Ovens often have to do lots of work in most people’s kitchens; so, they can gather dirt pretty fast. While keeping a clean oven for the sake of cleanliness is certainly a motivation to keep these cooking appliances tidy, it is also important to keep in mind that the dirt they collect can affect their cooking performance.

Spills, smoke, scorching and other issues that come with baking often leave these devices very dirty. And it’s usually the sort of dirt that requires quite a bit of effort to clean up. That is why choosing a good oven cleaner is such an important decision.

These cleaning products have to stand up to tough stains, and they should also help you complete the cleaning task quickly and without introducing any harmful contaminants to the appliance. So, here are 10 of the best oven cleaners in the market today.

Best Oven Cleaners – Reviews

10Delta Bio Oven Cleaner

As expected of any good oven cleaner, this product is very tough on stains. That means you can expect to have a clean oven once you decide to buy this Delta cleaner. In addition to its effectiveness, the cleaner also made from biodegradable products which make it rank very well when it comes to safety.

The cleaner will also not generate fumes despite delivering such superior cleaning results. Usually, the most effective cleaners generate fumes during the cleaning process. For more effectiveness, the spray can that comes with this cleaner is also easy to operate as it sprays the cleaner without any spills.

9Bryson Industries Grill Cleaning Spray

This cleaning product is actually effective for cleaning ovens, smokers, and microwaves in addition to grills. It provides an easy and safe cleaning experience at all times, which is very important when dealing with surfaces that regularly come into contact with food.

Other reassuring features on this cleaner include its non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable benefits that make it much safer to use. It is also free from phosphate, and it comes with a citrus-based degreaser that makes it both safe and powerful as a oven cleaner.

8Astonish Oven and Cookware Cleaner

Because ovens usually have some of the toughest stains in a kitchen environment, this oven and cookware cleaner is formulated to provide a very powerful cleaning experience. Even baked-in stains don’t stand a chance against this cleaner. After applying it with a damp cloth, all that follows is a rinse and your oven should be very clean.

The product is also safe, as it is made using non-toxic and biodegradable compounds for improved environmental safety. As an added bonus, this cleaner will also be quite effective on tiles, doors, bathtubs, and patio furniture.

7Carbona 320 2-in-1 Oven Rack and Barbecue Cleaner

Because of its dual abilities, this cleaner can be used when cleaning ovens as well as barbecue grills. The cleaner can even be used on stainless steel and enamel surfaces.

Using this cleaner is also pretty easy, even when there are substantial messes to deal with during the cleaning process. The cleaner is also innovatively designed to ensure that it is effective regardless of whether the oven is cold or warm.

6Zep Commercial Enforcer Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner

Because this is a heavy-duty oven cleaner, it is capable of cleaning results that few other alternatives in the market could ever hope to match. All tough stains will be easily cleaned off with this product, regardless of whether they are baked-in or not. The cleaner is based on aerosol, and the compound’s impressive effect on dirt is able to demonstrate just how powerful the Zep Commercial Enforcer is.

The fact is that this is also a grill cleaner as well, which makes it a convenient purchase for people who need to keep both their ovens and grills clean without having to buy two cleaners. The cleaner should even help get rid of grime and dirt that other cleaners have been leaving behind.

5Green Gobbler Heavy Duty Oven, Grill, BBQ and Range Hood Cleaner

The makers of this oven cleaner take pride in the fact that it is very safe, despite being a heavy-duty cleaner. This cleaning product is very powerful, and therefore fully capable of providing a strong oven cleaning experience. In fact, this cleaner will also work on fryers, grills, range hoods, food processing equipment, and other cooking appliances.

Some of the stains it can help eliminate include baked-in food deposits, carbon, soot, oil, and grease. The cleaner will also cling to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, which is part of what makes it so effective at what it does. Although the cleaner has a high pH, it is also non-corrosive, and so users can enjoy its powerful cleaning abilities without risking anything.

4Easy-Off Professional Oven and Grill Cleaner

People in need of quick cleaning jobs have a lot to gain by buying this particular oven cleaner. It can do spot cleans in just 5 minutes, and this will work on ovens as well as barbecue grills and broilers. Even when the stains are quite tough and strongly burned into the appliances, this cleaner will deliver great results in record time.

3Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner

Even when hard at work eliminating the toughest of oven stains, this cleaner will not produce any fumes. The product is able to do this because it has what the manufacturer calls advanced cold-oven technology that ensures that it can penetrate difficult oven grease even when the oven has cooled off. And yet, the cleaning formula itself is quite safe. It is not even necessary to wear gloves when using it, which contributes plenty to its reliability.

2Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner

This oven cleaner is unique in that it does most of the work on your behalf. The product features self-scouring action that means less scrubbing on your part. Furthermore, besides working effectively on ovens and grills, the cleaner will also deliver good results when cleaning cookware pieces such as pans, pots and fryers.

Mr. Muscle cleaner is also free from any harmful substances, and it supports quick 30-minute cleanups. The quality cleaning work this cleaner can achieve has even made it popular among industrial and commercial users. Another perk to using this oven cleaner is that it will work with both cold and warm ovens.

1Diversey Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner

For this oven cleaner, not even commercial and industrial oven cleaning jobs will be too much of a challenge. Other than working with both warm and cold ovens, the cleaner has a self-scouring ability that is able to break down even the toughest stains, which are often baked into the oven surface.

