Best Nerf Guns

Nerf guns were a big part of being a kid while some of us were growing up, so why not allow your children to share their bit of the fun as well? Given how far the toy industry has come over the years, some of the toys you’ll find on sale nowadays are truly ingenious by most standards.

Among them, nerf guns are among the toys that have come furthest in terms of functionality and durability. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best nerf guns the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Nerf Guns – Reviews

10NerfZombie Strike Doominator Blaster

Featuring one of the largest ammo capacities you’ll find in a nerf gun, the 24-dart Doominator Blastor is the ultimate play toy for your children. The darts are held in four chambers, each of which is capable of holding six darts.

Sliding the assault handle of the blaster improves firing efficiency and makes it possible to dispel darts rapidly and with great precision, which may explain its current popularity.

9NerfRival Apollo XV-700

The XV-700 promises to deliver a lot of fun times for kids who like role playing. Instead of soft-tipped darts, it packs seven soft miniature cannon balls that can be fired at high velocity for maximum stopping power.

The blaster features a tactical rail for attachments, a trigger lock, and an ammunition clip that can be operated by both left-handed and right-handed children.

8Nerf N-Strike RotoFury Blaster

Although it is slightly comparable to the popular Mikor Multiple Grenade Launcher, the N-Strike RotoFury Blaster comes with a longer barrel that allows children to propel their nerf missiles even further.

The RotoFury Blaster features a smaller cylinder as well, but it compensates for it with rapid fire action which is suitable for multiple enemies. It comes with soft-tipped Mega Whistler darts which are known for the whistling sound they produce as they hurtle through the air.

7Nerf NStrike Stryfe Blaster

Featuring a 10-dart magazine that is easy to load, the Stryfe Blaster cuts down on the reloading time to increase play time for your kids. The blaster comes fitted with a tactical rail system which allows children to add attachments to their weapons with ease.

It features an Acceleration Trigger that is faster and more realistic, making it even more enjoyable to fire soft-tipped darts at targets that are 75 feet away.

6Nerf N-Strike Elite 2×4 Rough Cut Blaster

With a design that aims to be tactically accurate, the Rough Cut blaster offers great realistic and harmless gameplay for kids aged 8 and over. The blaster comes with two barrels, each of which can fire 4 soft-tipped Elite darts at enemies at a distance of 75 feet away.

The double-barreled allows kids to fire two darts simultaneously for maximum damage. For melee attacks, the blaster features a Slam Fire mechanism that allows kids to fire all of the 8 darts in quick succession.

5NerfZombie Strike Sledge Fire Blaster

Sleekly and stylishly designed in the shape of a futuristic shotgun, this nerf blaster can fire three Zombie Strike soft-tipped darts all at once for maximum damage.

The nerf gun features a unique loading mechanism where the darts are first loaded into cartridges which are then popped into the chamber. This Nerf blaster is perfect for taking down multiple targets with one shot.

4Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike B5577

Featuring a design that has been inspired by the M4 assault rifle, the B5577 Tri-Strike Nerf gun is among the best toy weapons on the market. The nerf gun serves as a dart blaster for normal sized and mega sized darts, and a missile launcher, making it three times as fun as normal nerf guns. It can be modified for different types of play combat and to suit the tastes of different children for maximum fun.

3Nerf N-Strike Elite EX-3 Triad Blaster

The Triad EX-3 Nerf Blaster has been excellently designed after the high-powered Walther 9mm CCP firearm. It has a maximum ammo capacity of 3 darts that can be fired rapidly at targets that are 75 feet away.

The blaster’s smart technology makes it easier for the user to know which barrel is active and which one has been emptied. Its smaller, more ergonomic design makes it easier to carry and suitable for kids with small hands.

2Nerf NStrike Rhino Fire Blaster

The Rhino-Fire blaster is essentially two blasters that have been excellently merged to form one. Each blaster has a drum that can hold up to 25 darts, giving this impressive nerf gun a whopping 50-dart ammo capacity.

The provided tripod stand increases shot stability and accuracy and also gives the blaster the heavy-duty feel it deserves. It also features a Slam Fire mechanism that supports rapid fire for maximum enjoyment.

1Nerf NStrike StrongArm Blaster

The Strongarm Blaster features a revolving dart chamber that can hold up to six soft-tipped N-Strike Elite darts. It is among more realistically designed nerf guns and is, therefore, more enjoyable to play with.

The blaster’s rapid fire mechanism can be activated by holding down the trigger and quickly pumping the handle. This encourages children to improve their motor reflexes while they play. The nerf gun can propel the darts for distances of up to 90 feet and comes in bright, highly visible colors.

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