Many disconcerting incidents have made parents especially wary of the people to whom they entrust the care of their precious little ones. But with nanny cams, even when you are away from the house and your nanny is taking care of the kids, you can have an extra set of eyes on the situation.

With some nanny cams, you can even see how things are going from wherever you are for some added peace of mind. These days, these cams can be very discreet, as they can be built into other household objects. More importantly, the quality of video and audio they can record has improved considerably. Below are the best nanny cams you can buy today.

Best Nanny Cams

10Blink Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video

When it comes to monitoring your home, and especially the welfare of your child, you need a camera that does as serious a job as this Blink product does. This camera has many impressive features.

The highlights include a 2-year battery life, motion detection capabilities, and free cloud storage. When the camera detects any motion, it sends an alert to your phone, as well as a short video of what the movement was all about. Other perks of using this particular nanny cam is that it is very easy to install, and it allows the user to control it using Android or iOS apps.

9D-Link DCS-5222L HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

There are times when you might be worried that the camera you get might not provide adequate visual coverage. That is not a chance you have to take when using this digital camera. The camera has 340 degree pan and 120 degree tilt as well as 10 times zoom.

This blend of features should help you keep an eye on a bigger area and view details more clearly. In fact, the camera can record 720 HD video, and it comes with a 32 GB inbuilt microSD card, which is plenty of storage space for most uses. You should be happy to know that this great camera has night vision as well, which is a feature available for distances of up to 26 feet. Additionally, the camera offers two-way communication through its built-in mic and speaker.

8Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision

When it is your adorable bundle of joy at stake, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. That must be why this home security camera has proven so popular for having motion, sound, light, temperature, and even humidity sensors.

It also comes with a siren that can blast warning sounds at 105 decibels. That said, the camera is very easy to set up and it can create high resolution videos. In fact, it can even record videos in the dark. The gadget also supports Wi-Fi connectivity.

7Wansview Home Camera for Baby/Elder/Pet/Nanny with Night Vision

This may be a mini security camera, but its capabilities are anything but tame. For one thing, it has a night vision capability. Secondly, it provides two-way audio as well as a 120-degree viewing angle.

The video quality is also quite good at 720 HD. In addition to that, it has WiFi connectivity and compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows, and even Mac systems in addition to common browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome).

6LeFun Security Camera with Pan Tilt Motion Detection

The 720 HD high resolution video and automatic digital zoom on this camera make it a powerful security and safety system to have in your home for the sake of your child. The camera will also cover a broad area; and that is because it comes with 350-degree pan and 100-degree tilt.

The infrared night vision feature on this camera is also beyond what most other alternatives will give you since it extends to distances of up to 32 feet. Other great features on this camera include WiFi connectivity, two-way audio, easy installation, and a generous warranty offer.

5Yi Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless

With some high quality cameras, you feel like you are right there in the room with your baby even when you are miles away; and this Yi home security camera is one of them. Among its signature features is an ability to provide 360-degree coverage achieved through the use of wide-angle lens and broad rotation angles.

And although the camera offers two-way audio, the quality is a lot better because of the built-in anti-filter feature. The camera also has the ability to detection motion, center on the action, and send you alerts. Limited memory card space should also not be a problem with this camera – it has the ability to back up video footage to the cloud.

4Vimtag Super HD WiFi Video Monitoring Surveillance Security Camera

Versatility is something you can enjoy when you have this particular surveillance system in your home. In addition to having the capacity to monitor pets and nannies taking care of your child, the camera can also be used to keep watch over your business.

That is another way of saying that the camera has plenty of potential when it comes to recording high quality video. These features include pan and tilt, internet access, motion detection, WiFi, and even two-way audio communication. Finally, this camera can record 720HD video, and it can record in the dark for distances of up to 10 meters.

3Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera, works with Amazon Alexa

Most cameras will proudly give you 720 HD video, but this particular camera has 1080p video. It can also record in the dark. And with its motion detection feature, you will get snapshots of what is going on in your home on your phone through email alerts.

