We should preface this by pointing out the obvious fact that nobody really likes mosquitoes around the house, nor do they want these annoying little creatures anywhere near their children or pets. Now, people have been dealing with mosquitoes in many ways throughout the ages, from herbal remedies to substances of a more ‘organic’ nature. In modern times, however, emerging technologies have made it possible for people to employ electricity as a more efficient tool against mosquitoes, which is why many of today’s mosquito traps are built this way.

It needs to be said that mosquito traps have come a very long way over the years and that modern versions seldom resemble the traps of old. In terms of efficiency, however, modern versions are a lot more reliable and easy to use, thus the reason why they’re so popular. We should point out that not all mosquito traps are built to the same standards and that some are definitely better than others. To give you a good idea of which is which, we put together a list of the ten best mosquito traps the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Mosquito Traps – Reviews

10Homes Joy Electric Mosquito Killer

Attracting and killing flying insects for up to 400 square feet, the Homes Joy Electric Mosquito Killer offers 360 degrees of pest control coverage. Thanks to its unique design, it can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is extremely portable. Great for utilizing at home, at a bar/restaurant, or for camping purposes, the device is free from harmful chemicals and radiation. Backed up and powered by a 120V UV bulb that attracts all flying insects, it is eco-friendly, safe for your family, and convenient to use.

9Black Flag BZ-15 15-Watt Outdoor Bug Zapper

Backed up by 4500 volts of power, the Black Flag BZ-15 15-Watt Outdoor Bug Zapper uses a bright UV white light to attract and kill flying insects. Designed with a 0.5-acre coverage, this device kills all kinds of flying insects including mosquitoes, yellow-jackets, wasps, biting flies, etc. Compared to other devices of its kind, this insect trap uses up to 30% less energy and offers 20% additional bulb life. Crafted from heavy-duty, durable materials, this effective device contains mosquito Octenol lure that works for up to a whole month consistently with no limitations to speak of.

8Catchmaster 906 SilenTrap Flying Insect Trap

Equipped with a 13-watt UV bulb, the Catchmaster 906 SilenTrap Flying Insect Trap attracts insects from a far distance using its bright light. Equipped with a glue board positioned behind the bulb, the insects automatically get trapped and kept out of sight. Easy to use, light in weight, compact in size and noise-free, this device is easy to clean and maintain. Free from harmful chemicals and toxins, this device is odorless and safe for you and your whole family.

7Viatek Products Mini Mosquito Trap

Designed to attract biting flies and mosquitoes, the Viatek Products Mini Mosquito Trap utilizes a high powered ultra-violet light that is both safe and non-toxic. The insects fall into the uniquely designed compartment so that you can dispose of them with ease. Thanks to the ti02 present, it helps in the production of CO2 that effectively lures in the insects. Free from chemicals and crafted from eco-friendly materials, this portable, compact size trap is easy to carry and can be placed anywhere inside your home or garden.

6DynaTrap DT3019 Indoor Insect Trap

A very effective product from the popular brand DynaTrap, the heavy duty DT3019 Indoor Insect Trap comes equipped with plug-in connectivity that aims at protecting your family from disease-spreading insects and mosquitoes. Thanks to the latest AtraktaGlo technology, it utilizes UV lights to attract insects and a StickyTech Glue Card to trap them behind the cover of the device. Protecting up to 600 square feet, the trap does not utilize any harmful chemicals, pesticides or toxins. Unlike other devices of its kind, this one comes with 2 additional AC outlets that allow you to connect other devices if need be.

5Crioxen Indoor Plug-in Bug Zapper

Popularly known for its exceptional performance and high quality, the Crioxen Indoor Plug-in Bug Zapper is one of the best and most recommended mosquito traps available today. Offering you with complete protection against flying insects, this device utilizes UV lights to get rid of unwanted bugs. Compact in size and light in weight, it can be plugged into any socket within your home. Powered by electricity, this effective, eco-friendly device is made from high-quality materials and is certified and approved by RoHS and REACH.

4Dynatrap DT150 Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap

Eliminating mosquitoes and biting flies for up to 300 square feet, the Dynatrap DT150 Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap captures and lures in insects using a fan and CO2. Free from harsh chemicals and odor, this device traps the insects in the catch basket at the bottom, where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. Uniquely crafted with premium quality, durable materials, it is noise-free and operates without any zapping or popping. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this mosquito trap is ultra-portable and highly effective.

3DynaTrap DT1050 Insect Trap

Another great product to make it to the list is the DynaTrap DT1050 Insect Trap. Built to deliver superior protection against flying insects, this trap utilizes a powerful UV light and a noise-free fan to capture insects without popping or zapping chemicals or pesticides. Crafted with a quick and easy twist-on design, the device comes along with a cleaning brush and features a chain for easy hanging. As such, it can be used to protect an area of over an acre wide and can be utilized indoors and outdoors as it is resistant to all weather conditions.

2Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

Designed to attract and kill flies, moths mosquitoes and most flying insects, the Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper utilizes 2 reliable UV bulbs and high voltage metal grids. Constructed with a special mesh screen, it prevents any accidents and is safe for you and your family. Free from chemicals, toxins, and odor, this device does not require any tools for installation and can be set up by hanging via the hooks at the back or by placing on a flat surface. Easy to clean and maintain, the trap comes with a durable plastic tray at the bottom that collects all dead insects for enabling quick and easy disposal.

1Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

The Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer is a quality, effective device that is designed to attract flies and mosquitoes from a reasonable distance away. Easy to use, safe, and highly durable by most standards, this compact size power-trap utilizes LED lights and a vacuum to draw insects close. When running, this heavy-duty device traps and disposes of insects by dehydrating them, without the use of flames, nets, spray or any glue. For identifying the status of the trap, it comes equipped with LED lights that turn on when the device is switched on. All things considered, it is also one of the most popular mosquito traps money can buy.

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What To Look For In A Mosquito Trap

Perhaps the first thing everyone should know about mosquito traps is that they work by trapping mosquitoes and/or sucking them into a killing mechanism of sorts, whether it’s a pool of liquid or an electrified element designed to shock them. Either way, the fact that insects are sensitive to carbon is used by most of these traps to effectively attract the insects from a fairly long distance away. Not just that but they also tend to employ bright lights to draw the insects near before channeling them to their doom. That said, one should definitely take the time to learn what it is that makes a good mosquito trap and what to look for when buying one, starting from the type of traps that are most popular nowadays.

Types Of Mosquito Traps

  • Heat & Light Traps – As the name suggests, these traps employ the use of UV light and heat to attract and dispose of the mosquitoes. While the heat is set to imitate the body temperature of a living creature, the UV light has the job of frying the insects once they get too close. Although not as powerful as other types of traps, these models are a lot more versatile in the sense that you can use them both outdoors or indoors with little to no limitations to speak of.
  • CO2 Traps – These particular traps use carbon dioxide to lure the insects close by giving the impression that the CO2 is emitted by a living creature. Once close enough to the trap, the propane-fueled trap then disposes of the mosquitoes in a relatively quick and safe manner. One thing to point out about these traps is that they’re usually more expensive than standard models but that they last a whole lot longer overall.


  • Indoors – For efficient indoor mosquito removal, you’re going to need an indoor mosquito trap. These traps are highly effective in enclosed spaces due to their design that aims to process a small yet sufficient number of insects. Given their construction, these mosquito traps are generally rather small and maneuverable. That said, they are mostly considered to be temporary solutions, so if you have a bigger mosquito problem, then perhaps you should combine your indoor trap with an outdoors model.
  • Outdoors – Bear in mind that outdoor mosquito traps are generally larger in size and far more potent in their efficiency. Most of these traps are built with the intended purpose to reduce the number of female mosquitoes in any given area so as to reduce the rate of mosquito reproduction. As such, these traps can attract insects over very long distances and are a lot bulkier in their design. WHat’s more, they generally work their magic in just a couple of weeks, which is enough time to notice a significant drop in the mosquito population around the area.

What To Consider

  • Area size – Perhaps the first thing you want to consider when buying a mosquito trap is whether it will fit the environment. As we said, there are different traps for indoor and outdoor use, devices that differ ever so slightly in their design and general construction. At the same time, you need to consider how large the area is before setting up the trap because you need to take into account the mosquito breeding rate and the state of that particular environment.
  • Operational cost – You should also think about the running costs of operating a mosquito trap upon purchase because not many do. If we are to address the propane models, we easily find out that these traps can consume about one tank of propane every month or so, which means that refills aren’t exactly cheap. While electronic traps might be cheaper overall, try to look for models with programmable timers so that the devices run during peak mosquito traffic hours.
  • Safety – One must always consider the safety of the electrical devices they operate and this is no different when it comes to mosquito traps. Most traps specify on the label how the devices should best be looked after and operated. In the case of propane-based traps, you have to be extra careful when setting up the traps inside confined spaces with little ventilation. In this respect, perhaps an electric/electronic model would perhaps be better suited.
  • Start-up time – It is imperative to know exactly how fast a trap can start up and how quickly you can shut it down when needed. Even though some of these traps start up immediately when mosquitoes enter the area, some require that you either start them up manually or you program them to start at any pre-set time of day. In either case, you want a device that can be operated freely and with as few restrictions as possible in order to maximize efficiency and minimize user input.
  • Positioning – Whether you are dealing with a propane-based trap or an electric model, you definitely need to figure out where to set up the device before you turn it on. People found that the best place for these devices is in an area where the wind blows frequently and relatively strong. This is particularly useful with propane traps because it allows them to draw in mosquitoes from pretty far away. With electric versions, you want to place them in high traffic areas like near doors and windows.