It isn’t just the quality of your gas and oil that you should worry about but the quality of your oil filter as well. A good oil filter improves the reliability and efficiency of your car’s engine long-term, which is why you want to use nothing but the best oil filters possible.

You should definitely do this considering how affordable even the high-end oil filters are, especially if you have a good grasp on what to buy. To help you in this regard, we put together a list of the ten best oil filters money can buy for you to look at.

 Best Oil Filters – Reviews

10K&N PS-1008 Pro-Series

Thanks to an integrated high-flow design, K&N PS-1008 is a reliable oil filter that filters both synthetic and conventional car engine oils easily yet delivering excellent results. It is a fully leak-proof filter that includes a quite simple-to-use screw on its lid.

An integrated top-performance filter media keeps all the debris and dust at bay, allowing your car’s engine to enjoy a great boost from clean oil for superior performance and durability.

9K&N PS-1010 Pro-Series

One of the most essential components of a car is its oil filtration system and this is where an oil filter like the K&N PS-1010 Pro Series comes in handy. It cleanly, easily filters out synthetic and conventional oils to remove dirt, dust, plus other kinds or impurities.

Thanks to high-quality integrated high-flow valves, you can expect a great driving experience as a result of a superior oil filtering. Well-filtered oil will also lubricate other parts of your engine, a good enough reason to use such a versatile filter.

8Motorcraft FL500S

Made by Motorcraft, the FL500S is a reliable oil filter designed for outstanding engine performance anytime you drive. It powerfully keeps everything at bay, from carbon and dust to abrasives and metal elements rather effectively.

Actually, this filter is itself sealed by a steel casing with great leak-proof qualities. Interestingly enough, the casing features functional pressure-relief valves for stopping any oil recirculation, a great feature for an oil filter to have.

7Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH

This premium oil filter, integrating proprietary FILTECH innovation, uses an exclusive, expert blend of synthetic and natural materials to offer excellent oil filtration and improved engine wear prevention.

The unit’s filtering area is about 42% larger than most other filter models while its filter media is nearly 30% thicker and has the capacity for screening out more harmful oil contaminants than traditional filters.

6FRAM XG7317 Ultra Synthetic

The FRAM’s XG7317 Ultra Synthetic oil filter is a top-quality and easy to install model thanks to its unique spin-on feature.

Again, it has a sure-grip for increasing traction as you replace an old filter. The XG7317 has a great design that provides reliable lasting performance, filtering out debris and dirt for up to 15,000 miles for a long yet smooth, risk-free driving experience.

5ACDelco PF2232 Professional

A premium-performance product from ACDelco, the PF2232 Professional is a great aftermarket car engine oil filter that helps keep a clean oil supply to the engine parts. It features a five times greater burst-strength than most other engine operating pressures after your engine oil has reached operating heat—if your normal engine oil operating pressure does not exceed 51psi—to ensure an improved long-term durability.

4Briggs & Stratton 696854

Briggs & Stratton is a well-known brand in the business and their high-performance 696854 oil filter should be seen as a worthy addition to any car for its durable performance. This filter improves the life of your car by ensuring only very clean oil is supplied to all of the vehicle’s parts, keeping them well lubricated at all times. With its simple screw-on design, this is an easy-install filter model. Moreover, it is completely leak-proof due to its integrated innovative seals and seams.

3Motorcraft FL820S

With the Motorcraft’s FL820S oil filter, your engine is guaranteed to perform at a much-improved standard since no dust, dirt, or other contaminants will hamper your car’s smooth performance by reducing the motor oil’s efficiency.

Its fluted housing allows for easy installation while unique innovative pressure relieves valves prevent contaminated oil from flowing back into your car’s engine. The purified oil properly lubricates engine parts to facilitate a safe, seamless ignition and a boost in performance overall. It also averts chemical and physical wear better than its counterparts.

2FRAM PH7317 Extra Guard

The PH7317 Extra Guard by FRAM is another popular oil filter, one that boasts proven engine protection capacity for about 5,000 miles, formulated for use with conventional motor oils.

Featuring a proper balance between dirt-trapping performance and the capacity to hold it, this oil filter utilizes a unique blend of resin and fibers to make a special-grade filter media that offers superior engine protection. The Extra Guard is the ideal filter for any driver who engages in regular car performance maintenance efforts.

1Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance

A highly appreciated car oil filter, the Mobil 1’s 110 Extended Performance has a proprietary filter line design for trapping and holding more dirt than competing models. The filter includes spin-on and cartridge oil filters both, offering a 97% plus VIO (vehicle in operation) coverage. This filter is ideal for use with any motor oils but for a guaranteed engine protection, you are advised to use it with Mobil 1/Mobil 1 EP motor oils.

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