Other features on this nanny cam include the fact that it is very easy to install and it provides cloud recording to ensure that no footage is ever lost or missed due to inadequate space.

2Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080p Wireless WiFi IP Camera

The video quality on this camera is remarkable (1080P at 30 fps). In addition to local storage through a microSD, the camera also has a cloud storage feature.

The camera has a broad 90-degree viewing angle and night vision extending for up to 32 feet. Still, the camera has pan, tilt, and zoom for broader coverage. You can also stream video on your tablet or phone using the accompanying Amcrest View app.

1Arlo Security Camera

This popular camera system can produce stunning quality video and photos, even when it records them in the dark. The camera is also built to survive outdoors, which means it can stand up to things like dust and moisture in ways most nanny cams won’t.

To top it off, the camera is very easy to install, and it allows for discreet mounting in case you are keen on keeping the fact that you are monitoring your nanny under the wraps.

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Nanny Cam Guide

When the kids are asleep, many parents want the ability to be able to check on their wellbeing, without being intrusive. Parents using a new nanny will be particularly interested in how they look after their children, which is understandable. Also, the last thing anyone wants is for their young ones to wake up unnecessarily or to disturb their carer. A nanny cam also allows you to take a look in their room to make sure they are resting easy, without making a noise.

Some are designed specifically for kids, whilst others are more for security. Whatever you need it for, there are some excellent products on the market, but how can you tell the good ones from the sub-par offerings? The following guide allows you to make an informed decision, so your nanny cam doesn’t let you down.

What To Look For In A Nanny Cam


If you are using a nanny cam to keep an eye on your children but don’t want it to be common knowledge, it needs to be discreet. This can mean it is so small it is hard to detect, or maybe it comes in a different form.

Some products come in the shape of an alarm clock so no one would ever know what it is for. This allows you to monitor your children and their care without detection.


With so much technology packed into these devices, it is not hard to find a nanny cam that allows you to observe from afar. This includes anywhere that you have access to WiFi, live streaming the camera from your phone.


A wireless nanny cam makes it easier to hide as it is not restricted by cables. However, it does rely on having a decent battery life so make sure it can cope with the amount of time you are out of the house for. Sometimes the cables on a nanny cam can be the biggest giveaway so it might be an idea to think about where you can put it first.

Speak Through Cameras

Many nanny cams come with built-in speakers so you can talk to the nanny or child remotely. This can be useful as you can still parent from afar, or reassure an upset child to help the nanny.

Facial Recognition

This isn’t something that all nanny cams have and is certainly not something that comes as standard but if you can find one that has facial recognition then it will be to your benefit. It allows the device to pick up familiar faces so you can search through videos easier so whether it is your children, nanny, or other family members, a nanny cam with facial recognition makes life easier.

Wide Angle

There is little point in buying a nanny cam that doesn’t give you a good scope of the area. The better products will have a wide viewing angle and anything around 130 degrees will usually be sufficient for making sure you get to see exactly what is going on in your home.


Not all nanny cams will have as much storage as you might like or need so make sure you find something that can give you enough memory to suit your preferences. Some give you a couple of days as a maximum whilst others can save up to 30 days of footage and beyond.

Many devices come with an SD card that allows you to store videos on and many of these have a lot of GB’s to offer.


Because you need to be able to see clearly, you need to purchase a nanny cam with a decent amount of pixels. The more the better and anything of 1080p and above should suffice.

Where To Hide A Nanny Cam

This will depend on the space you have in your home. Generally, a child’s room or living area is the preferred place to hide a nanny cam but common places to sneak a camera include the likes of a bookcase between books, behind a plant or pot, in and around the kitchen cabinets, and the likes.

Some nanny cams come disguised so it is easier to hide them discreetly. They come in the form of clocks or look like toys so if this is the most important trait for your nanny cam, they can be purchased.

Nanny Cam Legality

This is something to consider as you want to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. Some states require two-party consent before you start recording your nanny so make sure you have it if you live in the following:

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Washington
  • Connecticut
  • California
  • Maryland
  • Hawaii
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana

Because the law changes from time to time, be sure to check your state’s requirements for using a nanny cam.