Choosing a good nail polish remover is a delicate balancing act – the polish remover has to be strong enough, and yet not so harsh as to damage to the nails and cuticles. Some nail polish removers can leave your nails brittle, dry, and with splits.

Many of them also tend to have an overpowering chemical smell due to the fumes they emit. A good nail polish remover should not give you this use experience, it should leave your nails healthy and strong. For this special use experience, here are the best nail polish removers you can buy at the moment.

Best Nail Polish Removers – Reviews

10Zoya Remove Plus

If you want to do more than remove nail polish, this might be the solution you need. Besides getting rid of nail polish, this product can also prep the nails and condition them. Application is also easy as the product spreads quickly and loosens the polish without leaving behind any streaks.

All you have to do is saturate a cotton ball with Zoya Remove Plus and press it onto the nail for a few seconds, then wipe to get rid of the product together with the unneeded polish.

9LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads

While many common nail polish removers will remove the polish and leave you nails dry and unhealthy, this particular nail polish remover will make sure your nails are healthy and moisturized.

The polish also stands out for the fact that it does not contain any acetone, which is an ubiquitous compound in these products. But more importantly, this product will do a superb job of getting rid of unneeded polish, and it comes with a choice of 6 different flavors.

8Makartt Nail Polish Remover Soak

This is a soak off nail polish remover. The package consists of cotton pads which are wrapped around the nails to remove any polish. The size of these pads should not be a concern either – they are big enough to be used on toes and fingers.

Despite this nail polish remover’s unique application procedure, it gets rid of nail polish fast and effectively. The polish remover is also very fast, doing its job in just 3 minutes.

7Super Nail Pure Acetone

This product is made entirely of acetone, the most popular nail polish removal product in the market. The product will also be incredibly reliable at getting rid of nail polish. Another benefit to buying this product is that you will get a decent amount of it. Therefore, shoppers in search of value for money deals will be happy with this purchase.

Best of all, the product will get rid of both gel and acrylic nail polish. And obviously, being an acetone-based nail polish remover, you will get fast results. It will also go easy on your nails and will not cause too much drying if used as intended.

6OPI Nail Polish Remover

Being a gentle nail polish remover, this product will not leave your nails dry like some more corrosive alternatives tend to do. With this nail polish remover, the cuticle will be left smooth and healthy – not dry.

Nevertheless, it is still able to remover even the darkest kinds of nail lacquer, and it does so with speed to deliver brilliant results. The product is also economical because only a small amount is required to remove a large amount of nail lacquer.

5Gelish Full Size Gel Nail Polish Remover and Cleanser

In 10 minutes or less, your gel polish will be gone with the help of this nail polish remover. This Gelish product will work with various nail polish brands, including OPI and Gelish’s own variants. In addition to its powerful nail polish removal abilities, the product also comes with skin moisturizing additives that ensure your cuticle is not adversely affected during the nail removal process. The nails will also retain their healthy look after using this product, since it does not contain harsh chemicals that usually dry out the nails and make them chip.

4Nail Polish Remover – Natural and Plant Based

Made by Rachelle Parker, this nail polish remover does not contain any acetone. It does not contain any other harmful products either, for instance, ethyl lactate and petroleum chemicals. Nevertheless, it is designed in a way that makes it produce great results. In fact, in addition to getting rid of the polish, you will also have your nails moisturized and strengthened.

Therefore, you should use this product if you have especially brittle nails that are more susceptible to breaking. Users can also avoid exposure to toxic products by using this nail polish remover.

3Pure Body Naturals Nail Polish Remover

Safety and simplicity are some of the things you will experience when using this nail polish remover. It has no strong smells, harsh compounds or a convoluted application process that typifies most similar products.

And like other great nail polish removal compounds, this Pure Body Naturals alternative will help restore the health of your nails and cuticles. The ingredients in this nail polish remover are also non-toxic. Furthermore, you will get a satisfaction guarantee by choosing to use this product.

2Onyx Nail Polish Remover

Most nail polish removers, at least those with a scent of any kind, usually have a strong nauseating smell. But this variant is a welcome exception in that it has a pleasant coconut scent. But other than the great scent, getting rid of nail polish will be very easy when using this Onyx polish remover.

The product is capable of getting rid of gel, glitter and other forms of nail polish. This product is strong enough to get rid of even the toughest nail polishes, the sort other nail polish removers leave behind. So, avoid prolonged exposure when you can afford it.

1Organic Lavender Nail Polish Remover

By being effective, non-toxic, natural, organic, cruelty-free, and even vegan, this nail polish remover has managed to become one of the best products in this category. It also has a lovely lavender scent, and it can nourish the nails and restore them to strength. There is no acetone to deal with here as it is made from farm crops.

During use, only a cotton ball soaked in the compound is required to achieve the desired results. The compound can get rid of nail polish after just a few seconds, which is remarkable because some nail polish removal compounds require that you leave them on for several minutes to get rid of regular nail polish.

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