Messenger bags are currently experiencing a tremendous rise in popularity and given their practicality, it is easy to see why. These bags are a lot more practical than suitcases and a lot more stylish than backpacks, which explains why men everywhere have started incorporating them into their day-to-day attire. We should also point out that messenger bags have evolved quite a lot over the years, leading to their eventual acceptance by the general public which was previously divided when it came to men wearing bags of any kind.

Having said that, we should point out that not all messenger bags enjoy the same practical design, nor are they all built to the same standards. In fact, if you set your sights towards the low-end sector of the market, you are bound to buy a bag that is neither sturdy enough to withstand the wear of daily usage or fashionable enough to be worn with most trends. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best messenger bags the market has to offer and what characteristics to look for when buying one.

Best Messenger Bags – Reviews

10High Sierra Tank Messenger Bag

The High Sierra Tank is a functional messenger bag made of sturdy and durable polyester. It features a fully-padded sleeve, designated for holding up to 17-inch laptops or tablets of similar size. It also has a premium organizer that features multiple pockets plus a key fob, a zippered on-lid accessory pocket, media and beverage mesh pocket, and an adjustable flap integrating quick-release buckles and a hook-and-loop closure. For comfortable carrying, its shoulder strap is adjustable and contoured.

9BOSTANTEN Leather Messenger Bag

Durability is synonymous with this BOSTANTEN Leather Messenger bag thanks to its cow split leather construction. Its design offers comfortable cross over the body or over-the-shoulder carrying, thanks to its convenient and durable shoulder strap. A functional zip top closure secures your items against falling out while also allowing easy access into the inside. Moreover, this bag has gorgeous metal hardware that delivers a statement of style while remaining durable enough to withstand daily abuse. The interior includes a computer section and multiple other pockets, with some others on the exterior for added storage.

8Kattee Military Messenger Bag

The Kattee Military Messenger Bag is made of high-density, premium-quality canvas material and 100-percent authentic cowhide for strength and durability, and has double leather straps and firm buckles on its front that highlight its vintage look. For extra security and quick access, the main flap integrates magnetic buttons while its side pockets have secure buckle closures. The main compartment holds up to 16-inch laptop comfortably, files and lots of other valuables. At the same time, multiple zippered compartments and side pockets offer more space for keeping any items you might need.

7CaseCrown Campus North Messenger Bag

If you are looking for a reliable messenger bag above all else, the CaseCrown’s Campus North might be what you need. Made of durable, comfortable canvas material and featuring a lightweight design ideal for travel, it offers a cushioned interior divider integrating an elastic band and Velcro closure to ensure a secure item placement. It also boasts multiple interiors, front, back, flap, and side pockets along various slots with secure Velcro and zipper closures. We should also point out that its shoulder strap can be adjusted for convenient carrying.

6Ibagbar Small Shoulder Messenger Bag

Crafted using high-density quality cotton canvas and functional PU-leather zips, the Ibagbar Small Shoulder Messenger Bag is a durable model that is as functional as it is fashionable. It features enough pockets and room for organizing your vital survival gear and also carry the items you regularly need conveniently, such as smart gadgets, writing material, credit cards, snacks, water, etc. It also integrates an easily adjustable quality shoulder strap that makes carrying it quite easy. Not only that but its entire structure boasts a strong, durable stitching for good measure.

5Kenneth Cole

For style and strength, this particular bag has a contrast stitching accentuating its quality leather body. An adjustable long shoulder strap and a short top handle offer versatile and comfortable carrying options while opening its flap closure, you find a spacious main compartment that integrates a full-length zippered pocket for small items. At the same time, this bag has front gusseted pockets, among which a smartphone pocket that allows its secure storage and easy access.

4Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger

Made using top-grade, all-natural cotton canvas, the Mobile Edge Eco Messenger Bag ranks high in this price bracket. It packs a lot of function, style, and ergonomic features, all with a compact carbon footprint. It has a computer section padded for protecting your laptop and other separate sections for folders, files, magazines, and other items, all well organized for easy access. Several anchor positions for its detachable ID holder offer seamless access to your cards, while molded clips keep the front flap securely to keep the contains safe in style.

3Wowbox-123 Messenger Satchel Bag

Another leading, popular messenger bag for men, the Wowbox-123 has double group magnetic buckles for enhanced security, buckles that also allow quick access to the valuables in the bag. Made of high-quality leather, this bag has a thick-padded foam interior for improved durability and extra content care. It also enjoys a well-designed construction for holding various small items you may you use on a daily basis. Moreover, it has a stand-alone cushioned laptop section for 14-inch laptops or tablets that you can repurpose if needed. At the same time, its detachable shoulder strap and top handle offer a great deal of style and carrying versatility.

