Best Magnetic Screen Doors

A good screen door can make all the difference in the world if you live in an environment full of bugs and critters. To some extent, a quality screen door can even protect you from dust or allergens like pollen if it’s thick enough.

At the same time, it allows you to better cool down your household during the night when many people simply cannot keep a window open fearing that they’ll wake up covered in mosquito bites. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best magnetic screen doors the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Magnetic Screen Doors – Reviews

10Zume Magnetic Screen Door

The Zume Magnetic Screen Door can fit any almost any door within its given parameters, which speaks volumes about its versatility. Featuring a tightly sealed design and construction, it comes with top notch magnets that prevent any gaps and ensure bugs and insects stay out. Installation of the product can be done within minutes without the use of any tools or equipment. Equipped with 26 high powered magnets, this magnetic screen door is super reliable and effective and offers a lifetime guarantee.

9Instant Screen Door

Measuring 81 inches in length and 37 inches wide, the Instant Screen Door can be easily adjusted to fit the exact length and width of your door. Made from premium grade, colored fiber glass that is ultra durable, it comes equipped with a weighted bottom with durable Velcro strips on the sides to keep the screen secured. Easy to install, this screen door can be set up with just its tension rod and Velcro strips and does not require any tools. Furthermore, the door is resistant to fading and water and is easy to maintain and clean.

8Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen Door

Made from premium grade mesh, the Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen Door is uniquely designed with a robust construction, ensuring durability and reliability. Measuring 36 inches by 83 inches approximately, this screen door comes equipped with high-quality magnets that are tightly sealed preventing all bugs and critters from entering your home. Loaded with 32 magnetic closures, it automatically shuts once you or your pet has passed through.

7Aottop Magnetic Screen Door

Equipped with 20 powerful magnetic closures and 12 hook and loop strips, this magnetic screen door is extremely easy to install and does not require any special equipment and tools. The reliable mesh screen will allow you to walk through with ease, even if you have your hands full. Made from high-quality mesh, it prevents insects and bugs from entering your home but ensures fresh air can pass through. It easily fits standard sized doors as well as sliding doors and is perfect for utilizing at home.

6Magic Bug Magnetic Screen Door

With the ability to allow proper circulation of fresh air, the Magic Bug Magnetic Screen Door closes tight ensuring no insects and bugs enter your home. Featuring magnetic closures, this screen door is a hands-free, reliable product that is suitable for pets and people. Made from high-quality mesh, it is a stylish, durable product that is compact in size and easy to store. Measuring 39 by 83 inches, this magnetic screen door can easily fit any standard sized frame with ease.

5Premium Choice Products Magnetic Screen Door

Featuring a powerful magnetic seal that shuts automatically, the Premium Choice Products Magnetic Screen Door keeps your family safeguarded from bugs and harmful insects. With the ability to let fresh air pass through, this screen door comes with all the benefits of a standard magnetic door but at a much cheaper cost. Not only is it budget friendly, it also looks stylish, is extremely effective and is made of high-quality materials, including straps located at the top and bottom for preventing the product from tearing.

4Bug off Instant Screen

Unlike other screen doors, the Bug Off Instant Screen is ultra durable, extremely affordable, and tested to provide quality and optimal performance. Made with premium grade mesh of the highest standard along with powerful magnets, this superior product does not require any tools for installation and can be set up within minutes. Ideal for pets and people, it prevents bugs and insects from entering your home. Available in 14 different sizes, this screen door offers hands-free utility thanks to its magnetic closures. This screen can be utilized in your apartment, condos, and rentals and makes a perfect alternative to other standard screen doors that are highly priced.

3MegaMesh Heavy Duty Magnetic Screen Door

One of the best in terms of quality and functionality, the MegaMesh Heavy Duty Magnetic Screen Door is a robust, premium grade product that will surely meet even the most rigorous standards when it comes to protection and durability. East to set up, the screen door fits all doors within the measurements of 34 inches by 82 inches. Featuring 26 heavy duty magnets that are well stitched onto the edges of the screen, with durable Velcro, it leaves no space for any gaps and openings. Thanks to its magnetic closures, the screen automatically shuts itself when you or your pet passes through.

2Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

The Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door fits most doors and requires no additional tools and accessories to install. Unlike other standard screen doors, this particular screen door employs a much thicker net to keep insects and critters at bay. Ideal for pets and people, it ensures all bugs and insects stay out of your home at all times. Equipped with powerful magnets, top notch Velcro strips, robust seams, and a magic net, this product ensures that will be no gaps for bugs to exploit once set up.

1iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

Topping our list is the iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, which is uniquely designed and constructed with heavy duty strong mesh that ensures 100% durability and reliability. Featuring 26 powerful magnets sewn on to the edges of the screen, it ensures a tight fit once installed to keep out any unwanted insects, bugs, critters, or even pollen. The framework of the screen is lined with premium grade Velcro and fits openings of up to 34 inches by 82 inches in size. Overall, it is also one of the most durable screen doors, which may explain why it’s so popular in the first place.


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