Everyone knows just how superior mechanical pencils are when compared to traditional models, not just for their durability but also due to their increased efficiency. Nowe, we should point out that finding a good mechanical pencil isn’t exactly easy, not with all the models that have flooded the market over the years.

Even so, you are sure to find a reliable one if you do your homework on what constitutes a good mechanical pencil and what to look for when shopping for one. To give you a helping hand, we put together a list of the ten best mechanical pencils money can buy.

 Best Mechanical Pencils – Reviews

10Pentel P205 Limited Edition

Pentel P205 is the mechanical pencil that gives you all the benefits of a great pen, with the extra benefit of an equally great pencil. For its high-performance 0.5mm tip, Pentel P205 enables you to write quite thorough notes as well as fit more text on any standard page than is normally possible. Also noteworthy is that it includes 4 Pentel Aid Stein Leads as well as various colors to choose from.

9Staedtler Integrity 9505

Another high-performance mechanical pencil, the Staedtler Integrity 9505 mechanical pencil boasts a double-clutch system which makes it a lot easier to use relative to regular pencils.

Interestingly enough, this pencil has an ergonomic grip for a safe and easy hold, ensuring perfect a much-improved performance overall. Even more interesting is that it includes 2 bonus erasers which you can use as you choose, erasers that are long enough for a prolonged use.

8Faber Castell 135500 TK Fine Vario

A great mechanical pencil should be durable and strong yet also lightweight and simple to use, and this TK-Fine Vario model by Faber Castell is the perfect example of one. It is lightweight and features a 0.5mm lead that is designed for meeting any standards of a high-quality pencil, yet with an extra advantage of being more durable that many other options out there. It is also arguably one of the toughest models of mechanical pencils available.

7MUJI Low Center of Gravity

For its creative design, the MUJI Low Center of Gravity is a high-quality mechanical pencil model that makes it a lot easier for one to write longer texts which would otherwise take you longer to.

Again, the pencil boasts a highly sturdy outer shell of a typical top model, and you will also find it much simple holding as you write fast, something hard to come by with mechanical pencils.

6rOtring 1904255 Rapid PRO

If all you need is a durable, smooth, yet also precise retractable mechanical pencil, this is it. It is a top quality pencil ideal for sketching as well as drawing tasks, thanks to its complete metal body which renders it so durable.

Moreover, this pencil benefits from its sliding sleeve plus a cushioned lead mechanism for providing a top level of breaking endurance.

5Pentel Arts PH158

As its name suggests, the Pentel Arts PH158 is a versatile 8-color mechanical pencil, making it one best, wide-range performance option to have. Moreover, each of the 8 colors features a 2mm diameter which is mostly useful for drawing bold lines. This feature recommends the PH150for those who do professional sketching or other sorts of drawing and need a versatile tool for that matter.

4Alvin Draft-Matic DM05

To begin with, this mechanical pencil’s integrated eraser and a black elegant, balanced barrel make it stand out aesthetically. Created for expert writers, this is an evenly balanced, high-performance tool that supports quick, precision writing/drawing. Moreover, its stainless steel made finger grips provide extra durability, contrary to many other mechanical pencils in this price range.

3Pentel P1037A Sharp Kerry

With an elegant metallic barrel design and a silver tip that adds a touch of elegance to an already great look, this mechanical pencil is hand-crafted to precision, ensuring the type of durability that fewer other models can match.

It is designed to enable you to draw crisp-clear 0.7mm lines yet with a density consistency that, again, you can achieve with fewer other models; be them professional or otherwise.

2rOtring 600

The rOtring 600 mechanical pencil is an iconic tool for lifelong usage. Its full-metal body has perfect weight balance for tireless drawing and writing while an integrated bras mechanism ensures a precise lead advancement while a lead hardness indicator allows you to see how long before it runs out.

Furthermore, its hexagonal shape offers extra stability while the metallic grip part design ensures a non-slip writing experience. Moreover, a lead guidance sleeve ensures no breakage and also offers a clear page view to ensure correct ruler-based results.

1Pentel Graph Gear 1000

For its impeccably chiseled metallic grip as well as latex-free, soft pads, the Pentel Graph Gear 1000 is one of the most aesthetically appealing mechanical pencils available today. Among others, this pencil boasts a 4.0mm fixed sleeve along a lead hardness indicator for showing you how much lead you have left in its refillable compartment.

Another highlight is that this mechanical pencil has a really durable build that is also well balanced by most standards, a feature one should always look for in a quality pencil.

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