There’s something magical that happens when someone opens a box of Legos for the first time. It doesn’t matter if they’re 9 years old or 109 years old, as soon as they open that box, they open a door into a whole world of imagination. By using these simple and colorful plastic blocks, they can create and occupy worlds that lie beyond their imagination.

Without a doubt, Legos are a great source of fun once a person has decided on a set. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for a person to find a great set due to the sheer multitude of sets currently available. That’s why we’ve decided to find the ten best Lego sets, so consumers don’t have to search for one. Instead, they can buy a great set and get right to the magic.

Best Lego Sets – Reviews

10LEGO Star Wars Solo Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

We don’t know any Star War’s fan who wouldn’t love to have made the Kessel Run in a Millennium Falcon with Hans Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian. And now they can, thanks to this Millenium Falcon playset from Lego. In this set are 1414 pieces that can be used to make the legendary Millenium Falcon and create hours of exciting roleplay. To expand on this fun, this kit not only has the three main characters previously mentioned as mini-figures but also includes other mini-figures such as Qi’ra, Quay Tolsite, a Kessel Operation’s Droid and a DD-BD Droid. The Millenium Falcon features spring-loaded shooters, a detachable canopy, and a detachable escape craft, too.

9Lego Architecture New York City Kit

For budding architects age 12-years and older comes this quality Lego set that allows the user to build one of the most iconic skylines in all the world. This kit has been specifically designed for children and adults who are interested in the history, design, and cultural diversity of this great city. It contains 598 pieces in all, and once it’s built it measures 10-inches high and 9-inches wide. When this kit is fully built, the Lego fanatic will be able to enjoy the city’s most iconic buildings including the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building, and One World Trade Center. And all of them are scaled to size for accuracy.

8LEGO Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon

Just about anyone who watched the Lego Ninjago Movie was blown away by the Green Ninja Mech Dragon, so Lego went ahead and decided to make it into a great playset. This playset is designed for children aged 8 through 14-years old, but we all know that just as many adults are going to enjoy this great set. In this set are 544 pieces, and when the Green Ninja Mech Dragon is fully built, it’s approximately 23-inches long, 5-inches high, and 4-inches wide. Also included with this Lego set are 4 mini-figures that include Charlie, Ninjago Lloyd, Lord Garmadon, and Master Wu.

7LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

This quality Lego playset gives adults and children over the age of 4 all of the tools they need for spirited imaginative play. In this set are 790 pieces with 33 different colored bricks, 2 green baseplates, 8 different toy windows & doors, and 6 toy tires & rims. That gives the user more than enough for unending creative roleplay. The green baseplates in this set are 6-inches long, 6-inches wide and 4-inches long. So what can be built with this set? Although there’s no telling what an adult or child could build with this set, some of the possible configurations include houses, castles, scooters or even animals.

6LEGO Jurassic World Indoraptor Rampage At Lockwood Estate

What do you do when a velociraptor is on the loose at your estate? If you don’t know, then you can always find out for yourself by building and playing with this Lego set. In this set, are all the pieces that adults and children need to build the Lockwood Estate from the Jurassic World movie, so they can decide for themselves what they would do against a charging raptor. Also found in this set are mini-figures that include Owen, Maisie, Wheatley, Claire, and Eversol. It also includes Velociraptor and Indorapor figures as well. All of this makes this a great gift for someone to give themselves or to gift to a child for their birthday, Christmas or some other special occasion.

5LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Although this set is only at number five on our list, it’s sure to be the number one Lego set for any Harry Potter fan. This set allows the user to build Hogwart’s infamous Great Hall and enjoy a whole lot of magical fun. This set not only contains magical items from the movie such as magic wands and the Sorting Hat, but it also includes magical creatures such as Scabbers, Hedwig, and the Basilisk. Also included in this set are 10 denizens of Hogwarts included Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Susan Bones, Draco Malfoy, Hagrid, Professor McGonagall, Nearly Headless Nick, Albus Dumbledore, and Professor Quirrel.

4LEGO Creator 3-In-1 Pirate Roller Coaster

What’s better than pirates or roller coasters? How about pirates and roller coasters? And for anyone who buys this Lego playset, that’s exactly what they’re going to get a chance to build. This large set has 923 pieces and is designed for children age 9-years old up to 109-years old. It contains all of the pieces needed to make a great pirate roller coaster that’s 9-inches high, 25-inches wide and 12-inches deep. The Skull Ride is 5-inches high, 13-inches wide and 8-inches deep. It also comes with 4 mini-figures, so the person using this set has hours of imaginative play laid out before them. It’s a whole treasure chest of fun.

3Lego Ideas Ship In A Bottle Expert Building Set

Out of all of the many kits we’ve reviewed, this one has to be the most fascinating. That’s because it allows the user to build a ship in a bottle that can be proudly displayed for all to see. In this kit are 962 pieces that include a ship with a mast, cannon’s, crow’s nest, sails, flag, and even captain’s quarter. Also included in this set are a display stand with a nameplate and a buildable cork and wax seal element. Once built, the bottle on stand measures just 3-inches high, 12-inches wide and 3-inches deep. Since this set is fully compatible with all Lego construction sets, it can also be used in a limitless number of imaginative ways.

