If you have an office job, then you will spend thousands of hours a year sitting in a chair, which needless to say, isn’t exactly healthy for you. It is perhaps the main reason why many modern offices have replaced sitting desks with standing versions which are more ergonomic overall. Many people still prefer sitting down, especially the ones whose job demands it, thus the reason why office chairs are just as popular today as they were decades ago.

We should point out right from the start that you shouldn’t gamble your general health on a lesser chair, no matter how much money you imagine you will save short-term. This is because long-term, you expose yourself to a host of back, spine, and lumbar problems. That said, past a certain point it doesn’t really matter how much you spend on an office chair, especially if it meets all the structural and ergonomic requirements most people demand from such a chair. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ten best office chairs under $200 and see what exactly you should be looking for when buying one.

Best Office Chairs Under $200 – Reviews

10Laura Davidson Furniture Management Office Chair

This SOHO ribbed management chair stands out for its heat embossed ribbing, which makes it three times more durable than basic stitched ribbed chairs. It also benefits from a supportive chrome steel tube frame designed to increase the chair’s sturdiness and long-term durability. With an extra-strong base and a tilt-swivel mechanism, this chair is also remarkably stable by most metrics. Furthermore, the chair also benefits from a pneumatic gas seat-height adjustment mechanism with a tilt lock feature for good measure. All things considered, it isn’t just exquisite in terms of aesthetics but quite practical as well.

9FlexiSpot OC1B Ergonomics Executive Office Chair

It is very important when looking for an office chair that you consider not only the overall design but whether it fits into your office layout. This is without a doubt the main point of attraction for the FlexiSpot 0C1B, an office chair that you can fit almost anywhere on account of its ergonomic shape. Equipped with a high-density molding seating cushion, it delivers all-day comfort and support without making the chair too bulky in the process. On the contrary, the chair is very flexible and mobile due to its dual-wheel casters which provide it with remarkable mobility over most hardwood or carpeted floors.

8CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair

Thanks to its breathable upholstery, this chair is perfect for warm offices and for working during the summer. Not only does it deliver a soft touch, but it also offers a reasonable standard of support on account of its high-density padding. The chair also stands out through its adjustable 3D armrests with back/seat/lumbar support, a design that boasts a series of adjustable mechanisms that aim to provide you with a comfortable experience for hours at a time. Interestingly enough, the chair can recline from 95 degrees to about 115 degrees, which is great considering that it also features a tilt-and-lock function.

7Homall Office Chair High Back Computer Desk Chair

Equipped with comfortable padded armrests, this chair is quite relaxing in pretty much any sitting position. It owes its extraordinary comfort to 18.6-inch padded armrests that are designed to surpass the average length of a person’s forearm and hand, thus providing your arms with a great degree of comfort. At the same time, the chair benefits from an ergonomic layering of the highest quality arranged in a shape that best fits the human spine when sitting. Also worth mentioning is that the chair has a maximum capacity of no less than 300 lbs and that it is just as stable regardless of how much the occupant weighs.

6Smugdesk 1388FK Ergonomic Office Chair

Due to its multifunctional headrest, this ingenious office chair from Smugdesk provides a sublime and comfortable experience for the user by relieving the pressure on your head and neck. It also features an adjustable lumbar support feature designed to more or less hug your lower back in order to reduce spine fatigue as much as possible. While this is going on, the movable waist pillow relaxes your back by enhancing the natural curve of your spine. Interestingly enough, it also has ergonomic 3D armrests that you can adjust according to your various needs with no limitations to speak of.

5Grey Modern Office Chair Computer Desk Chair

This gray office desk chair is designed to support your back and keep it in a correct seating position at all times. Made from breathable fabrics, this chair features a white PP armrest with a firm metal base and nylon casters for good measure. This design is intended to increase the chair’s flexibility and to offer a more practical approach to sitting in an office chair. Not just that but the chair is also fully adjustable on account of its pneumatic controls that let you raise or lower the seat to a height you find suitable as easily as possible. Furthermore, the chair features not the standard four but five wheels for maximum stability.

4Furmax Office Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Chair

Furmax’s Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair is a truly ergonomic office chair, one that offers a lumbar support mesh back for maximum breathability. At the same time, it features a thick padded seat to provide extra comfort on a day-to-day basis and for long sitting sessions. With a maximum capacity of up to 265 lbs, it can accommodate pretty much any user regardless of their size. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it has a heavy-duty base with 360-degree swivel wheels that enable it to run smoothly on any type of floor. On a related note, the chair is also fairly stable on virtually any surface on account of its high-quality wheels.