2Samsonite Flap-Over Messenger Bag

The Samsonite Flap-over messenger bag, made using luxurious, quality Colombian leather, is an incredibly popular choice among many men nowadays and it’s easy to see why. Its medium-size design incorporates a designated laptop compartment and three interior pockets for holding cables, cords, and other attachments. Furthermore, this Samsonite bag is detailed with vintage brass hardware for extra style. It also features a rear section for keeping documents and an organizer that integrates slip pockets, card slots, and pen sleeves. Not only that but a removable shoulder strap and single top handle offer quite convenient and versatile carrying options you can employ.

1Kaukko Leather Patchwork Messenger Bag

The premium-quality cotton canvas material and bronze-themed hardware used in the construction of this great messenger bag make it quite sturdy and durable. The bag also features a preppy-styled organized interior and a design that includes four unfading antique color options you can choose from. With its ingenious design, it offers an ample amount of space for securing a lot of your daily work or school items you need on a regular basis. We should also point out that this particular messenger bag is also considered one of the sturdiest out there, which may explain its current popularity.

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A Guide To Buying Messenger Bags

There was one point in time when messenger bags was something that was only carried by students or by delivery people. Now, these bags are carried by people in just about every walk of life. And after reviewing some of the best messenger bags available, it’s easy for us to see why. These are bags that everyone can use to carry documents or packages with them as they go about their day.

As great as messenger bags are, however, they’re only useful if they have the features the consumer needs and are designed to hold up to regular use. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sub-par bags out there, so consumers need to do their due diligence and buy quality bags. To help our readers towards that goal, we’ve decided to go ahead and give everyone some tips that will enable them to buy the messenger bag that’s best for their needs.

Take A Look At Materials

The first thing that anyone interested in a messenger bag is going to want to consider is the materials used to make the bag. As a general rule, messenger bags are either made out of canvas material, leather, or out of a synthetic blend of materials. Below are how each one of these materials stands up and what it offers to the consumer in the form of durability.


Canvas is an inexpensive material, but it’s also extremely durable. That’s probably why it’s the preferred material for messenger bags designed for students. This material holds up quite well to everyday wear and tear, and if it gets wet, it dries very quickly. Anyone prioritizing durability over fashion is probably going to want to choose a canvas messenger bag over leather or synthetic one.


Leather is a material that’s more expensive than canvas, but it also has more of a professional look to it. That’s why leather messenger bags are the preferred bags of office professionals, lawyers, and anyone trying to maintain a professional appearance. The one drawback to this material is that it isn’t waterproof, so the wearer is going to want to be careful with it and probably take the time to treat it with a water protectant like you would do if you were trying to make your leather shoes water-resistant.

Synthetic Materials

Some messenger bags are made using synthetic materials such as nylon or acrylic blends. These materials are usually inexpensive and are most of the time water-resistant—although the consumer should double-check any bag they’re thinking of buying to make sure that’s the case. The best ones are made with a vinyl layer that provides notable weather protection for laptops, or personal documents.

Choose The Appropriate Size

The next thing that the consumer is going to want to consider is the size of the messenger bags. Although it can be tempting to go out and purchase the largest messenger bag available, the truth is that not everyone needs a large bag. Some people would be better served by purchasing a small or medium size bag. Let’s take a look at the three common sizes of messenger bags—small, medium and large—to see what jobs they are best at doing.

Small Bags

Small bags are designed for carrying only a few essentials at a time. Some people use these bags for their every day carry items (EDC) or as carry on bags for use during traveling. For many women, these small messenger bags are also an ideal alternative to some of the handbags being sold these days.

Medium Bags

These messenger bags are designed to accommodate laptops or to carry essentials such as every day carry items, documents, or notebooks. They are also the perfect size for carrying a raincoat and/or an umbrella. They are also usually equipped with quite a few pockets that make compartmentalizing one’s stuff a lot easier.

Large Bags

Large messenger bags usually work quite well for students. Using these bags, they can carry everything they need for their classes including textbooks, notebooks, pens/pencils, calculator, laptop and a lot more. They’re also ideal for travelers who like to carry a lot of their creature comforts along with them while they’re traveling.

Choose A Messenger Bag Style

Now that we’ve selected a material and a size for the messenger bag that we need, it’s time to take a look at some of the more common styles available. Generally speaking, most messenger bags are available in one of several different styles. We’ve listed some of those styles below so all of our readers can select the ones that fit them the best.

  • The Briefcase Style
  • The Multi-Pocket Style
  • The Military Bag
  • The Vertical Messenger Bag
  • The Satchel
  • The Camera Bag

As it can clearly be seen by the above styles, the name of the style alludes to its possible function. So someone looking for a professional messenger bag might choose a briefcase-style bag, while someone who is looking to carry essential items with them might choose the military bag style. The camera bag style is ideal for carrying camera equipment around, of course, and satchels are particularly adept for carrying documents. Saddlebags are ideal for motorcycle or bicycle riders, while vertical messenger bags are ideal for carrying documents such as novels or screenplays. Of course, the consumer doesn’t have to use any of these bags for its intended purpose. They can all be used however they need to be used by the consumer.