2Lego Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets Whomping Willow

This Lego set is one that’s hard not to love, even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan. That’s because this set is so creative and so much fun to play with, children and adults of all age are going to love it. In this set are 753 Lego bricks that can be used to a three-story castle with gate, the Whomping Willow, and the Flying Ford. It also comes with 6 mini-figures that include Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hemione Granger, Severus Snape, Hedwig the Owl, Argus Filch and Seamus Finnigan. The Flying Ford Anglia measure 1-inch high, 4-inches long and 2-inches wide, while the castle section measure 10-inches high, 13-inches wide and 3-inches deep.

1LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

The Apollo Saturn V was the rocket that first took mankind to the moon, so it’s quite fitting that Lego would make it into the best Lego set currently available. This set comes with an impressive 1,900 pieces and is suitable for children and adults age 14-years and older. When fully built, the rocket stands 39-inches tall, 6-inches in diameter and is approximately 1:110 scale of the real rocket. It also features 3 removable rockets stages below the launch escape system, the service module, and the command module. It also comes with 2 mini-figures for even more creative fun. All of which makes this a great set for teaching children about the Apollo mission to the moon, for imaginative roleplaying, or even for putting it on display.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

A Guide To LEGO Sets

Even though it’s quite possible to look over the above Lego sets, choose on that would interest you or your child and then purchase it without any further thought, we decided to write this guide to give our a little bit more information. We wanted our readers to be able to do a deep-dive into the world of Legos, so they can find the one that’s appropriate for their children’s age or for collecting purposes. Having stated our purpose quite clearly, let’s dive down into the subject by starting with the history of Legos and how they’ve become one of the most beloved creative toys in the world.

The History Of LEGO Sets

Even though probably 6 out of 10 Americans would say that Lego is a toy that was invented right in the U.S., the truth of the matter is that the concept of these toys began in the workshop of a carpenter from Denmark named Ole Kirk Christiansens. He began making toys from wood during the 1930s, and by 1934 he was successful enough that he started the company Lego.  The name of the company was taken from the Danish phrase “Leg Godt,” which means plays well. When plastic was developed and became fully available during the 1940s, the company began to produce plastic building sets instead of wooden ones. And the rest is, as they say, history.

Choosing A LEGO Building Set

Now it’s time to talk about some of the things to think about before buying a Lego set. And this isn’t an easy proposition, not because there’s a lack of great building sets, but because there’s way too many. We can’t even count all of the Lego sets that are out there, so we know it has to be difficult for consumers to wade through the entire collection. It becomes even harder when you factor in that not all sets are suitable for everyone. There are several things that a person is going to want to think about before they put down money on what they feel is the best Lego set available. So, let’s take a few moments and find out what consumers should take into consideration before purchasing a building kit or any Lego set.

The Age Recommendation For The Set

The absolute first thing a person is going to want to consider is the recommended age of the set they’re considering on purchasing. Lego sets come in a variety of age ranges, with some sets suitable for children as young as 4-years old, and other sets suitable for more mature children age 14-years or older. If the parent purchases a set that’s too advanced for their child, then they make become frustrated with not being able to complete it. The converse is also true though, too, so be careful. If the set is too easy for the child, then they’re going to become bored with it and lose interest. Therefore, it’s important to always read the age recommendation listed on the box and give them some serious thought.

Are You Building The Set With Your Child?

Of course, if you’re building the set with your child and don’t expect him or her to build it themselves, then you can take a few liberties with the recommended age group for the building set. For example, if a set is made for a 14-years old, but the parent is going to assist with the build, then they can probably use the set with children 8 to 12-years old instead of the recommended 14-years recommendation.

How Much Does The Set Cost?

Unless you have an infinite amount of money, then another thing you’re probably concerned with is the cost of the Lego set. Some sets cost as little as $15 to $20, but there’s also sets that are well over $100 in price. Therefore, you should take a little bit of time to consider the price of the Lego set before you make your purchase. However, as you’re considering the price range of the set, it’s important to keep in mind that cheaper sets are less expansive and have fewer pieces or features than more expensive sets.

How Collectible Is The Set?

If you’re only purchasing a Lego playset as a gift for your child, then you’re probably not concerned with how collectible the set is going to be. However, if you are buying a Lego set that’s collectible, then you should purchase a set from one of the more collectible Lego sets available. Which Lego sets are going to be the most collectible? Although we can’t answer that question directly because we do not have a crystal ball, we can look over some of the past Lego sets that became super collectible below.

  • LEGO Milk Truck–Released in 1989–Average Value: $2,000
  • LEGO King’s Castle–Released in 1984–Average Value: $2,700
  • LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon–Released in 2007–Average Value: $1,700