You should understand right from the start that with the appropriate preparation, anyone can improve their LSAT scores by a considerable margin. The process involves a lot of hard work and determination but above everything else, it requires a lot of practical knowledge. We say this because regardless of how well prepared you might be, there is always room for improvement when it comes to LSAT exams and everything that surrounds them.

It has to be said that with a bit of effort and an equal amount of luck, you can definitely improve your LSAT scores, a process that starts with getting an informative LSAT prep book to guide you through. As you may already know, these books are formulated to provide you with all the knowledge you require to better grasp the analytical nature of LSAT exercises and the test patterns you can expect when taking the test.

Even though there are no ‘bad’ LSAT prep books in the true sense of the word, some are definitely better than others. Not only due to how they are formulated but also in regards to how they approach the intricate nature of analysis-based exercises. In this respect, some books offer a much more thorough approach along with plenty of examples to help you further your understanding of the subject. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best LSAT prep books the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best LSAT Prep Books – Reviews

10Let’s LSAT

This should be considered an essential LSAT prep books in more ways than one. Not only does it provide a large collection of no less than 180 strategies inspired by the 180 best LSAT scoring students ever recorded but it also delivers a unique set of techniques, tips, and guidelines regarding the best possible approach to various tests. As such, this particular book is bound to further your understanding of how LSAT exams are supposed to work so as to better understand the exercises you can be faced with at the time of the test itself.

9LSAT For Dummies 2nd Edition

It is important to rely on a comprehensive LSAT prep books when doing your research and this is precisely what the LSAT For Dummies 2nd Edition aims to offer. This particular book includes three rehearsal tests to exercise with, a thorough review of several critical concepts for the many LSAT sections you might be faced with during the exam, and a lot of practice problems paired with detailed explanations for you to learn from. At the same time, this book also provides you with a reliable strategy for how to best take the LSAT exam.

8LSAT Secrets Study Guide

A good LSAT Prep book has to, first of all, deliver not only the know-how but also the strategy guide that would help you reach the conclusions by yourself in a testing environment. Such is the case with the LSAT Secrets Study Guide which like the name suggests, focuses on providing you with a detailed LSAT overview and a thorough guide on how to boost your reading comprehension along with a detailed analytical reasoning test to prepare you for the real deal. Not only that but the book also delivers a concise and logical reasoning strategy that you can follow to better tackle logical strategy-based test subjects.

7Manhattan Prep LSAT Strategy Guide

Boasting an ingenious approach to LSAT taking, the Manhattan Prep LSAT Strategy Guide stands out as one of the most intricate such books, one that aims to not only correct your flawed ideas about LSAT exams but to also help you improve your overall score. The book does so by giving you access to a wide range of practice challenges and updated online resources that are more in line with current requirements. We should also point out that the book deals with three main sections of the LSAT exam – the reading comprehension element, logic games, and most logical reasoning requirements.

6Test Prep Books LSAT Study Guide

Seen as one of the most thorough and detailed learning resources for students aspiring to ace their LSAT exams, this particular version won’t just deliver the know-how but the intricate nature of most exam exercises as well. In essence, this book delivers a comprehensive study guide for all test-taking purposes, along with three test questions you need to master in due time. At the same time, the book provides you with all the necessary practice questions you have to go through in preparation for the test, including all their answers and explanations.

5Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V

As you would have guessed from the name alone, this particular book is formulated in a way that familiarizes you with LSAT tests at a more comprehensive level. It does so by including a set of ten former LSATs along with an answer guide and writing samples for all the tests. On top of all that, it also features quality score-conversion tables and a sample comparative reading test for good measure. By mastering it, you develop a deeper understanding of the patterns generally used in the making of these tests so that you might be able to employ certain ‘exploits’ for a better overall score.

4The Official LSAT SuperPrep

The Official LSAT SuperPrep is by no means exaggerating its comprehensive material, which is something that all its online reviewers make perfectly clear. This particular book features no less than three sample examinations along with a complete guide to the LSAT logic section of the exam, a formula that aims to prepare you for the test ahead without drowning you in needlessly complicated information. As you would expect, it also delivers some pretty concise explanations for the answers it provides in order to further your understanding of the test patterns you can expect.

3Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep

One should also look for an LSAT prep book that deals with the common concepts as well as the test preparation routines. This is precisely what Introducing the LSAT is all about, a book that dwells on the actual, factual information needed to successfully pass an LSAT exam. In fact, this particular book is considered one of the most comprehensive out there and a fairly easy to understand book as well; as far as LSAT prep books go at the very least. Furthermore, this book looks to simplify some of the most intricate concepts by appealing to reason and logic in the form of multiple minigames and partial tests that you can undergo to further your understanding of the subject at hand.

2The PowerScore LSAT Bible

With a name like that, this exquisite prep book couldn’t possibly lack any useful information and it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, the Powerscore LSAT Bible is generally considered one of the most insightful prep books out there, one that deals with the logical reasoning section of the test in a thoroughly comprehensive manner. At the same time, we should point out that this book succeeds in delivering some of the most detailed techniques one could employ when taking an LSAT exam. This is done by incorporating all the necessary information from PowerScore live courses into a tightly packed yet highly informational book.

1The LSAT Trainer 2nd Edition

Although we should probably refrain from bestowing too many accolades on a single piece of material, the LSAT Trainer 2nd Edition is without a doubt, one of the most comprehensive and at the same time educational LSAT prep books you can get. This exquisite book is formulated in a way that enables students to not only boost their understanding of the test subjects but to also give them a much-needed confidence boost. Seen by many as a de-facto self-help LSAT prep book, the LSAT Trainer 2nd Edition is bound to help increase your LSAT comprehension through its more than two hundred official questions and substantial solutions along with several free-study schedules and notebook organizers you also get access to. Overall, it is perhaps the most informative LSAT prep book out there in more ways than one.

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