The cleaner will even work on things like pots, pans, and grills. The self-scouring feature lets this cleaner cling to the tough stains and loosen them from the oven surface.

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How to Clean Your Oven

Once you’ve found the type of oven cleaner that you feel will be the most useful, it’s now time to get down to work and actually get to cleaning. While you should always follow the directions on whatever product you’re using, below are some general tips which will help you clean your oven in a quick and orderly fashion.

Gather Your Equipment

Before you begin cleaning your oven, you should first gather together some supplies. Besides the oven cleaner, there are a few tools which will help you do a better job of cleaning your oven. Some of the tools below will help you protect yourself against the harmful nature of the cleaner,  and some of them will help you do a better job at actually cleaning. After all, the cleaner can’t do all of the work. You’re going to have to use a little bit of elbow grease as well.

Rubber Gloves — The first thing you should put on is a pair of rubber gloves. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a harsh chemical oven cleaner or you’re using a more natural product. Putting on a pair of gloves will not only protect your hands against the cleaner but will also help keep your hands clean.

Old Towels — Old towels are an indispensable tool for any oven cleaning job. You can help keep the floor in front of the oven protected from any grease and cleaner that may come off of the oven.

Paper Towels—Some people may see it as overkill to have both old towels and paper towels for an oven cleaning project, I don’t see it that way at all. When I clean my oven, I use old towels to line the floor in front of the oven, and I use paper towels to wipe the gunk off of my oven after the cleaner has liquefied the grease and grime on the inside of my oven.

Paint Brush — We know what you’re thinking: Why bring a paintbrush to clean your oven? That’s because it can be an invaluable tool for applying oven cleaner to your oven. I know that it’s effective because that’s how I apply cleaner to my oven. Of course, if you feel that it’s a little bit of overkill, then at least try to bring a toothbrush to your next cleaning. It will make it easier to apply cleaning product to hard-to-reach areas of the oven and is disposable.

Paint Scraper — A paint scraper is a good tool to have around for cleaning your oven. You can either use the plastic scraper or a metal one. It’s a useful tool to scrape off excess food particles before you begin actually cleaning the oven.

Scrub Brush — A scrub brush is not something you’re going to want to skimp on when you’re cleaning your oven. Using a high-quality scrub brush will make it a whole lot easier to remove dirt and grime from the inside of your oven. Just be sure that you get a scrub brush that’s abrasive enough to easily remove grease and grime from your oven, but isn’t so abrasive that it damages your oven’s surfaces.

Soft Cloth — Paper towels are a completely optional tool to have available when you’re cleaning your oven. Some people prefer to use paper towels to wipe down the interior of the oven when they’ve finished cleaning it.

I prefer to use a separate cloth for finishing up because I’ve found that sometimes paper towels can leave a residue that ends up burning in the oven, so I just use a soft cloth to give the whole interior of the oven a good once over, so that doesn’t happen.

Oven Cleaning Procedure

I would like to reiterate that your oven cleaner’s instructions should be followed to the letter, so if they contradict with these instructions, then they should definitely be the instructions you follow. Having said that, here are some general cleaning tips for getting the inside of your oven nice and clean.

Remove Accessories: Make sure that you not only remove the shelves from your oven but should also remove the thermometer and any other accessories that may be in your oven. Most people place their oven shelves in soapy, hot water and clean them separately. However, if they’re not that dirty, you can always just give them a good wipe down and continue on.

Scrape off Food Residue: Using your trusty paint scraper, make sure that you remove any of the big pieces of food from the inside of your oven. Whenever I clean my oven, there are big pieces of charcoal that were once food clinging to the side of the oven. So, I pull out my scraper and clean it up.

Apply Oven Cleaner: Take your favorite cleaner and apply the sides and bottom of your oven. Also, make sure that you cover the inside of the door panel. Using your paintbrush (or toothbrush), spread the cleaner out evenly.

Try to avoid getting cleaner on your oven’s heating element (if it’s electric), or on any of the door seals. It should also be noted that most oven cleaners are flammable, so avoid using them around pilot lights.

Let the Cleaner Work: It should be noted that most cleaners need to sit for a period of time to work on your oven’s grease and grime, so make sure that it sits for about 30-minutes or so. This is a crucial part of the cleaning process and will make cleaning out the oven a whole lot easier.

Time to Scrub: Now, you can begin to scrub off the grease and gunk from your oven. The cleaner has had time to work, so it should be too difficult to get the oven clean. Using your brush, give the inside of the oven a good scrubbing to make sure that you’ve broken up any stuck-on grease or charcoal particles.

Wipe the Oven Down: Using paper towels, make sure you wipe away all of the cleaner and grime that may be left on the inside of the oven. When you have finished doing that, you can then use your cloth to give the oven one final wipe down to make sure that you didn’t leave any residue behind and that the oven is completely clean.

Clean Up: Now, make sure that you clean up or throw away any supplies you’ve used to clean your oven. Tools that can be used again such as rubber gloves and paint brushes can be cleaned and then stored away for next time. Be sure to place the cap on your oven cleaner before you put it away.

Congratulations! Your oven is now clean and ready to use.