or double zippers
  • How much they weight
  • Whether or not they’re water-resistant
  • The depth of the cubes
  • The number of internal compartments
  • Whether they have mesh tops so the contents can be quickly viewed