3BestOffice Home Office Ergonomic Computer Chair

With this particular chair, you get a standard few budget office chairs can reach. Extremely breathable on account of its ingenious construction, this ergonomic chair provides you with the capacity to adjust the height according to your specific needs. It also offers a 360-degree swiveling feature that any decent office chair should possess in this day and age. Another interesting fact is that it is very easy to put together and that it comes with all the necessary tools you need to make that happen. Not just that but the chair itself enjoys a very human-oriented ergonomic construction for maximum sitting comfort.

2BestOffice OC-H03-Black Ergonomic Swivel Chair

It is very important for an office chair to be not only comfortable but practical as well, which is precisely the traits that best recommend the BestOffice OC-H03-Black. Fairly easy to install, this chair requires less than ten minutes of your time when putting it together. Interestingly enough, this chair passes all BIFIMA certification standards, which makes it sturdier and more reliable than most budget office chairs out there. At the same time, it is substantially wider in size than your average office chair, which when combined with its adjustability makes it one of the most accommodating chairs money can buy.

1AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Task/Desk Chair

This is by far one of the best office chairs you can get on a budget at this point in time, a chair that you can rely on to deliver a reasonable standard of comfort and reliability. It features a pneumatic seat-height adjustment system with a 2-inch padded seat for added comfort, along with a black contoured mesh back for maximum support and breathability. As you would expect from any high-end office chairs, it has the capacity to withstand no less than 250 lbs without losing its stability and comfort. Not just that but it also delivers near perfect breathability on account of its ingeniously designed back mesh. Overall, it is one of the best office chairs in this price range.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

What To Look For In An Office Chair On A Budget

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on a decent office chair, not in this day and age when online reviews have made it easier than ever for people to share opinions on what they believe to be the most reliable products the market has to offer. When it comes to office chairs, you really shouldn’t be gambling on your general health. You should instead look for a chair that you can depend on to be both comfortable and ergonomic in its design. Fortunately for you, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend too much cash to get it done. You should instead take the time and learn as much as you possibly can about what exactly makes a good office chair to begin with.

Benefits Of A Decent Office Chair

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a quality office chair is the health incentive, primarily the way it can save you an awful lot of back pain in the long run. A decent office chair can not only help with your back alignment but it can also stimulate blood flow and help with your fatigue. This can ensure that you are safe from a wide range of back and neck issues while also being a lot more productive at work. As a matter of fact, by avoiding certain ailments and injuries, you are actually maximizing your effectiveness at work, yet another reason to ensure that you’re sitting on a decent chair at all times.

Office Chair Buying Guide

  • Fabric – The first thing you want to consider in an office chair is the fabric, mainly if it’s a synthetic material or not. Although most office chairs are made from synthetic materials, some are definitely more breathable than others. At the same time, you want one that delivers a decent standard of cushioning and comfort for your back during long hours. In this respect, mesh beats fabric most of the time on account of being more breathable and thus better at regulating your body temperature.
  • Adjustability – A decent office chair needs to be adjustable regardless of what you pay for it. With most office chairs, you get a reasonable level of height and armrest adjustments, to the point where you can customize your sitting experience according to your specific needs. True, it may take a while before you figure out what the perfect settings are, but once you’ve got that figured out, you’re in for a very pleasant sitting experience.
  • Lumbar Support – You should try your best to invest in an office chair that offers a great deal of lumbar support. If possible, the lumbar support feature should be just as adjustable as the chair’s height and armrest features. With a reasonable amount of lumbar support, the chair bends to the curvature of your spine and body type. If the chair is not properly adjusted in that regard, you may experience lower back pain after just a few hours of sitting in it.
  • Mobility – Another aspect to think about is whether the chair is rolling or stationary by nature. While stationary chairs are by design a lot more stable, rolling chairs provide an increase in mobility. It usually comes down to personal preference and available space seeing how there isn’t really a right or wrong type of chair as far as mobility goes. If a mobile chair is what serves you best, then make sure that it features a well-made wheelbase to help you glide over the floor with relative ease.
  • Swivel – While you’re judging a chair based on its mobility, pay close attention to whether it has a swivel base or not. To some extent, swivel functions are just as important as the wheels themselves, with a 360-degree swivel being the preferred standard. We say this because if the chair doesn’t swivel, then you will have to physically turn around from time to time, which may put some strain on your back in the long run.
  • Size – One of the last things one needs to consider when buying an office chair is whether it fits the available space. Not only should the chair fit perfectly behind the desk but you should also sit as comfortable as humanly possible when using it. The design plays an important role in that regard as it determines if the backrest cradles your spine properly and whether the armrest allows for a comfortable experience overall.